Win the Plush Pup Tough Round Orthopedic Dog Bed

Filed in Dog Products by on October 7, 2021

Looking to win a super soft (yet tough) high-quality orthopedic dog bed? Enter below to participate in the contest. I am giving away 1 bed to a lucky winner.
Win the Plush Pup Tough Round Orthopedic Dog Bed

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  1. Karen Cannard says:

    My 10 year old Rottweiler, Yuppie would love one of your beds for her old bones to lay on!

  2. Valora C Casas says:

    I love my dog and all the dogs that have came into my life. Thank you for all your wonderful products.

  3. Colleen Schilinski says:

    I’ve got a feeling that one of these beds could prolong my Patches life, cause like humans, with age comes aches !!

  4. Valora C Casas says:

    Thank you for all your fine work.

  5. Tami Schaefer says:

    I have a yellow lab retriever. He is 10 yrs old. He has arthritis in his hips. He sure could use one of the beds n

  6. Kathie says:

    This is awesome. I’m new here and I’m seriously enjoying your news letter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Laura says:

    I may be turning 36 right around the corner but my mom is still always on the lookout for me (love her!) and shared your awesome site with me. I really enjoy your newletter and think this giveaway is so sweet!! I have two girls, Pepper and newly adopted 6 month old Nala. They are already best buds and would love to cuddle up on this together! Fingers..and paws..crossed!! Thank you for the opportunity and we..yes, I sometimes read aloud to them lol..look forward to more tips and tricks!

  8. Tammy says:

    Wish I could win this for my little one who could really use this.

  9. Tammy says:

    Mine could really use one of these.

  10. Penny Cornett says:

    Awesome! My ‘Sweetpea’ would love!

  11. Sharon Lee says:

    I would love to win

  12. Edwina Lango says:

    Would like to win to donate to a local shelter or pound. My dog has a few beds but sleeps in our bed!

  13. Jan Roberts says:

    My senior girl would LOVE this amazing bed!

  14. Tia kay says:

    Thanks 😊 so very much for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize. Would love to win this for our Big Dog. Her name is Pup pup and we are her fourth home.🀠πŸ˜₯ She has found her forever home.😁

  15. Rick Rioles says:

    Would love to win my dog just had surgery, would be great for his comfort.

  16. Karen says:

    All wood floors, both our boys would love πŸ’• these beds

  17. Fernando says:

    Love it

  18. Debbie says:

    My dog would love this she has arthritis in both back legs

  19. Jean Kennedy says:

    Need one for my Norma.

  20. Jon Landas says:

    Jessie loves her bed, and as the is not getting younger -a new bed would be great.

  21. Loretta Burkhart says:

    Love it

  22. Jill Higginbotham says:

    My pup would love this bed.

  23. Louis dutra says:

    My dog would enjoy this bed

  24. Louis dutra says:

    My old dog would enjoy resting her old bones on this bed…

  25. Cynthia Cash says:

    We need this! My little Boston keeps taking my Aussies bed and won’t let him on it!!

  26. Judy williams says:

    My ms. Lady needs this. She has suddenly gotten β€œold”.

  27. Deborah Moore says:

    My dog really needs this

  28. alessandro pampolino says:

    we need this..blake needs a reliable bed

  29. Dusty Willits says:

    my dog needs this she is old but a great bed like this would do her good

  30. Wendy Haas says:

    My girls love their bed. Funny to watch them both sharing a bed way too small!

  31. Kate Daly says:

    Astrid. my sweet 9 yr young Bulldog want to win!

  32. Kelly says:

    Perfect for my girl who has had double ACL repair. She had a rough year!

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