What Is A Male Dog Called?

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What Is A Male Dog Called

You may be wondering what is a male dog called?

Although we generally refer to all creatures great and small as male and female, many of the most common species do have different gender names, including dogs.

Most of us know that a female dog is called a bitch, but we rarely use that term outside of the breeding world as it’s insulting to human females.

Don’t we usually call all dogs by the gender-neutral term “dog?” We do…but if female dogs are called bitches, what is the male dog called?

Surely there’s a separate name for it? It’s a fair question as it’s not so widely thought about. Before reading on…do you know what it is..?

Quick answer: The term for a male dog is simply dog, unless you are speaking to a breeder where specific terms apply. Read on to learn more.

Common Species with Male and Female Names

In the animal kingdom, certain other common species have clearly defined male and female names. We’re all familiar with them. Think:

• Lion: lion and lioness
• Cattle: bull and cow
• Chicken: rooster and hen
• Deer: buck and doe
• Sheep: ram and ewe
• Tiger: tiger and tigress

So What is a Male Dog Called?

group of dogs

So now let’s try to answer our question – what is a male dog called?

Well, don’t get too excited. It does have a name, but that name is “dog!” And it means a male that is not used for breeding purposes.

Now, if you are involved in breeding, then you might use two other names:

1. Stud – dogs used for breeding but who haven’t yet fathered litters
2. Sire – dogs who have fathered litters

Oh, and there’s another term we can use – “gelding.” It refers to castrated males, usually horses, but it’s sometimes applied to dogs. I don’t think you’ll hear it very often, though.

Castrated dogs are also sometimes called “Jerries!” Where on earth do these names come from?

While the origin of some is unclear, most date back to the 19th century when the big dog shows first made their appearance.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) calls these shows “gatherings of the dog-obsessed” and states that the words we use today to describe male and female dogs evolved back then.

Internationally, some people say that a male dog in the UK can be called a “rude.” In Australia, a “bastard.” But I could find no evidence for either of these two terms.

I’ve seen the word “mongrel” associated with male dogs in rural Australia, too. That could be true, but its true meaning is “mixed-breed dog” so it can also apply to females.


As discussed, outside of the breeding world, a male dog is simply called dog.

While dogs, in general, can be called many things (canine, pooch, hound, etc.), there aren’t many options when it comes to just males. None that I could find anyway.

As most of us don’t go around using terms such as studs and sires, we should probably stick to simply “dogs.”

We’ve simplified things a lot since the 19th century!

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