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Choosing a great gift often means paying close attention to the things a person really likes. When buying for an animal lover, it’s usually a safe bet that animal-related gifts will be a big hit.

For the pup papas in our lives, dog-themed presents can be meaningful without becoming overly extravagant or expensive. Dog dad gifts can also relate to the unique relationship a husband, brother, father, or grandpa may share with their canine companions.

Check out some quality ideas for the pooch parents in your lives below.

10 Awesome Gifts for Dog Dads

Shopping for dog dad gifts can be fun and entertaining as there are so many great possibilities on the market. From fun and silly, to more serious or reflective, gifts which highlight a special bond between a man and his dog(s) show not only how much they care for each other, but also how much you recognize their love.

Below, I’ve listed ten of my favorites for the holidays, birthdays, or maybe just as a happy day gift.

1. Pup-Themed T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a comfy t-shirt? They’re perfect for hanging around the house or as casual attire for running around town. They’re also great for showing off personal likes, fun activities, or special hobbies and interests.

For the dog lover, a t-shirt can be fun or humorous or could show off a personalized picture or message about their special pup. It’s possible to put just about any image possible on a t-shirt.

Most custom t-shirt companies will allow customers to upload their own images or choose from a stock catalog of designs. Then, the customer determines where the words and pictures will appear on the shirt. Creating a personalized t-shirt with dad’s best friend can be both a fun and consequential gift.

2. Matching Socks

Choosing a gift which is for both the dog and the dad is also a clever and kind way to highlight a special animal bond. Matching socks can be a bit silly, but also touching and sweet. Keeping socks on the pup may be a bit of a challenge, though, if they’re anything like mine.

Custom printed socks are also a great idea. Similar to putting an image on a t-shirt, there are numerous companies which will create socks with images of dogs, cats, or any other pet which will sit still for a picture. Give your special dog dad some custom socks with Fido’s face all over. Or maybe just some paws, since we’re talking feet.

3. Portrait Of Their Fur Baby

Taking pictures helps to embed special times and memories into our consciousness. And, although we all love our animals, there’s also the understanding that we’ll more than likely outlive them. With a pup portrait, a fur baby’s image can forever be remembered and reflected upon.

Portraits can come in a number of styles, too, from more processed and visually altered, to traditional seated photo portraits. Portraits may be done as themes for holidays or special occasions, too.

Picture collages are also great for immortalizing a special pet. If time permits, commissioning a painted portrait can really show how much the pup meant to you, as well as to your dog dad.

4. Personalized Bed for Your Furry Friend

For many pet parents, giving to their fur babies is far more important than receiving. Seeing and receiving the excitement and affection of a loving animal is a far greater reward.

Giving a dog a bed of their own is an important part of the bond which is developed between humans and pets. Offering bedding gives a dog a place of their own in the house. This can actually be quite comforting for a dog, as they feel they can always return to their bed, as a safe place.

A custom bed with the dog’s name or other personalized touches will also be a visual reminder for the dogs and the dads of their special connection, as well as a nod to your recognition and love for them both.

5. Pup Seat

Some lucky dogs get to spend a lot of time in the passenger’s seat of their companion’s ride. Whether a truck, car, or even a motorcycle, lots of dog dads take their pooch pals on the road. Dog seats are padded boxes or beds which can be fastened to an automobile seat, usually with a seatbelt.

Gifting the special pair a custom or personalized dog seat for a vehicle can elicit both a smile and a tear, at times. It can also give fido a specific place to be, when it’s time to ride, which is both safe and stylish.

6. Fresh Pup Food

As more owners recognize the dietary needs of their pets, there has been a growing market for higher quality dog foods. The health and well-being of a dog can be greatly improved with a better diet.

As a special culinary treat, various dog food companies offer fresh dog food choices. As it sounds, fresh dog food is usually meat, vegetables, and grains which haven’t been processed or rendered into a dry or canned food. The food will often come refrigerated or frozen.

There are even fresh food subscription clubs, which deliver fresh supplies on a regular basis. These or other subscription boxes can be excellent gifts for dads and their dogs, which will continue to show up throughout the year.

7. Custom Pet Blanket

A custom pet blanket is a great idea for some shared snuggles. Customers choose a style of blanket and then decorate it with a personalized picture or collage of pictures of the dog and dad.

Just like with t-shirts, socks, or other pieces of apparel, there are numerous companies who will use uploaded photos and images as print material for blankets. Many companies will print on pillowcases and sheets, too. We’ll explore more about this process a little later.

These customized blankets can be displayed on couches, kept in a favorite easy chair, or part of the dog’s sleeping spot. These mementos of dog-dadhood will become even more valuable, as the years roll on.

8. Personalized Picture Frame

Another unique gift idea for dog dads is a picture frame created or decorated to celebrate the bond between pop and his pooch. Personalized picture frames come in all shapes and sizes and can be decorated with words or names, small, meaningful symbols, or personalized quotes or phrases.

The possibilities are vast, so make sure to look carefully and create just what you think best encapsulates their special relationship. Personalized gifts are always well-received, as it’s evident that the gift giver was focused on the recipient, and not just making a last-minute purchase.

9. Cozy Custom Blanket & Pillow Set

Throughout, we’ve been highlighting just how important and meaningful customization is to gift recipients. It’s also lots of fun for the gift givers, as it’s a chance to reflect and be a bit sentimental about an obviously special bond.

But, it’s also important to just have some fun with gift giving, too. Customization can also be silly or humorous pictures, candid pictures, or wild designs that won’t be overlooked.

Imagine a bedding set as a dog face, with pillows as the ears. Or the entire bedspread is a collage of dog and dad photos. The possibilities, again, are endless, so have fun and give a gift and a laugh.

10. Engaging Pup Toys for Playful Moments

One of the best parts about a dog and dad relationship is the eagerness of the two to spend time together. Especially for dogs, they live to please and get adulation from their human companions. In that sense, playing is such a critical bonding activity for dogs.

Even the act of giving a gift to a dog is a way of showing love and affection. Plus, playing with toys and throwing to go fetch are great chances for exercise and expenses of bottled-up energy. Keeping dogs in their best shape helps to extend their lives, so play as much as you can to enjoy your dog longer.

Thoughtful Gifts That Always Impress

If you’re ever unsure what to give as a gift, consider what the recipient holds near and dear and what they value. Simply recognizing those qualities or attributes about a person can be a gift unto itself.

With a dog dad, it’s usually easy to recognize just how much they care about their furry friends, simply from spending some time around them. Dogs bring so many of us joy and ask so little in return. Their love is one of the most selfless and pure.

Maybe that’s why it feels so good to make a dog happy with treats and gifts. The pooch pops in your lives understand this, as well, or else they probably wouldn’t be called dog dads, in the first place.

For these and other fabulous gift ideas, check out Dog Endorsed. While there, browse some of my other topics pertaining to dog health, training, insurance, and other bits of advice for dog owners and lovers. Or contact me directly with questions or concerns. I’m always excited to meet another pup parent!

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