Why Should I Buy from Wholesale Pet Supply Distributors?

Filed in Dog Products on September 20, 2018

Wholesale Pet Supply Distributors

We aren’t talking about buying steak in bulk to save some money over the summer BBQ season (although it isn’t a bad idea).  When we bring a puppy into our lives, we are not just committing our time and love, we are committing our finances.  Don’t forget to apply nanna’s ‘buy in bulk’ strategy for your dog’s needs and wants as well.  You’ll thank yourself down the track when you have some extra cash.


Weight Cost Cost per lb.
6 lb. $14.99 $2.49
15 lb. $27.99 $1.86
30 lb. $46.99 $1.56

Wholesale Pet Supply DistributorsThe top reason for buying from pet supply distributors is the money you can save.  This is particularly so when you’ve got a few pets in the family.  The first supplies to consider buying in bulk are food and healthcare.  Although we trust nanna was right about buying in bulk, we thought we would do a few calculations with a random product.  One of America’s most popular pet food retailers is Petsmart.  So, we popped over to their website and found a bag of dry food available to buy in 3 different weights.  In a quick comparison between 6 and 30-pound bags of dry dog food on the Petsmart website, we found the 30-pound bags were much cheaper than the 6-pound bags.

On the back of the food packet it details how much of the food to give to your dog based on their weight.  With this information we worked out a rough estimate of how long each bag would last before we would have to return to buy another bag of food.

Dog size Daily feed Bag size Days feed covers
Up to 15 lbs. ½-1 ¼ cups (8 oz. cup) 6 lb. 9.6 – 24 days
15 lb. 24 – 60 days
30 lb. 48 – 120 days

We worked out that if we wanted dry food for a dog weighing under 15 lbs. over a 48-day period, we’d be looking at paying the following (minimum):  6 lb. bags to cover the period would cost $74.95; 15 lb. bags to cover the period would cost $55.98; a 30 lb. bag would cost $46.99.

Over a year that looks like this:
Bag size Cost over a year
6 lb. $569
15 lb. $425
30 lb. $357

That is a savings of $212 yearly by buying the biggest bag.

Nanna was right on the money.  As well as dog food and treats, think about healthcare, puppy training pads, vitamins, flea and worming treatments, collars, coats, brushes etc., that you may be able to buy a few of at once to save you cash down the road.  Your future self will thank you.


When buying in bulk quantities, we don’t need to worry about replenishing supplies as often which gives extra time out of the car and running errands.  If you buy your pet supplies online, convenience is upped again because when we see the food starting to run low, we can jump on to our favorite online pet supplier and re-order.  If you are looking for a new online pet supplier, don’t be afraid to look up wholesale suppliers.  Often, they will accept your order even if you don’t run a business as you’ll usually be able to meet their minimum order quantity.  If you find a site, send them a message or give them a call and see what they can offer you if you buy your supplies through them.

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