Top 10 Dog Supplies for Your Pet

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Have you recently brought home a pet dog? Whether you’ve selected a dog or plan to buy one shortly, you want to start preparing for their arrival to their new home. Dogs are faithful, honest and loving creatures who shower love on everyone around them, so you owe it to them to make their life as comfortable as possible. This article is meant to make you aware of the top dog supplies to purchase and help you choose the best options for your dog.

First, you want to find the right pet supply store. Your new dog is going to become a new member of your family, so you want to ensure that they eat the right food, get proper rest, and have the right supplies to be happy. While dogs need proper care and supplies to live a healthy life, you want to buy these items from a quality pet supply store. You want a store that is reliable, offers a variety of items, and more.

Locating the Best Pet Supply Store

Woman holding small dog close to her faceYou will find several retail and department stores selling supplies for your four-legged pal in their own section. While you can find quality items like bedding and pet food, there is not normally a wide variety of items. You will find more choices online from specialty pet stores. This is also more convenient than driving from store to store to find the right item.

Some of the best pet supply items are not available at retail stores, but are found at pet stores or online. You also want to focus on popular and reliable brands. You can always price match online to get the best deal. With pet supplies, quality is more important than price when you are trying to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.

Top 10 Dog Supplies In the US for Your Pet

Being a new dog owner can be overwhelming. You now have responsibility over a new member of your family and making sure they have the best dog supplies possible. It is a learning process to determine your dog’s needs such as proper obedience training and choosing the best food. In this section, you will learn about the top 10 dog supplies that are necessary for most dogs:

  • Dog crate – The main use for a crate is house training since dogs usually don’t like to soil their own dens. The crate helps to restrict your dog from the rest of your house while they learn other rules such as not chewing furniture or peeing on the carpet. Crates are also a great way to transport your dog in the car. It may be plastic, metallic, or made up of wire. Dogs feel instinctively safe in crates as den animals since in their natural habitat they have a den as their home.
  • Dog bed – This is a must for dogs. If you want to keep your dog indoors, you will need a dog bed. Dog beds can cost you $10 to $500 depending on the kind you choose. If you want the best quality, you need to invest some money. The cost is dependent on the material which makes it. Memory foam beds can cost you more.  It is better to consult a vet or the previous owner for their choice of dog bed. Consider also the health and the age of the dog.
  • Feeders and Containers – You can buy a number of containers and feeders for your dog. If your dog is small, you may serve food in a small dish. But, if your dog is big, it will require more food and you will need a larger serving bowl. With online pet stores, you will find a variety of bowls meant to serve meals to the dog. Apart from serving bowls, you will need a bowl to serve water. If your dog is big, invest in a good quality drinking water bowl to save money at a later time. When it comes to the material, plastic is always a good choice. Steel is also a good choice for the serving bowls. Make sure the serving bowl has a rubberized gripper located at the base. This will keep the bowl steady when the dog is feeding.
  • Dog Food – When you decide to bring home a dog or puppy, you must consult with a vet or dog breeder to learn about the best foods to feed your dog. Learn about the best feeding times as well. As no two dogs are the same, each dog has a specific diet to follow. Before buying any dog food, go through the label entirely to read the ingredients present in it. Avoid buying low quality dog food, which uses only dry ingredients and is devoid of meat. There are many manufacturers now of natural dog food.
  • Older woman holding face of dogDeodorizers and stain removers – If you own a dog, you will have to handle odors and accidents. You want to make sure to stock good quality deodorizers and stain removers. You want to be ready to deal with these stains to avoid ruining your carpets and curtains.
  • Collar – A collar is needed for identification when you wish to take your dog outside for a walk. Apart from a dog collar, you will also need a harness or a leash in order to ensure that your dog does not run off. Many pet stores offer collars and leashes. For leashes, you can buy standard, retractable, adjustable and more.
  • Chew toys – Chew toys help lessen your dog’s urge for chewing. You can also buy chewing toys in order to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Toys can also keep your dog occupied. The toy must be suitable for the size of the dog. For puppies, you can buy squeaking toys while for the big ones, you can buy big ropes.
  • Grooming supplies – These are important to keep your dog healthy and well kept. The coat of the dog will require regular cleaning, washing and combing. You also need a trimmer to trim their toenails. Their teeth must be brushed and ears must be cleaned. You will require grooming tools such as a brush, blow dryer, cotton balls, conditioning spray, scissors, shampoo and nail clippers. A good quality shampoo and conditioner will also be needed if you plan to wash your dog at home.
  • Pet shampoo – You will need to care for your dog’s skin and coat. Simply using warm water in order to wash your dog will not clean the coat. You want a good quality pet shampoo. The coat of the dog will require proper washing, combing and then drying. A good quality conditioner can leave their coat shining.
  • Medications – When it comes to top dog supplies, dog medication is one of the most important items. You will want to speak to your vet about healthy vitamins, flea medications, and anything else for your dog. For example, flea medications help control fleas in your home and on your dog. You also want wound care supplies in case your dog gets hurt. Your dog may also require painkillers if getting hurt. There are also supplements to kill heartworms.

Other Necessary Dog Supplies You Need

Apart from the top 10 dog supplies, there are other important supplies needed. Dog gates can prevent your dog from moving to restricted areas of your home. You may also need a dog house if having an outdoor pet.

Before buying any item, make sure to read all reviews online.

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