Designer Dog Supplies- Which Ones to Choose?

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Dorkies, English Kings, Poovaneses, Labradoodles, Puggles? That last one was in Harry Potter wasn’t it?

The names may be a little odd, but designer dogs are becoming more and more popular.

The term ‘designer dog’ may sound a bit glamorous, but simply put, a designer dog is a hybrid dog.  They are bred from two different purebreds.

A Designer Dog Life

Designer dogs are often seen as chic and elegant. This could be because of the heavy price tag on breeding two purebreds. Although if your dog is a purebred, a hybrid or if you have absolutely no idea how many breeds they are, all dogs deserve some luxury.  This may not be your style which is totally okay but for many, designer dogs, designer collars, designer food and designer water are the norm.

Dog Houses and Beds

Grey dog bedA dog house does not mean a wooden box no matter how rustic you think it is. Wooden boxes are not meant for a designer dog.

There are a few dog owners who include carpeted floors, water supply, lighting solutions and even lavish windows. They design the doghouse with the same level of care and attention to detail as they would design their own homes. If you are going down this road, don’t hold back on things such as a cooling fan, heater and decor that makes the dog house cozy and stylish.

Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are similar to child and baby carriers in the shapes of slings or carriers that sit on the front or back of your body.  Ever thought about putting your dog in a carrier on your back and going for a ride on your bicycle?  Whether you go out shopping, are doing household chores or heading out for some hiking, biking or walking, you can take your dog along with you. Your pet will stay happy, relaxed and comfortable.

Dog Strollers

Do you wish to go out for a stroll with your dog? Why not gift a designer dog stroller to your pet (and yourself). Dog strollers are meant for medium to small sized dogs. Again, this may or may not be your style.  Either way they are worth a look.

One great point about dog strollers is that dogs who can’t walk or who are not able to walk for long can still get out and about in a stroller.

Dog Collars

Dog collar with buckleIf you want a really special collar, look into customized collars.  Etsy is a great starting point for high quality, handmade, customizable collars.  As every prince or princess requires royal jewels to deck themselves out, don’t skimp on bling. Bling isn’t your thing? Get creative with fabrics (think velvet), faux snakeskin and faux fur.  There are hundreds of options in dog collars. You can also get personalized dog tags in just as many different styles.

Dog Pajamas

Apparently, dog pajamas are not a new thing.  Dog pajamas are a booming product line. Upon looking at a few different styles online, they are quite cute and perhaps quite practical for short haired dogs, particularly during the colder months. has a bunch of pajamas available.

Dog Hair Accessories

Once all the grooming is done, it is tempting to add a final touch… or touches.

Hair can be accessorized with all kinds of things.  Think star hair clips, pearl flower hair clips, knitted flowers or fish hair clips. The Posh Puppy Boutique has some really adorable bits and pieces and they have a discount for everyone who signs up to their mailing list.

Dog Sunglasses and Goggles

The image that pops into your mind when being told to imagine a dog wearing goggles or sunglasses is hilarious.  There are methods to the madness.

First of all, there is a practical element to dog sunglasses and dog goggles.  Sunglasses made for dogs are designed to prevent UV rays from damaging their eyes.  This is the exact same reason we wear sunglasses.  Goggles are for other types of environments such as wind and snow. They also protect the dog’s eyes from being damaged by flying debris. Dogs are often required to wear them when riding in side cars and in coupes with the top down.

Dog Coats and Jackets

Dog running with vest onFunky and stylish dog coats are becoming more and more readily available at affordable prices.  Dressing your dog up is a lot of fun.  Coats and jackets are also available for purely functional purposes to help keep your dog warm during the cool months.

If you are buying dog coats for warmth, be sure to place quality over design.  As far as fun and funky jumpers for dogs, I ask you, where does it all end?  Do we really want it to end?  Nothing is sweeter than seeing a dog peeping out from a hoodie. A funky T-Shirt may also be used as a coat.

Fashion at Its Best with Dog Hats

Dog fashion has now taken a different meaning altogether with the advent of the internet. You will find online stores offering the most fashionable designer dog supplies. Owners can buy every item for their dog whether it is a utility item or just a style accessory.

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