9 Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

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Best dog proof trash can

Have a dog who likes to get into your trash?

Not only can this make a complete mess, but these items can be dangerous for your dog’s health.

One solution to this problem is to have a dog proof trash can.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss my top picks for the 10 best dog proof trash cans.

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My Top Picks for the Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

1. iTouchless Wings-Open Sensor (Finest Overall Pick)

5 new from $94.99
3 used from $59.51
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

If you’re looking for a best selling trash can, this is it. The iTouchless Wings-Open has a unique touchless sensor that opens two panels instead of one.

This pet proof trash can is specifically advertised as having a pet-proof lid. It has a PetGuard lock feature to keep pets out. It also has an activated carbon odor filter which will keep the trash smells at bay.

Size: 13 gallons, 16.3” x 10.4” x 22.6.”

Features: Petguard lock, activated carbon odor filter, touchless motion sensor, Full-Service Manufacturer’s Warranty, stainless steel exterior

What I Like: I like the added security the Petguard lock provides, because you don’t have to worry about your dogs getting into the trash when you’re not home. I also like the odor control feature, because who likes stinky garbage?

What I Don’t Like: Some reviews stated the lid doesn’t close automatically and you have to push it down yourself.

2. Simplehuman Butterfly Lid Kitchen Garbage Bins (Top Premium Option)

3 new from $169.99
6 used from $107.12
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

The Simplehuman Butterfly Lid Kitchen Trash can is the best pet proof trash can design out there. The largest size is 45 liters, which I’d recommend since it’ll hold the most trash.

It’s so narrow that it hardly takes up any kitchen space, and has a unique butterfly lid that makes it almost impossible for dogs to get into.

The butterfly lid has split doors that open from the center, making it a great choice for low countertops. It has a removable inner bucket which makes it easy to clean. It also has a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing you’ll use this trash can for a long time.

Size: 12.5 gallons, 23.3” x 10.4” x 26.” The other 3 sizes available are:

  • 18 liters, 15.6” x 7.7” x 21.8”
  • 30 liters, 17.6” x 10.4” x 26”
  • 40 liters, 23.3” x 10.4” x 26”

Features: Silent close butterfly lid, strong steel pedal, fingerprint-proof coating

What I Like: I like the sleek and elegant design of the butterfly lid. Dogs who have made their way into other trash cans will have trouble with this one.

What I Don’t Like: A few reviewers stated their trash cans showed pet bites after a few weeks.

3. iTouchless 2022 Model 13 Pet-Friendly Garbage Bins (The Budget Model for Size)

2 new from $72.79
6 used from $63.86
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

The iTouchless 2022 Model 13 is a 13 gallon trash can that uses a motion sensor, so you don’t have to touch the trash can at all. This makes it a hygienic choice and is convenient when you have your hands full.

It also has a carbon odor filter that neutralizes trash odors, so it’ll keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

It even features a patent-pending Pet Lock that prevents your dog from getting into the trash, making it a dog proof garbage can. It’s easy to turn on and off, which means you don’t have to worry about it when you’re not home.

Keep in mind that some customers complain that the lid opens up if knocked over, but I will check with the company on whether the lock prevents this.

Size: 13 gallons, 13”x11”x28”

Features: A Pet Lock, stainless steel finish, hands-free open, Carbon Odor Filter

What I Like: I like the Pet Lock to keep your pets out of the trash can, and the odor filter designed to keep your kitchen smelling clean.

What I Don’t Like: This trash can is a little on the heavy side, and one of the more expensive trash cans.

4. Amazon Basics Soft-Close Garbage Bins (Better Size Options)

11 used from $18.94
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

The Amazon Basics Soft Close trash can is a highly popular model with many size options. There are 4 sizes available, but I’m referring to the small 3.1 gallon trash can.

It’s got a soft-lid close and hands-free open, and the lid will stay open if you use your hand to hold it to 90 degrees. This makes it easy to replace your trash bags.

While this product is not specifically advertised for dogs, many reviewers state that their dogs are unable to get into it.

The brushed stainless steel makes it fingerprint resistant, and your dog won’t accidentally smudge it while walking by.

Size: It contains 3.17 gallons, and the dimensions are 12.3” x 9.92” x 15.12”. The 3 other size options are:

  • 1.3 gallons, 8.46” x 7.28” x 11.81”
  • 7.9 gallons, 13.78” x 11.81” x 25”
  • 13.2 gallons, 16.73” x 14.65” x 25.87”

Features: Stainless steel exterior, soft-close lid, manual foot lever

What I Like: I like how easy it is to use this trash can. It’s simple, and the soft-close lid means it’ll extend the trash can’s life.

What I Don’t Like: Since the 3.1 gallon can is so small, it may not be ideal for larger breeds. The product is also not specifically advertised as a pet proof trash can, although reviewers say it works.

5. NINESTARS Infrared Motion Sensor Garbage Bins (Recommended for Bathroom or Bedroom)

2 new from $25.32
5 used from $16.37
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

We all need a trash can in the bathroom, but finding a trash can your dog can’t sneak into can be challenging. Enter the Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can.

Its motion sensor means you never have to touch a germ-infested lid, and your dog won’t break in either.

The small 1.8 gallon trash can is perfect for the bathroom because its motion sensor prevents moisture or spills from damaging the dog proof trash can. It also has an odor seal, and the delay sensing technology prevents pets from breaking in.

Size: 1.8 gallons, 9.1”x 5.9” x 12.2.” The other trash can size option is 3 gallons, 7.8” x 10.3” x 14.”

Features: Motion sensor lid, splash-proof infrared sensor, delay sensing technology, removable ring liner

What I Like: It’s a motion-activated pet-proof trash can. It has built-in splash protection, which makes it ideal for the bathroom.

What I Don’t Like: It’s small, so it’s not ideal as a kitchen trash can.

6. Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Can Resin Outdoor Garbage Bins (Finest for Backyard and Largest Capacity)

19 new from $59.00
3 used from $56.86
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

You need trash cans both inside and outside your house. The 33 gallon Hideaway trash can makes the perfect addition to your backyard or outdoor patio.

It has a lovely wicker exterior which adds a stylish element to your outdoor space, but its main function is a durable trash can.

It’s plastic, making this pet proof trash lightweight and easy to clean. It’s also constructed with durable resin which doesn’t fade over time and is water-resistant. It has a hinged lid and a secure latch so you can ensure your smart puppy won’t find her way in.

Size: 33 gallons, 16” x 15.75” x 31.7.” You can also get a 39 gallon trash can at 17” x 17” x 35.”

Features: “Hideaway” wicker design, durable resin construction, secure latching lid

What I Like: I like how you can hide this trash can among outdoor furniture decor and it will perfectly blend in. It’s large enough to fit 30-gallon trash bags inside, and you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow damaging or fading the exterior.

What I Don’t Like: Brown wicker may not be your personal style, but there is a gray option with a different design.

7. SONGMICS Dual Garbage Bins (Top Dual Garbage Bins)

8 used from $86.51
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

One trash can isn’t always enough. A double trash can is more cost-effective and efficient than having two separate trash cans. The Songmics Dual Trash Can is an elegant steel square bin with two-foot pedals, one for each side.

The lids lay flat on the top of the trash can, making this dog proof trash can nearly impossible for your dog to get into. Each side also has a handle that you can use to pull out the bucket, making for easy cleaning.

Size: 16 gallons, 23” x 12.6” x 25.6”

Features: Metal foot pedals, two separate compartments complete with handles, slow closure, easy-to-clean steel exterior

What I Like: The dual trash sections make it easy to sort your waste easily. It’s not bulky or clunky and will look sleek in any kitchen, and the flat lid makes it safe for kids or your dog.

What I Don’t Like: Some reviewers say the bar gets in the way while emptying out the trash can.

8. Simplehuman Rectangular Hands-Free Dual Compartment (Runner-up for Dual Garbage Bins)

2 new from $199.99
13 used from $151.67
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

This Simplehuman hands-free pet proof trash can has a substantial number of positive reviews.

So what makes this trash can so special? The high-quality materials and design work together perfectly to create a functional, secure, and attractive trash can.

The 58 liter option is the perfect size for indoor kitchen garbage. It’s got steel pedals made to last over 150,000 steps, a silent close lid, and an internal hinge that keeps the lid from banging against the wall.

If you want a dog proof trash can that lasts a long time and doesn’t dent, look no further.

Size: 15 gallons, 14.2” x 22” x 25.8.” There are 3 other size options, which are:

  • 30 liters, 13.3” x 15.9” x 18.2”
  • 55 liters, 18.8” x 16.7” x 26.4”
  • 55 liter semi-round recycler 16.7” x 16.7” x 26.4”

Features: Dual compartments, strong steel pedals, silent close lids, internal hinge, pockets for liners, antimicrobials in the finish

What I Like: It’s a simple yet very efficient trash can that has well-made features. I like that you get a good-quality trash can with controlled close lids and dual compartments. Daily life is messy, so the antimicrobials are a nice touch.

What I Don’t Like: This trash can is over $200, so it’s not in everyone’s budget.

9. Ubbi Steel Odor-Locking Diaper Pail (Choicest Alternative Garbage Bins)

2 new from $79.99
4 used from $53.45
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 3:15 pm

I know you probably aren’t thinking of a diaper bin when you think of a dog proof garbage can, but it has potential. It locks in odor, has a childproof lock, and you don’t need special bags or inserts to fill this trash can.

This steel diaper pail locks in odor and is very easy to use. There’s no special mechanism ready to break. It may not be the most beautiful option, but if your dog can get into every other trash can then this may work for you.

Size: 15” x 10.75” x 22.48”

Features: Steel material, child safety lock that keeps out dogs, easy-to-use design

What I Like: I like the childproof lock that will certainly keep smart dogs out of this trash can. I also like how the steel material won’t absorb smells, and you don’t even need special bags or inserts.

What I Don’t Like: A diaper pail isn’t a great option for everyday trash, it may work for puppy pads or dog poop.


Well, I hope I have given you a variety of choices for the best dog proof trash can.

Each of these options should work well depending on your preferred size and features.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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