Tiny Tails Box Review: Your Small Dog Box Subscription

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Tiny Tails Box Review

Recently, I updated my list of the 17 best dog subscription boxes and had to find a replacement for a couple of them.

I came across a company by the name of Tiny Tails Box which receives good reviews from customers. Being a small dog owner, their box appealed to me since it’s specifically meant for small dogs.

Here’s my Tiny Tails Box Review to help you decide if their subscription box is right for your dog. Note: the company sent me a free box, so I could review it.

What is Tiny Tails Box?

Tiny Tails Box is a subscription box for small dogs. Each box includes hand chosen treats, toys, clothing, and fun accessories.  The company’s headquarters are in Tulsa Oklahoma.

They offer a basic box, mini-deluxe box, and deluxe box. Here are the items in each box:

  • The basic box offers 2 treats, 2 toys, and 1-2 bonus gifts. It starts at $35 per month for their month to month plan.
  • The mini-deluxe contains 1 treat, 1 toy, 1 fashion item, and 1-2 bonus gifts. It starts at $48 per month for their month to month plan.
  • The deluxe box contains 2 toys, 2 treats, 1 high fashion item and 1-2 bonus gifts. It starts at $55 per month for their month to month plan.

Each box goes down in price depending on how long you sign up for a subscription plan.  For example, the basic box goes down to $28/month for a 12 month plan.

You can even order a one-time gift box to try out or send to a friend for a nice surprise.

What I Received Inside

So I received my first Tiny Tails Box in the mail and received some nice and unique items. Here’s what was inside my deluxe box:

Contents when opening up box

Unboxed Tiny Tails Box

1. Lil Pals Latex Toy

This small latex squeaky toy resembles a bone and is meant for puppies and toy breeds. Note: this toy and the next one were both made in China.

2.Loofa Dog Toy

This is a very long toy that is meant for playing with or tossing to your pup. It also has some squeakers built into the face and tail. It’s meant for gentle chewers.

3. Peanut and Butter Oatmeal Bones

These made-in-the-U.S treats were created by The Pound Bakery in Harvard, IL which sells goods wholesale to other companies.

4. Beef Tippy Canoes

These high quality treats were also made by The Pound Bakery.

5. Puffer Vest by Gooby

This was the best part of the box in my opinion. This fashionable vest will look good on a small dog and works well for a cooler climate or wintertime. It has high quality zippers, is water-resistant, and is lightweight.

6. Dispenser with 20 poop bags

This dispenser by Modern Kanine has a simple yet effective design and includes 20 scented poop bags.

My Thoughts in this Tiny Tails Box Review

Overall, I enjoyed the items I received in my Tiny Tails Box. If you have a small dog, it’s worth trying out. The design of the physical box wasn’t that impressive, but it’s what’s inside that counts.

I’d say my favorite item was The Puffer Vest, which was the one fashion item included. This dog vest looks high quality and was better than most items I’ve received in a dog subscription box. I would say this helps make Tiny Tails Box stand out from your average treats and toys.

In my opinion, the toys were the least impressive compared to the other items. They would likely work for a small dog who is not a heavy chewer. If you don’t mind squeaky toys, then they should work just fine. Since they’re made in China, I would just be careful of their quality and supervise your dog when playing with them.

The treats were also very high quality and directly from The Pound Bakery, which offers high quality ingredients with no preservatives. You can rest assured that the treats are made in the U.S. While not made directly by Tiny Tails Box, this isn’t a concern for me personally as long as from a quality company.

For the dispenser, although it isn’t exactly unique, it serves its purpose and I can get good use out of all of the bags.

I will be testing out these items with my dog in the coming weeks and also with the dogs of some of our friends. Note: my dog does not play as much with toys based on his age, so I will likely give to a friend and get their feedback.

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