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Filed in Dog Subscription Box on January 30, 2020

A photo of an It's Your BarkDay cake in a closed box next to a blue plush toy.Welcome to our It’s Your BarkDay Review: an up-and-coming maker of healthy dog cakes that also offers gift and subscription boxes.

We are offering a giveaway of one free It’s Your BarkDay Box with a dog toy and 100% organic dog friendly cake ($39 value) to one lucky winner.  Enter your email at the end of this blog post to enter.

With all of the competition between pet subscription boxes, It’s Your BarkDay differentiates itself with its organic and fresh ingredients baked into its products.

Note: I was given a free product and compensation in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by the company.

What Products Do They Offer?

It’s Your BarkDay currently offers 5 different products, which include:

  1. A BarkDay Gift Box–  For $38.95 (plus shipping), they will send you a box containing their signature organic, dog-friendly cake along with a toy. This is what I received as part of my review to be discussed further below. This is a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a subscription.
  2. Monthly Its Your BarkDay Subscription Box– For $428.45 (plus shipping), you can sign up for their monthly subscription box. Each month you will receive a different themed dog-friendly cake or treats along with a new toy. This subscription lowers the price of each box down to roughly $35.70 per box.
  3. Organic Dog Birthday (BarkDay) Cake– For $29.00 (plus shipping), they will send you one organic dog birthday cake that serves up to 8 dogs. You can choose between Pink, Blue or White. If you do not need any toys, this is a more affordable option than the BarkDay Gift Box.
  4. Quarterly ItsYourBarkDay Subscription– For $149.00 (plus shipping), they will send you a seasonally themed cake and toy each quarter. This subscription lowers the price of each box down to roughly $37.25 per box. If you choose to pre-pay for the 4 quarters, they will send you a free BarkDay Birthday Box.
  5. Themed Dog Birthday (BarkDay) Party w/Cake– For $49.95 (plus shipping), you will receive a box filled with their organic dog cake and themed party decorations. The box includes themed plates and napkins, a decorative table cloth, invitations, and goody bags to take home.

Slice of It's Your BarkDay CakeWhat Ingredients Are In Their Cakes?

It’s Your BarkDay strongly focuses on the quality of their cakes, including the following:

  • Each cake is made with wholesome, real , and clean ingredients.
  • They use only local and fresh ingredients from the U.S. without preservatives.
  • All cakes are corn, wheat, gluten, and soy free.
  • They bake their cakes in small batches in their bakery located in Miami, FL.
  • Each cake has no chemicals, artificial flavors, salt, fillers, colors, and GMO ingredients.

Photo of an open box with It's Your BarkDay Cake and a blue toy beside it. My Unboxing Of A BarkDay Gift Box

We personally received a BarkDay Gift Box containing their signature dog-friendly cake with dog toy. Here is my review of the cake and toy:

Cake Review

The cake had a very nice design, which was surrounded by dog treats and topped with frosting (made from non-melting yogurt).

It arrived sealed in plastic and tied with a string, which were both easy to remove.

At first, I was unsure of how much of the cake to feed my dogs, so I contacted a representative of the company.

They told me the whole cake is probably too much for one sitting.

As a result, I cut the cake into fours and fed it to my dogs over the next 4 days.

I also inquired about storing the cake and was told to refrigerate or freeze it once cut. I did later find storage information in their Q & A section of their website.

Two small dogs eating organic cake from It's Your BarkDayAs expected, my 2 small dogs ate up every piece I fed to them.

One concern of mine was whether my dogs would have any digestion issues, but fortunately they had no problems.

Overall, I was pleased with their cake (along with my dogs) and I felt good knowing it contained healthy ingredients.

My only recommendation is for the company to include some type of informational insert in the box discussing the appropriate serving size and how to store the cake.

Toy Review

We received a small blue plush toy in the shape of a dog, which was included in our box.

While it was nothing spectacular, my dogs do continue to play with it.

If your dogs like squeeze toys, then they should like this toy.

My only recommendation is for the company to offer a few different options for the toys such as plush toys, non-plush toys, toys for stronger chewers, etc.

Overall, the toy was a nice addition to the box, but the cake definitely outshined the toy.

Who created It’s Your BarkDay?

There are two founders of the company who combined their experience to create these unique dog-friendly cakes.

One founder is Will Corrente who has lots of experience in the pet industry and has run a large dog resort since 2004.

The other founder is Ed Harary who has lots of experience in the food and baking industry.

Their corporate office is located in West Palm Beach, FL, while their bakery is located in Miami, FL.


In conclusion, It’s Your BarkDay offers a quality product that separates itself from its competitors by offering healthy dog cakes.

These cakes are made from high quality ingredients and also have a nice presentation.

With 5 options to choose from, you can find an option within your budget.

These would make a nice surprise for your dog or as a gift to another dog.


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