8 Pawsome Dog Birthday Gifts Ideas For Pet Parents [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Having fun celebrating our pets’ birthdays is one of the true joys of living with animals. Giving gifts to the special pets in our lives is a win for everyone. 

I especially enjoy celebrating birthdays. They’re cheerful, easy to celebrate and help to remind our special buddies how much they mean to us. If you’ve never celebrated a dog’s birthday, it can be one of the more hilarious and endearing sights to see. Especially when the dog(s) get down to opening presents and eating birthday cake!

Let’s check out some of my favorite dog birthday gifts and celebrations to help get your pooch excited about their special day.

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Why Are Gifts Important for Your Dogs?

If you haven’t noticed, dogs can be emotional creatures. Maybe that’s why they’re so comforting when we feel down. 

Either way, dogs love to give and receive good vibes. Who else greets you with an optimistic smile every time?

Gives motivation to your canine

When our best buds are doing well, we want to praise them. When they follow our commands, we follow up with praise. Each time they receive this praise, it strengthens the bonds and encourages good behavior. 

Birthday celebrations are like an extension of praise. And gifts for dogs are especially meaningful if you’re interacting positively with the dog when giving the gifts. 

It Improves Their Mental Health

Giving gifts to a young dog, or a dog who’s new to your house, does quite a lot to mentally and physically welcome the dog into your pack.

Not surprisingly, giving dogs gifts also makes us feel good. Giving gifts, in general, makes people feel good. Knowing it’s going to an innocent, loving recipient seems to fuel us up even more. 

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8 Amazing Ideas for Dog Birthday Gifts 

In truth, any gift you give will be special for your dog. And it doesn’t even need to be a birthday for gift giving, although it does seem more fun to make a day of the birthday celebration. Here are some gift ideas that always seem to be well-received. 

Canine cookie boxes

One of the surest ways to a dog’s heart is through its stomach. Just mention treats around our house and the toenails start clicking. With dog cookie boxes, the birthday pup is given a delicious treat in a festive presentation. 

In addition to looking great, many cookie recipes are made with all-natural premium ingredients. Some cookie companies will even offer non-allergenic options or other diet-specific ingredient options. Consider monthly cookie or other dog accessory box deliveries to add even more excitement to your dog’s life. 

Customized Canine Collars

A new collar can be a benefit for both the dog and the people. Designing your special pooch their very own collar is often a fairly simple process that can be completed online. Choose from existing designs, or look for services that let you upload your own designs, too. 

Custom collars can also be outfitted with lost and found information or embedded tracking devices. Collars are also available in a wide variety of durable and stain-resistant materials. You can even outfit your pup in different style collars to match the seasons or holidays.  

Comfortable Sofa

You may be spending a lot of your time telling your dog NOT to be on the furniture. Off! Get down! No!

If you have room, why not get your dog(s) a couch of its own that they’re allowed to be on? A designated comfy couch of their own gives everybody a special place to be during family time. 

And it doesn’t have to be a new or expensive couch, either. Thrift stores are great places to search for that slightly used, yet remarkably sturdy and comfortable dog couch or loveseat.

Squeaky Toys 

One of the undeniably best activity chew toys is one with a squeaker. The dog gets a bit of excitement each time the squeaker sounds. Equally, people become more attentive to the dog’s play schedule and are more likely to interact. 

Squeak toys seem to trigger a response to high-pitched noises, often associated with prey animals. If you have a dog who is prone to chase small animals or cats, this can be a toy to avoid. For other dogs, the squeak is simply a fun noise to make and possibly gets the attention of humans at the same time. 

Snuffle mats

Snuffle mats, or feeding mats, are designed to offer a challenge to dogs who eat too fast. By making the dog slow down and work for the food, they’re less likely to overeat and possibly make themselves sick.

Having a dog work for its food can also act as excellent mental stimulation. Dogs often need challenges for the body and brain. A snuffle mat helps stimulate your dog’s natural instincts and skills. 

Canine Ice Creams

Particularly in warmer months, doggo ice cream is usually a big hit. The combination of the rich flavors and the cooling sensation on the gums both give dogs a happy tooth surprise. 

So many different dog ice cream manufacturers are making products, so there’s lots of variation of flavor, texture, and presentation. Some ice creams are in cones, some are in pint containers, and others come as ice cream cakes. 

Cute Bandanas and Caps

At first glance, it may seem that dog clothing accessories are more for people than dogs. But, if you’ve ever given a dog a bandana or hat and received the ecstatic response my dog gives me, there’s little doubt that many enjoy their fashion shows. 

Fun Canine Balls

Exercise and play for dogs are essential ties to their prehistoric pasts. Chasing, grabbing, and even returning the “prey” to master are all skills and traits which earned their ancestors a place by the campfire. 

For modern dogs, chasing and retrieving are important activities for maintaining proper weight and physical fitness. With different ball launchers available on the market, it’s possible for you and your pup to have lots of fun without wearing out your arm. 


Adding joy, excitement, and value to our pet’s lives is the least we can do, as they are so often giving us these same benefits. By stimulating your dog with gifts, it signals a desire on your part to bond closer and more intensely with the pet. 

One of the best methods for regularly adding excitement is to sign up for monthly gift boxes to be delivered. New and exciting items are great for the dog and owner and are sure to open up more possibilities for interacting with your dog. 

Contact me for additional information about gift boxes and to see more of my recommendations for keeping both dog and owner excited and engaged.

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