Essential and Non-Essential Supplies for Your New Puppy

Filed in Dog Products on August 21, 2018

supplies for new puppyHave you brought home a puppy recently?

There are certain things that every dog owner must have in their supply kit.

Start with the essentials and add to your kit over time.

For starters, here is a list of essential supplies for your new puppy:

A list of essential dog supplies to get you started

Food – Make sure that you choose dog food that is geared toward puppies since dog food is widely available for specific life stages (puppy, adult, senior). You may also want to offer a mixture of wet and dry food, but speak to your vet.

Bowls – Don’t forget a food bowl and a water bowl. Any sort will do.  Later on, you can upgrade to a cool design.  Remember that cool designs and pretty patterns aren’t going to change the function of the bowl.  They will just look nicer.

Essential Supplies for PuppyBedding – Dog beds are important since your dog will spend many hours every day sleeping or resting on their bed. You want to make sure they have the support that they need to relieve pressure on their joints.

Shelter – Crates and containment devices are must haves to keep your puppy in a confined area where you can monitor and house train him or her.

Collars and leashes – For some dogs, you may need to buy them a collar and leash immediately.  This will depend on your situation.

Pee Pads – If you have a puppy coming home that is old enough to start toilet training, make sure you have plenty of puppy pee pads or have a system ready to go.

Vet check – If you haven’t already, book your puppy to see your vet for a check-up and to ensure they are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations.  You also want to buy parasite control to deal with ticks, fleas and worms.

Grooming kit – Another essential is a grooming kit.  There are handy bundles with all the basics you will need.  Some kits include nail filers, scissors, hairbrush, pet shampoo, and conditioner.  At a minimum, make sure you have supplies to brush and bathe them.


This is the part I always love.  As enjoyable as it is to see a healthy dog, I am guilty of finding joy in the non-essentials. Some non-essentials include pet clothing, cute chew toys, dog hats, doggie car seats, floral collars, special training equipment, strollers, dog sports sacks, and coats and jackets.

Over time, you will figure out what is best for your new puppy.  Congratulations on your new family member!

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