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Top 15 Dog Supplies For Hunting Dogs

Dog Supplies For Hunting

Do you love to go hunting with your dog? The kind of experience you have with your hunting dog depends on how well he or she is trained and how well organized you are.  Learn the top 15 dog supplies for hunting dogs.

My aunt always holla’d at the beginning of any project, “prior preparation prevents poor performance”.  “Follow the 5 P’s” she would say. From time to time she would throw in an extra word that is not PG starting with P. It was always funny to hear aunt say a curse word, but we knew if she added that one in to make 6 P’s she was really serious. We get the message! Prepare in advance.

By being organized, you ensure that both you and your dog will be stress-free and safe.

Factors Determining the Choice of Hunting Dog Supplies

Top dog supplies for hunting are completely reliant on the type of hunting, location, your dog’s breed and so on. There are still some universal items which you should at least consider carrying with you no matter what.

1.    Training Your Dog with a Dummy PreyDog Supplies For Hunting

Before you take your dog on a hunting trip, you need to ensure he or she is well trained. You can start training your dog with the help of dummy prey. This will let them know what to do and what to avoid. You can buy dummy bird kits to train your dog not to hurt a bird until he/she brings it to you. Some owners also take new dogs out with older hunting dogs.  Some owners find this is the best way for new pups to learn the process.

2.    Guns (and desensitizing your dog)

This is another aspect of training that you will do before you head off for the season.  The last thing you want is for a gun to go off and for your dog to run away terrified.  If you need some guidance or tips on this type of training or what regulations may be in place, the American Kennel Club may be able to guide you in the right direction.

3.    Breaking Scents for Scent Training

Breaking scent is used by a hunter to train your dog for identifying scents. LOADS of information and brilliant products are available at

4.    Travel Crates and Carriers

It is recommended that you have a travel crate or carrier for your hunting dog.  This increases their safety and that of other animals in the area.  Gun Dog Magazine has reviewed a bunch of travel crates made for hunting dogs on the move.

5.    The Need for a GPS Collar

When you are out hunting in the vast outdoors, no matter how well trained your dog is, there is always a risk of something going wrong.  Should you and one of your dogs lose each other for whatever reason, a GPS collar can bring you together much quicker than having to go and search for your dog on foot.  It may be that they have followed a scent or it may be more serious such as an injury.  In either case, the longer you are apart the greater the risks.

6.    The Hunting Dog Command Collar

In addition to the GPS collar, a command collar is also a handy accessory.  It is not the same as a shock collar.  It does not cause any pain. The dog command collar emits a sound which (for some) can only be heard by the dog. You choose a particular tone when you wish to warn your dog, praise them or have to communicate certain commands.

7.    Dog Whistle

This was a hot accessory before GPS and command collars came out.  When batteries go flat and technology fails (which we know it does), there is no better back up than the old whistle.  Incorporate different types of whistles into training so when you are out hunting you can fall back on them as you need to.

8.    Dog Clothing and Other Safety Accessories

For added comfort and safety you may opt for some dog accessories and clothing. This is really dependent on the terrain you are going to encounter and what the dog will be comfortable in.

This may mean your dog wears boots, particular types of jackets (for snow/water/cold), sun glasses or goggles or other items such as tail protectors or vests that will help a dog to float if they encounter unexpected water.

9.    Good Quality Hunting Dog Harness

Harnesses and vests can be invaluable in making it easier to manage a dog.  There are plenty of options for all different kinds of hunting activities.

10.    Carry a First Aid Kit

Although not at the top of our list here, it doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most important things to carry.  No matter how much preparation is done and reduction in risks, accidents can still happen.  Often, a regular first aid kit for humans will get you through a sticky situation with your dog. Check with your vet or other hunters if there is anything specific in the area that you may need to prepare for in the event of your dog being injured in some way.  Pig Dog Supplies has a comprehensive list of items you should include in your hunting dog first aid kit.

11.    Dog Feed and Dog FoodDog Supplies For Hunting

Dog food and water are also essential. Also consider electrolytes for dogs particularly on warm days.  There are lots of portable dog and water feeders available on the market.  Gun Dog Supply has an excellent range of products perfect for hunting trips.

12.    Dog Supplements for Better Digestion

If you want hunting dog to stay high on energy, you may administer dog supplements. It can boost their energy level and might also facilitate better digestion. Dog supplements provide enzymes that assist in absorbing starch, carbs, fat, fiber and protein effectively. These supplements are highly recommended and are beneficial for gun dogs and athletic dogs.  Your vet will be able to tell you what supplements will be beneficial to your dog relevant to their breed.

13.    Dog Kennel Covers

Kennel covers are another item to consider. If you are heading out for a multi-day hunting trip, a kennel cover may be essential. Some offer insulation which can be life saving for extreme temperatures.

14.    The Need for a Dog Blind

Blinds are also a clever accessory.  They camouflage your dog into the landscape until it moves in on its prey.  Marsh Mutt have some nice blinds.

15.    Dog Seat Cover to Prevent Messes

This is a general kind of item that can easily be forgotten. Sometimes an old towel just doesn’t cut it when it comes to sand, gravel, dry dirt, mud, red dirt, black soil, grass (wet and dry), animal droppings (we all know dogs love rolling in poop!) and water.  There are lots of options available for protecting your truck or car from all that your dog may bring into it.  Pet Ninja Shop is one of hundreds of online shops you can find waterproof car seat protectors.  Don’t forget the big online retailers if you are looking for a really cheap deal.

Safe and Happy Hunting!

If you use the right hunting dog supplies and you follow the 5 (or 6) P’s, the entire experience of hunting will be a safe and happy one. Enjoy and good luck!!!

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