Where to Find Reviews for Dog Supplies

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There are hundreds of online and in-store shops you can go to for dog supplies – many of which stock a massive range of products. You may trust the website or store but how confident are you in the particular product you are buying? Learn about where to find reviews for dog supplies.

Many products work differently or are more suited to particular breeds at particular life stages. What works for your sister’s Labrador may not work for your Poodle.

Literally at our fingertips, we can find tons of reviews online.  There are sites dedicated to reviewing anything and everything you could imagine. Why not let someone else try the product and get their opinion on it before trying a product on your pet?

You may also come across new products that are better suited for your pet by regularly scanning through new reviews.

In addition, look up forums that are dedicated to dog owners, and chat with fellow dog owners of the same breed as yours.  Dogster is one of many you can find on the internet.

Unbiased Reviews Are a Great Help

Dog and owner on a paddle board in waterMake sure to choose a genuine review site to collect information on the supplies you are looking to purchase. Avoid sites which publish paid articles. The chief aim of review sites is to help you buy the best products. Review sites carry out in-depth research on the products you are looking for. This makes the buying process easy and convenient. Genuine review sites post buyer’s reviews only after conducting tests and evaluating the reviews. Such sites make sure that reviews are not paid reviews.

We love mypetneedsthat.com – they have reviewed just about everything pet related. They have sections on cats, rodents and other pets (as well as dogs).

Provide Your Own Reviews for Dog Supplies

You could also write reviews on dog supplies you are using. By reviewing supplies, you are doing the following:

  • You are contributing a genuine review for others and it counts. Your experience may be positive, negative, small or large. No matter what your experience is, it is the most valuable piece of information another buyer could come across. Your review may help inform them whether the product is going to suit them and their lifestyle – as well as their dog.
  • To review is to observe, perceive and encourage general awareness during and after the experience.
  • Be sure to be as objective as possible regarding the product. If you feel negative towards the product because of a bad customer service experience (for example), be clear to specify between the two.
  • Try to provide positive and negative points (or parts that could be improved upon). What works and what doesn’t work?
  • Always be honest and respectful.

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