How Do You Select the Best Dog Supplies?

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Budget?  Made in America? Local business? Natural? Organic? Cruelty free? No preservatives? No wheat? % of sale goes to charity? Eco-Friendly?  How do you choose the best dog supplies?

What influences you when deciding what products to buy for your dog?

For many, the cheapest price is the most important and if that happens to also tick some other boxes then that is a bonus.

For others, a mixture of price and ticking other boxes is important.  Some people, ticking boxes such as natural or supporting a particular cause is the top priority with price following afterwards.

No matter how you go about weighing which products to buy, there is no doubt a checklist you will go through.

Demand has really skyrocketed for green and eco-friendly pet products.

As demand increases, the competition between existing and new manufacturers will result in lower prices for these products.

Unfortunately, gone are the days where manufacturers only make products that are ethical, locally made and nutritious for a fair price.

No matter what you are shopping for, you need to be savvy to spot the cheaply made products that have been produced only to make a profit and do next to nothing for the health of our pets.


Puppy sitting on outside deckNot a lot needs to be said about budget.

When shopping for an item and your only or most important factor is price, shopping is pretty easy.

One thing that has become crystal clear is that buying online as opposed to local stores is more often cheaper.

As we have said elsewhere, before you jump for joy, check shipping costs.  Once you have confirmed the shipping price, and you are happy with it, jump for joy as much as you would like.

Another point to remember is shipping time.  Sometimes the cheapest options are not available in the U.S., so you may be waiting on products to arrive.  Be sure to factor this in when making your purchase.

Local Business or Made in America

For many of us, buying local is a critical factor in how we decide what to purchase.

Buying locally has two major benefits.  Local people in your community/state/country are being supported which means their jobs are more secure.

Your impact on the environment is also considerably less for the sheer fact that your supplies didn’t have to travel far to reach you.

Natural/Organic/Cruelty Free

We, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what we are putting in our bodies.

The demand for naturally made products is not letting up – and why should it?

People are taking the time to look over and read exactly what is in the ingredients list.

Some manufacturers and fellow pet lovers have heard the call.

If you are looking for real food to give to your pets (canine, feline, reptilian and avian alike), with only a little bit of effort, you’ll be weighing up multiple products against each other in no time.

Green and Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies

Dog sniffing strawberries in grassBuilding on the natural food phenomenon is the green or eco-friendly era.

For those wanting to fill this criterion when buying dog supplies, look for local feed suppliers.

What manufacturers are located in your state or at the very least, in your country?

The shorter the distance between the product and you, the lower the carbon footprint.

Look into companies who are promoting themselves as eco-friendly.  Are they eco-friendly because of the manufacturing process or perhaps their packaging is made from recycled materials?

There are lots of ways you can tick the eco-friendly box.

Also consider what pesticides and fungicides are used on the ingredients that make up your dog food.  By-products should always be avoided.

For more ideas on how to be a green pet owner, have a look at this ingenious list at

Making the Choice

Dogs make excellent companions. They also have the ability to bring something special to your household.

Taking care of our pets as well as making choices that are important to us can be time-consuming.

In the end, it is worth it for the health of our pets, family and community.

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