About Me

My name is Todd and I run Dog Endorsed, which is an informational site on anything dog-related. I feature product reviews, informational articles, tips, and more to help improve your dog’s life. You’ll also occasionally see my dog memes on social media to keep things fun.

While I do write some articles personally, I also hire veterinarians, dog trainers, nutritional experts and other dog experts to write articles as well. I often test out products with my own dog such as fresh dog food subscriptions, calming treats and other dog products.

I’ve always loved internet marketing and pets, so this website is one of my biggest passions by combining them together. I’ve managed to grow my site significantly over the last few years and keep my visitors updated through my mailing list.

I became a pet lover later in life through roommates and eventually through my wife’s dogs. I currently reside in Florida with my wife, son and our toy poodle.

Don’t be a stranger and feel free to say hello.

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