15 Best CBD Dog Treats for 2023: For Anxiety, Joints & More

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Best CBD dog treats
Are you looking for the best CBD dog treats for 2023?

The following companies sell CBD dog treats, which offer an easy way to give CBD to your dog with the same dosage every time.

If you are wondering where to buy CBD dog treats for anxiety, joints or overall health, these options should have your dog covered.

With many competitors on the market, I have listed my top 15 picks for the best CBD treats for dogs in 2023.

Some companies offer many types of treats, while others offer only one type. Keep in mind that when I refer to treats, I am referring to both soft chews and hard treats such as CBD dog biscuits.

Note: please speak with your veterinarian before you give any supplement or medication to your pet.

As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

Top Picks for Best CBD Dog Treats for 2023

Here are my top picks for best CBD dog treats. Keep in mind that this list isn’t necessarily in order of quality and meant to cover various needs of owners.

1. Honest Paws (Best Up and Coming Company)

Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews

My package of Calm CBD Soft Chews to give to my toy poodle.

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full-spectrum hemp oil
CBD Dosage: 5mg CBD per treat
Total Treats: 30 per bag (approximately)

Honest Paws offers high-quality CBD products specifically for pets. The owner received great results after giving CBD to her own dog, Baby Rose.

She decided to develop a pet-specific brand offering organic, non-GMO, and soy-free CBD products for pets.

They offer a line of bites and soft chews specifically made for certain health conditions. Each blend combines USDA organic full-spectrum hemp oil and other wholesome, well-known ingredients organically grown in the USA. Note: If you’re looking for mainly CBD, the Calm Bites don’t have the added L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan like the calm soft chews.

Each CBD treat from Honest Paw is backed by hundreds of reviews. Honest Paw lives up to its name by providing affordable and ethically sourced CBD dog treats.

Note: their certificate of analysis on their dog treats doesn’t list levels of pesticides, mycotoxins, or solvents. I inquired with Honest Paws who said they only test for these at the raw ingredient level, not twice. The COA’s are their last round of testing of the finished product.

Coupon Code: Save 15% off Honest Paws (with coupon code dogendorsed)

Dog Treats Available: Calm Bites, Relief Bites, Mobility Soft Chews, Calm Soft Chews, and Wellness Bites


Independent lab tested
CBD from USDA organic hemp
Backed by hundreds of happy dog owners
Formulated to help specific conditions
30-day money back guarantee


Some complaints on hardness of CBD bites
Only one dosage option
Only one free shipping option over $48 sent via DHL Expedited

2. cbdMD (Best for Variety of Choices and Dosages)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad spectrum hemp oil
CBD Dosage: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 30 count

Another popular company that makes CBD for dogs is cbdMD. As one of the leaders in the CBD game, they offer some of the best CBD dog treats to provide to your pet. Paw CBD is the name brand for cbdMD’s line of pet products. Note: you can buy all of Paw CBD’s products through cbdMD or through the website for Paw CBD.

They offer a hard CBD dog treat called Pet CBD Oil Treats for Dogs, which is for everyday wellness and anxiety/stress.

They also offer 3 different soft chews in various flavors and dosages. The first is Pet CBD Soft Chews for Dogs, which is also meant for everyday wellness and anxiety/stress relief like the hard treats. The second is Pet CBD Hip and Joint Soft Chews for Dogs, which has glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids with the powerful properties of hemp-derived extracts like CBD and the great taste of bacon. The third is Pet CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs, which are infused with other soothing ingredients such as passionflower and chamomile.

For all of their treats, there are three CBD strengths to choose, plus you can choose the flavor of baked cheese or peanut butter.

Coupon Code: Save 15% off cbdMD (with coupon code CBDMD15)

Dog Treats Available:

Hard treat: Pet CBD Oil Treats for Dogs
Soft chews: Pet CBD Soft Chews for Dogs, Pet CBD Hip and Joint Soft Chews for Dogs, Pet CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs


Trusted brand
3rd party lab tested
Multiple options
CBD from organic hemp
No THC at all since broad-spectrum
Auto-ship discount of 30%
60-day Satisfaction Guarantee
Great customer service (they even answered me in their live chat on a Sunday)


Major corporation

3. Holistapet (Best for Superfood/CBD Combinations)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full-spectrum hemp oil
CBD Dosage: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg CBD per treat
Total Treats: 30 count

Holistapet offers CBD dog treats that combine CBD oil with superfoods and supplements to maximize health benefits.

They’ve spent years formulating their recipes to improve the efficiency of CBD with their combination of ingredients.

They offer 2 soft chews and 3 hard treats, which are all formulated to help specific conditions that commonly affect dogs. They only use natural ingredients derived from plants that have been traditionally used to provide natural relief.

Dog Treats Available:

CBD Calming Chews for Dogs
CBD Mobility Chews for Dogs
CBD Dog treats + Heart and immune care
CBD Dog Treats + Joint and Mobility Care
CBD Dog Treats + Stress and Anxiety Relief

Coupon Code: Save 15% off Holistapet (with coupon code DOGENDORSED)


All-natural, plant-based ingredients
3rd party lab tested
CBD from organic hemp
Different potency options
30-day money back guarantee
Free shipping on all orders
25% savings with subscription service

4. HempMy Pet (Most Clinically Studied and Consistent Formula)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full-spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 2mg, 5mg, CBD per treat
Total treats: 15, 25 count

HempMy Pet really stands out from most brands since they grow their own hemp to obtain their CBD. There’s no worrying about where the product comes from and they can control its consistency.

They source their CBD from strain-specific Colorado hemp and monitor the lifecycle of all their plants, from seed to sale.

Additionally, their CBD oil also been clinically studied by independent veterinarians with results published in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

They’re also dedicated to animal rights issues. They donate product to animal rescues and sanctuaries, so animals experiencing trauma can benefit from the effects of CBD.

While their line is relatively limited, their products are made in small batches with human-grade quality organic ingredients.

If you’re looking for a craft pet treat option with the highest quality CBD and ingredients, HempMy Pet is an excellent option.

Coupon Code: Save 20% off HempMy Pet (with coupon code DogEndorsed20)

Dog Treats Available:

Hemp Dog Treats Large Dog Formula Pumpkin (5 mg of CBD with 15 biscuits)
Hemp Dog Treats Small Dog Formula Peanut Butter Banana (2 mg of CBD with 25 biscuits)
Hemp Dog Treats Small Dog Formula Pumpkin (2 mg of CBD with 25 biscuits)


Small batch, craft CBD treats
CBD from organic hemp grown by them
Human-grade ingredients
Brand helps dogs in need
3rd party tested
Save 30% on auto-ship orders (starts at 5% then builds)
60-day return policy


Somewhat expensive for CBD dog treats
Limited options

5. Pet Hemp Company (Best Budget Pick)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad spectrum (soft chews)/Full spectrum hemp extract (regular treats)
CBD Dosage: 5, 10, 20mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 30 treats per bag

The Pet Hemp Company was inspired by a family dog named Woody. As he grew old, he had difficulty walking due to a benign tumor and suffered from liver dysfunction that led to a loss of appetite.

The family gave him CBD, and he improved significantly. After he passed away, they used his memory to start the Pet Hemp Company.

Their dog treats are formulated to combat stress, sore joints, boost immunity, and increase mobility. The treats are available in multiple dosages to cater to a variety of dog breeds and sizes.

Coupon Code: Save 10% off Pet Hemp Company (with coupon code dogendorsed)

Dog Treats Available:

Relax CBD Dog Treats – These treats are meant to help anxiety and stress. The flavor is green apple and peanut butter. They contain full-spectrum CBD. They also contain chamomile and L-Theanine.

Repair CBD Dog Treats – These treats are for mobility and joint support. They’re flavored with pumpkin spice and cinnamon. They contain full-spectrum CBD.

Relax CBD Soft Chews (aka Calming treats for dogs) – These soft chews are meant to calm your dog and help with anxiety and stress. The flavor is peanut butter and sweet potato. Note: it uses broad-spectrum CBD. These also contain chamomile and L-Theanine.

Repair CBD Soft Chews – These soft chews are for mobility and joint support just like the regular Repair dog treats. They’re flavored with apple and pumpkin. These also contain broad-spectrum CBD like the Relax soft chews.

Protect CBD Dog Treats – These treats are meant for immunity support and strengthening the heart. Their flavor is blueberry and sweet potato. It has full-spectrum CBD.


Best variety of formulas and potencies
Non GMO, no dairy, no gluten
CBD from organic hemp
3rd party lab tested
Subscribe and save 25%
Free shipping for all orders
30-day money-back guarantee


Had some issues with their online chat on the weekend

6. The Anxious Pet (Company out of business- will be replaced)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad-spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 15 mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 60 count
Available in CBD and cannabinoid-free options

The Anxious Pet works with veterinarians across the US to formulate their products for your furry friend. They combine broad-spectrum CBD with fatty acids and antioxidants to provide CBD calming dog treats.

As far as CBD treats, their product line only consists of two options. However, they’ve put in the time to craft a formula that stands out from the pack.

The Anxious Pet is an excellent value if you’re looking for a high potency dog treat. Their CBD potency and count per container are more than most other brands.

Dog Treats Available:

Relax & Roll Soft Chews with CBD (15 mg CBD, 60 treats, peanut butter flavor)- these are their CBD calming dog treats meant to relax. These also contain ginger root, acetyl-L carnitine, chamomile, and melatonin
Hip & Hop Soft Chews with CBD (15 mg CBD, 60 treats, peanut butter flavor)- these are meant for hip and joint support.


Affordable high potency option
Veterinarian formulated
3rd party lab tested
Ships for free on the next business day
60-day guarantee


Limited options for dosage but you can break in half to lessen

7. Royal CBD (Best Premium CBD Option)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full-spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 5 mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 30 count

Royal CBD is a premium option featuring award-winning CBD oil lab-tested to ensure quality and safety. They focus on the quality of their CBD over everything else.

Using a method of extraction called supercritical CO2 extraction, they provide a purified and clean CBD-rich resin in their products.

They offer CBD dog treats featuring 3 formulations. Choose between:

Active for joint and muscle health
Calming for stress and anxiety
Hearty for heart and immune health

While Royal CBD is an expensive option, they stand behind their products. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and have dozens of 5-star reviews.

Dog Treats Available: Active, Calming, Hearty


Each treat is formulated for a specific health issue
CBD from organic hemp in Colorado
Third-party lab-tested
Natural ingredients
30-day money-back guarantee
Free shipping


Limited options

8. Austin and Kat Hemp CBD Dog Chews (Best for Variety of Bites and Chews)

Austin and Kat CBD Calming Dog Treats

Austin and Kat 2.5 mg CBD dog treats (Original Recipe) that I ordered for my dog to help calm him down

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 2.5, 5, or 10mg CBD per treat depending on product (can halve treats also)
Total treats: 30 treats per bag
NASC certified US grown hemp extract

Austin and Kat is a company that focuses solely on CBD products for dogs and cats. The owner created the company in 2014 after seeing the positive results of CBD with her own dog.

She has fine-tuned the recipes and has her own dog, Austin, as the chief tester.

They use human-grade ingredients along with premium broad-spectrum CBD. They offer at least five types of treats that should fit your needs. Their CBD treats come in a variety of potencies and formulas.

Coupon Code: Save 20% off Austin and Kat (with coupon code dogendorsed at checkout)

Dog Treats Available:

Kat’s Original Recipe – These soft chews, which are meant for overall wellness, come with either 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg of CBD. They have a peanut butter and apple flavor. These are based on the original recipe developed by the company’s owner.

Bailey’s No More Wiggles Chew – If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, you can get these soft chews for your dog with 10mg of CBD.

Austin’s Active Formula Wellness Dog Bites – These crunchy bites are meant for younger dogs to help with endurance and stamina and also with muscle recovery. They contain 10mg of CBD. They contain salmon, blueberry, yeast, eggs and more.

Bakko’s Hip and Joint Chews are meant for mobility, flexibility, and back function. They contain 10 mg of CBD. The ingredients have New Zealand green mussel, ginger, L-carnitine, glucosamine, chondroitin and more.

Brady’s Senior Blend Wellness Dog Bites – These bites are meant for the senior dog to help with eye health, cognition, circulation and immunity. They contain 10mg of CBD and feature New Zealand green mussel, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin E, and turmeric.

*Note with all of their treats, you can split in half to lower the dosage.


Company focuses solely on CBD products for pets
Variety of formulas for specific conditions
3rd party lab tested
Good brand recognition
CBD from organic Colorado hemp
Subscribe and save 15%
30-day money back guarantee
Free shipping on orders over $50


Most of their treat bag are priced just under $50 to not qualify for free shipping, so you will need to buy more or pay for shipping.

9. Fab CBD

 CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad-spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 3mg CBD per treat
Total treats: Approximately 40 treats per bag

Fab CBD is a highly trusted brand in the industry. They have been providing high-quality, organic grown, lab-tested CBD products for several years. Now they’re expanding their reach with Fab Pets.

Their pet line only consists of 1 type of hard CBD calming dog treats, but you can count on them to deliver a quality product. Fab CBD checks all the boxes you expect from an industry leader with lab tests and a money-back guarantee. It’s free of many ingredients that cause allergies like wheat, corn, soy, or dairy. They also only source Colorado-grown, pesticide-free hemp to ensure your dog is safe. Since it’s a broad spectrum, it’s completely THC-free.

Coupon Code: Save 25% off Fab CBD (with coupon code ENDORSED at checkout)

Dog Treats Available: Calm & Cool Dog Treats (Peanut Butter Apple flavor) contain peanut butter, apples, tapioca Syrup, coconut oil, passionflower, chamomile, and organic CBD


Trusted brand
Organic hemp
Reasonably priced
Healthy ingredients
No wheat, corn, soy, or dairy
30-day money-back guarantee


Only one product to choose from
Free USA shipping but only on orders of $99 or more

10. HEMPURE (Best Nanoparticle Option)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad spectrum hemp extract (product description incorrectly states full spectrum)
CBD Dosage: 2mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 24/48 treats per bag
CO2 extracted

HEMPURE is a brand inspired by holistic medicine and natural treatments. They want to provide customers with as much reliable information as possible.

Their broad-spectrum CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes to maximize benefits.

They also use nano-emulsification, which provides a high rate of CBD absorption.

Nanoparticles are believed to be more bioavailable than regular CBD because they are much smaller, overcoming first-pass metabolism issues.

Meaning you won’t need as much to see an improvement in your dog’s daily life.

Dog Treats Available: CBD Pet Chews 2mg (Beef flavor)


Veterinarian formulated chews
CBD from organically grown hemp
Simple ingredients
Third-party tested
Free U.S. shipping for orders over $35
30-day guarantee


Only one hard treat available in one flavor

11. PureKana

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 1mg or 2.5mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 20 or 25 treats per bag

PureKana is a highly popular CBD brand in the U.S. offering various products including ones for pets. They focus on selling affordable yet high quality CBD products. They’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but get their organic hemp from Kentucky.

They offer CBD dog treats in various flavors and a couple of dosages depending on the size of your dog. Their product is free of herbicides, solvents, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Dog Treats Available:

Hemp Dog Treats for Small Dogs (either Steak & Sweet Potato or Peanut Butter & Pumpkin flavor) (1mg of CBD per treat)

Hemp Dog Treats for Large Dogs (either Steak & Sweet Potato or Peanut Butter & Pumpkin flavor) (2.5mg of CBD per treat)

They also offer non-CBD dog treats with Blueberry & Chicken flavor.


CBD from organic hemp grown in Kentucky
3rd party tested
Gluten free, Soy free, and Dairy Free
Free shipping for all products
Save 30% with auto-ship
30-day satisfaction guarantee


Very limited selection of treats

12. Gold Bee (Best Free Shipping)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 10mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 30 treats per bag

Gold Bee is a small, environmentally conscious CBD company. They don’t have the brand recognition of cbdMD or Fab CBD but have an impressive line of oil, topicals, and honey.

Gold Bee recently expanded their featured online store to include CBD pet products.

The team at Gold Bee is focused on delivering organic, non-GMO hemp-derived products to improve the lives of as many pets as possible.

As far as treats, they only offer one kind: their Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones. They are meant to help with stress and anxiety.

Gold Bee’s website provides tons of helpful information for pet owners. I encourage you to visit their product page to read about what causes anxiety in dogs and what you can do to support their mental health.

Dog Treats Available: CBD Dog Treat Gold Bee Goofy Bones (Apple & Peanut Butter Flavor)


Non GMO, no dairy, vegan dog treats
Enhanced with L-theanine and chamomile and superfoods
Save 15% with a subscription
CBD from organic hemp
Free standard shipping on all orders
45-day satisfaction guarantee


Only one option
Fairly expensive
Not a major CBD brand

13. Joy Organics (Best for Satisfaction Guarantee)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 2mg CBD per treat
Total treats: 30 treats per jar
Water soluble CBD

Joy Organics is another industry leader expanding its product line to include pet products. If you are familiar with the CBD industry, you’ve likely heard of Joy Organics.

They’ve been a staple in the community for nearly a decade and have shown the ability to push the company forward.

They only have one option for dog treats but buying from Joy Organics is always a safe bet. They are pioneers in the industry and have stayed relevant by delivering the best products.

Joy Organic’s dog treats are non-GMO, premium grade, and use water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD powder.

Coupon Code: Save 20% off Joy Organic (with coupon code dogendorsed)

Dog Treats Available: CBD Dog Chews (beef flavored)


Trusted brand
Lab tested (in-house and by 3rd party)
18 month shelf life
Subscribe and save 20%
90-day satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping
Payment plan option


Just one dog treat option

14. Charlotte’s Web (Most Trusted Name Brand Company)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Full-spectrum hemp extract
CBD Dosage: 2.5mg plant based cannabinoids per chew
Total chews: 30 or 60 per bag

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most visible CBD brands in the USA. You’ve likely seen their products at your local grocery store or pharmacy. They’ve established a good reputation in the CBD industry and are a brand you can count on.

They’ve expanded their CBD empire to include 3 dog chews. They offer chews to calm, support joints and ones formulated for seniors.

They deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. If you’re looking to save and give your pet high-quality CBD, look no further than Charlotte’s Web dog chews.

Coupon Code: Save 15% off Charlotte’s Web (with coupon code DOGENDORSED for all products except bundles and starter sizes)

Dog Chews Available:*

• Calming Chews for Dogs (Chicken flavor)- These are great for situations that may cause your dog anxiety like stress from traveling, hospitalization, or moving. They can also help maintain normal emotional balance and support a calm disposition. This blend of natural ingredients also includes valerian root, chamomile and passion flower in addition to CBD.
Hip and Joint Chews For Dogs (Chicken flavor)- These chews help support the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues plus support flexibility and healthy joints. Additionally, they can help ease joint stiffness as a result of normal daily activity and exercise. Lastly, they can help maintain joint functions and healthy bone. In addition to CBD, it also includes other natural ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric.
Chews For Senior Dogs (Chicken flavor)- These chews geared toward seniors may help enhance brain function plus provide natural support for cognitive function and brain health. It helps support the central nervous system and helps to manage normal stress. Additionally, it helps promote mental alertness and relaxation. The ingredients include DHA, EPA, elderberry powder, and Vitamin E plus CBD.

*Note they recommend their pet products for mature dogs not puppies


Reliable brand name
CBD from organic hemp
Very affordable dog chews
3rd party tested
Save 25% on the first auto-ship order then 10% afterward
Free rewards on each order
30-day customer service guarantee


Free shipping is only available on orders over $74 (otherwise it’s $8.99 flat-rate)
Low dosage at 2.5mg per chew

15. King Kanine (Best for Industry Experience)

CBD Features

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD
CBD Dosage: 3-5 mg CBD per treat
Total treats: Approximately 35-40 treats per 8oz bag

King Kanine was one of the first brands to emerge in the pet CBD space. They’re trusted by thousands of happy pet owners.

Their experience in the industry gives them an edge on other brands looking to expand from human products to pets.

The King Kalm Krunch comes in 3 flavors, blueberry apple, organic cinnamon summer, and honey roasted almond flax.

Their dog treats are slowly baked at low temperatures, then dehydrated to maintain their nutritional value.

Coupon Code: Save 15% off King Kanine (with coupon code DOGENDORSED15)

Dog Treats Available: King Kalm Krunch comes in 3 flavors – Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, and Honey Oat


Trusted CBD pet brand
CO2 extraction of CBD
3rd party lab tested
3 appetizing flavors
No artificial flavors, ingredients, colors, or preservatives


Order must be over $100 for free shipping
Must request a refund within 30 days and must return the product

What Are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD dog treats for anxiety

My dog eating a CBD dog treat made by Austin and Kat.

CBD dog treats are treats containing CBD, aka Cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp: a cousin of the marijuana plant. However, CBD only contains very minimal amounts of THC, so your dog won’t get high. Some brands even have zero THC.

CBD has been shown to have various potential health benefits for dogs such as reduction in anxiety, lowered inflammation, and reduction in pain. Keep in mind that depending on the condition, it may take longer to notice results.

You can buy these treats in different dosages, sizes, textures, and flavors. Some even contain other ingredients such as superfoods for added benefit. Some customers even make their own dog treat recipes using CBD oil.

There’s CBD calming dog treats, ones for mobility, ones for general well-being, and more.

Different Types of CBD Available

Let’s go over the types of CBD you will find offered by companies in their treats.

As the market evolves, we are learning more about the compounds found in cannabis. While CBD shows the most clinical evidence of delivering benefits for your dog, other compounds are important as well.

Cannabinoids other than CBD and THC such as CBG, CBN, and CBC are believed to have healing properties of their own.

Aromatic plant oils found in cannabis flowers called terpenes also deliver additional benefits. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes is known as the entourage effect.

There are three main types of CBD extracts, which are each defined below:

Science Concept behind CBD extracts

1. Full-Spectrum – Full-spectrum has all of the natural chemicals found in the cannabis plant including a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC. It’s also referred to as whole-plant CBD and is not manipulated chemically before it is ready for purchase.

2. Broad-Spectrum – This type of CBD has no THC, but does contain the other components of the cannabis plant.

3. CBD Isolate – This is pure CBD. The cannabinoids and terpenes are completely separated from the raw flowers.

CBD Dog Treats vs. CBD Oil

Many companies sell both CBD oil and CBD dog treats, but you may be curious as to the differences between them.  While CBD dog treats are infused with CBD, you can also just buy CBD oil itself and use accordingly. However, the benefits of each option differ slightly:

For CBD dog treats, they offer the following benefits:

  1. May be easier to feed a treat such as a biscuit rather than oil
  2. Effects may last longer due to slower digestion of the treats
  3. No potential for error with dosage since it is exact per treat
  4. More choices with flavor

With CBD oil or tinctures, they are:

  1. Faster acting
  2. Can measure and adjust the dosage to find the best result
  3. Can be fed in multiple ways such as in your dog’s food, in their mouth or mixed with water
  4. More cost-effective for total CBD

Both options seem to be effective, but depending on your needs, one option may be better than another.

Here’s an infographic summarizing the above info:

CBD Dog Treats Vs CBD Oil for Dogs

Considerations When Buying the Best CBD Treats for Dogs

While you will find a lot of sellers of CBD for dogs, you’ll want to take a number of factors into consideration before choosing the best company. Here are some considerations:

  1. Quality of ingredients: Some features to consider: natural ingredients, organic, gluten-free, no pesticides, no heavy metals, non-gmo, no residual solvents, and no corn/dairy/wheat/soy.
  2. Consistency: Some companies grow their own hemp while others buy from other companies, so the type of hemp used may change in the treats.
  3. Cost: CBD dog treats can get expensive depending on the quality of the CBD and dosage. If price is a consideration, you’ll want to calculate your price per mg of CBD.
  4. Third-party tested: Does the company have their CBD independently tested? This should now be a given for any top seller to test purity and potency. You should have access to their lab tests right on their website.
  5. CBD dosage: You can buy these treats normally from 2mg-20mg of CBD per treat, so make sure to get the correct dosage for your pet. It’s recommended to start low and move up if not seeing results.
  6. Product choices: Some companies only offer minimal choices for treats while others offer multiple sizes, flavors, ingredients, and more. Some even offer blends with other beneficial herbs.
  7. Type of CBD: There is full-spectrum, broad, and isolate. Full-spectrum, aka whole plant CBD, contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes including small amounts of THC. Broad spectrum has all of its THC completely removed, but everything else remains. Isolate has just CBD and nothing else.
  8. Customer service: You may have further questions from the company, so take into account how responsive their customer service is.
  9. Reputation: This industry is rapidly evolving with newcomers, so you should keep the brand’s reputation in mind before purchasing.
  10. Guarantee: Many of the top sellers offer guarantees to make sure your dog is happy. You’ll want a seller who will honor the guarantee and help you choose the best option.
  11. Other considerations: You may have other wants like the company giving back to shelters, the location where the hemp is grown, etc.

What is the Right Dosage?

You’ll first want to check with the company’s instructions and guidance on their website, which is often based on the size of the dog. You’ll also want to speak to your vet before adding anything to your dog’s diet. CBD can affect other medications they may be taking.

Since CBD was only recently legalized, there’s no generally accepted recommendation on the correct dosage. Further, the appropriate dosage may change depending on the health condition being treated. As a result, you’ll see a wide range of differing recommendations from each company.

A common recommendation is to start with a low dosage for your dog and try it out for at least a week to see if you notice any beneficial changes. If not, you can then raise the dosage. Keep in mind that the weight of your dog is important with determining dosage since larger dogs generally need more CBD to have an effect.

Additionally, according to Dr. Erin Chu, a veterinary geneticist at Embark Veterinary, the quantity and quality of the active ingredients can vary not only across brands, but also across batches within the same company. As a result, you’ll want to make sure they have good quality control measures.

How Long For CBD Treats to Start Working?

The answer to this question is that it depends. The effectiveness of CBD dog treats vary on your dog’s metabolism, condition being treated, and weight, plus the dosage of the treat. The treats have to pass through your dog’s digestion system first before the CBD is absorbed.

Generally speaking, for anxiety issues, CBD can start working in 30 minutes up to 5 hours. For more chronic conditions, it may take up to 4 weeks to start working such as for pain issues.

For some owners, they don’t notice any results with their dogs, although there’s many owners who do report great benefit.

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

You may be looking specifically for CBD dog treats for anxiety, so let me deal with that here.

First and foremost, all of the choices above may help with anxiety since CBD has been shown in several studies to help with this condition. CBD may work in as little as 30 minutes to reduce anxiety in dogs, as opposed to taking weeks to potentially help with chronic pain.

However, some of the companies above offer special formulations with additional ingredients to work together with CBD to deal with anxiety. Here is a list of these products:

  • Honest Paws (Calm soft chews): L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan
  • Holistapet (Calming soft chews): L-tryptophan, chamomile and phosphatidylcholine
  • cbdMD (Calming soft chews): passion flower and chamomile
  • Pet Hemp Company (Relax treats and chews): chamomile and L-Theanine
  • Anxious Pet (Relax & Roll soft chews): acetyl-L carnitine, ginger root, chamomile, and melatonin
  • Royal CBD (Calming treats): L-theanine, chamomile, and hemp seed
  • Austin and Kat (Bailey’s No More Wiggles Chew): lavender, valerian root, L-Tryptophan, chamomile, passionflower
  • FabCBD (CBD Dog Treats): passionflower, coconut oil, and chamomile
  • Gold Bee (Goofy Bones): chamomile and L-Theanine
  • Charlotte’s Web (Calming Chews for Dogs): passionflower extract, valerian root, and chamomile

Keep in mind that you may not need these additional ingredients. Plus, it may be difficult to tell if the CBD itself is helping or rather the other ingredients instead.


Well, I hope I have given you a number of quality choices for the best CBD dog treats for 2023. As with any supplement or medication, please check with your veterinarian beforehand.

Most of these companies offer similar benefits such as third-party lab testing, satisfaction guarantees, auto-ship discounts, organic CBD, natural ingredients, and more. I’ve attempted to distinguish each company, but they should all be great choices depending on your needs.

For example, you may not need a high dosage of CBD, so that the lower-dosed treats are sufficient. However, maybe your dog is larger and needs more CBD. If you need a consistent supply, then auto-ship may suit your needs plus save you significantly on each order.

If you need to know where to buy CBD dog treats for anxiety, mobility or joint pain, all of these options should be good choices.

Let me know your questions or concerns below.

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  1. Joanie Mastrandrea says:

    Our dog does not have teeth so CBD treats need to be moist and soft.

    Do you sell this type?

    Thank you.

    • Todd says:

      Hi, I do not sell CBD treats personally, but there are some soft treats on my list such as from Honest Paws. You may also want to look into CBD oil.

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