Essential Dog Supplies When Traveling

Filed in Dog Products on October 3, 2018

Big, small, energetic, curious, relaxed, long legged, short legged, hairy, with floppy or pointy ears and all in between, we all love our pet dogs.  We cater our lifestyle to accommodate our pet’s needs.  When it comes to traveling with a dog, it can be hard to know exactly what supplies we will need and what we haven’t thought of.  This article will help you determine your essential dog supplies when traveling.

According to statistics, Americans spend more than $35 billion on their dogs every year.  Hotels, spas, and resorts are gradually becoming more dog friendly, and airlines are slowly opening up to the concept of passengers traveling with their dogs. With some planning, a holiday with Frodo can be just around the corner.

Proper Documentation:

Dog laying in green grassDocumentation is key.  This is especially so for air-travel.  Before you head off, see your vet to check vaccinations are up-to-date.  Your vet may also have suggestions on increasing the comfort of your dog during travel (such as a relaxant).  Be sure to check import requirements for your pet if you are heading overseas.  Most countries will expect to see evidence of vaccinations such as rabies.  Also remember to check if your airline has any specific requirements (they may also have restrictions on pet carriers).

Most countries require you to apply in advance to have your pet enter their country, so be sure to check this out too.  The authorities require these documents because they want to ensure the animal entering the country is free from diseases and to guarantee the safety of local wildlife and other animals your pet may come in contact with.  If you are traveling domestically, it is good to have their vaccination card and any medical history handy should your buddy fall ill and need to see a vet on the road.  There are lots of creative ways to carry these documents!  Make a little passport with your dog’s photo or have a look online for customizable books you can order.  One of our favorites is the personalized Pet Pass on Etsy.

Car Seat Covers:

Road tripping?  Save yourself from the mud, sand, dirt, gravel, leaves and any other unexpected mess by getting covers for your car seats.  If you are looking for a cheap fix, pack a few old sheets for the trip that you can lay over the back seats.  If you can spare some cash, there are lots of options for pet covers for vehicles at pet shops and online.  Some can even be tailor made to fit specifically to your vehicle.

Litter Boxes and Poop Bags:

The call of nature can come at any moment – and it often does.  If your four-legged friend receives that call, it can be very annoying for both of you. In such cases, you can try a portable, waterproof, collapsible litter tray which can be found online or in local stores.  The collapsible option like this one we spotted on Amazon will save a bunch of space.  Remember to train your dog to use this before you leave so they know exactly what is expected of them when it is made available to them.  If you are road tripping and can pull over, just make sure you’ve got some doggy poop bags handy to remove any mess before you hit the road again.  There is a huge market for these poop bags.  From patterns to fully compostable.  Old plastic bags and plastic freezer bags from home work too.

Food and Water:

Bowl of dry dog food in blue bowlFood and water are entirely necessary items on the pet travel list. Pack extra of their favorite foods.  Foods they are familiar with and back-up clean drinking water will help prevent upset tummies and reduce stress. A quick search online and you’ll find heaps of clever ideas for space saving bowls, food carriers and more. Out of all the novel travel items available, one that is essential for travel is the collapsible food and water bowl.  These foldable bowls are quite sturdy and can hold a large volume of water. You can even serve food in these portable bowls. They are easy to clean (perhaps throw in some cleaning wipes into your luggage just in case you can’t properly wash the bowl) and take up minimal space.  No need to pack clunky food and water bowls or your best Tupperware.

Medicine Kit:

While traveling, it is advisable to keep the first aid kit handy.  This is one of the first items packed in our household (for the clumsy humans!).  Before preparing the first aid kit for your dog, consult with your dog’s veterinarian for the essential medicines required by your pet in case of emergencies. Also, pack sterilized gauges, dog-friendly antiseptics, scissors, and cotton buds. You can also buy custom-made first aid kits for dogs from the local medical store.


A long journey by plane or car can be quite stressful for your animal friend. Sitting up in a confined space for a long time or constant movement of the vehicle can make your dog irritated. If we are needing a stretch or are even asking ourselves ‘how long until we get there?’, they definitely are too.  In such times, they want the comfort and security of home.  A play set or a favorite toy can at such times, calm your dog and provide necessary encouragement for them. You can also carry their favorite blanket or stuffed animal, which they love to cuddle, for extra support.

It can be considered as essential dog supplies item.  There are also natural remedies to calm dogs.  Some anxious dogs respond to simple things like a drop of lavender oil or pheromone sprays (on a blanket or favorite toy).  These signal to the dog to relax and that they are safe.

Comfortable and Safe Travel:

Safe and enjoyable travel should be what your dog expects during their journey.  If they are hesitant to get into the car (for fear of that nasty vet who checked their temperature last time), take them for a drive to the park or to visit some other dogs or people who will play with them.  Reward them and get them to start associating travel with fun and snacks.

Safety harnesses for the car are a good idea.  These harnesses fit comfortably to your dog’s collar, and a belt attachment is connected to it which will easily attach to the insert (usually in the seat belt buckle – depending on the brand). This leash allows the dog to stand up or sit comfortably but will restrict the mobility to a more pet car seat significant extent.  Another clever idea is the Peekapet.  The Peekapet recently showed up as a Kickstarter campaign and has had huge momentum.

They have come up with a window cover for the car that the dog can safely look out of however can’t fall out of.  Have a look for yourself!  We love the simplicity of this idea and it looks awesome too.

Car seat covers (mentioned earlier) protect your seats and can also give some comfort – like their own little safety bubble as well.

Check If the Travel Destination Is Dog-Friendly:

Before booking a hotel or resort for you and your dog, check if it is dog-friendly. Some hotels have policies which restrict the dog owners from bringing their pets to the hotel. Few airlines also have rules that bar pet’s on board policy. To avoid unnecessary travel hassles, double check with the airlines and hotel representative if their services are pet-friendly. Also, look out for some friendly activities you can enjoy with your dog while holidaying. It will make the animal feel much more comfortable in an unknown environment.

Here is a List of Some More Pet Travel Essentials:

  • Dog wearing green dog collarID tags: Always make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag on its collar. With this, you will be able to track your dog, in case it gets lost. The information like the dog’s name and your contact details should be written on the ID tags. Also, keep in mind that the dog tags are securely tied to the dog’s collar. Again, there are heaps of great ideas for dog tags online so if you want to get creative, the world is your oyster!
  • Carrier: A carrier is an essential commodity for your travel plans with your favorite pet. Before selecting a carrier or kennel for the animal, make sure it is sturdy and able to carry your beloved animal comfortably. Before investing in a doghouse, check if the door locks up securely. Also, look if the pet will feel any amount of distress while inside. According to many dog owners, a kennel with grated metal doors is most secure and comfortable for the animal. Also, try to avoid wheeled carriers, as most of the airlines do not allow them onboard. On that note – if you are traveling by air or rail, check what their restrictions are on pet carriers well in advance.
  • Keeping extra towels handy can prove as a life saver, in case your canine friends have an unwanted incident. Explosive diarrhea or motion sickness while traveling is quite frequent for dogs. It would mean your car will frequently get dirty and you will be required to clean it quite often. In such cases, a towel (and those hand wipes grandma always has in her purse) can become your new best friends.
  • Take breaks while traveling: Especially while vacationing in a car, you and your dog might feel fatigued. To break the monotony, stop the car once in a while and take your dog out. Make sure it walks a little and stretches for a bit. It will relax the sore muscles and help both you and your dog to relax a bit.

Whatever your holiday looks like, have fun, be safe and take lots of pictures!  Send in pictures of travels with your pet and share with us any clever ideas you have stumbled across or created yourself that have made holidays with your dog (or other pet) easier and more enjoyable.

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