6 Best Dog Fences for Pools: Read Before Buying

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Best Dog Fence for Pools

Are you looking for the best dog fence for pools?

If you’re a dog owner and have a swimming pool in your yard, it’s very important to prevent accidents using pool safety measures for pets.

Dogs are curious by nature and will often act without thinking. If they jump into a swimming pool, without knowing how to get out or if they’re weak swimmers, they can get into serious trouble.

Having a safety fence around your swimming pool prevents them from getting into your pool when you’re not around.

Note: you want to check your local code to make sure these fences meet your specific code requirements.

In the blog post below, I have reviewed 6 of my top picks for best dog fence for pools.

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1. WaterWarden Removable Outdoor Child Safety Fencing (Best Overall)

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WaterWarden’s pool fence is my best overall pick for best dog fence for pools.

It’s a high rated fence meant to prevent unauthorized access to your in-ground pool by children or pets.

Their product is made from high-quality Meshylene fabric that is UV-resistant. The fabric is extremely durable and can withstand pushing or pulling from a curious dog as well as extreme weather conditions.

The fence is sold in 5’ X 12’ sections which connect together using a spring-loaded safety-latch system. This system creates a secure boundary around your swimming pool, ensuring your dog won’t be able to access your pool unsupervised.

Similar to other products, however, this fence doesn’t come with a gate. A self-closing gate is sold separately by the company which can be easily installed into the fence.

Like the VINGLI fence, this product is fully removable and can be easily rolled up for easy storage when not in use.

With a height of 5’, this pool fence stands higher than most of its competitors, giving you an extra layer of safety when it comes to your dog.

While most pool fences are black in color, this product is also available in a lovely beige, giving you more options when it comes to style. The fabric of the mesh features reinforced edging, which will prevent fraying over time.

Installing the fence is simple, as it requires much smaller holes to be drilled into the cement around the pool. Just ⅝” holes are needed to secure it.

Because of the small hole size, drilling can be accomplished with a simple hammer drill instead of the more complicated tools often required for other pool fences.


  • Durable mesh material
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy installation process
  • 5’ height
  • Two color options
  • Easy to connect sections together for custom fit


  • No gate included

2. VINGLI Pool Fence by Life Saver (Best for Large Pools)

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as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

Vingli offers this high quality dog fence for pools and is meant to protect pets and children from the dangers of pools.

It’s available in three different sizes, 4’ X 12’, 4’ X 48’, and 4 X 96’. Which size you choose depends on how large an area you need to secure.

The mesh fabric is made from premium material that is very durable, so it won’t crack or tear. The aluminum frame and stainless steel pegs are weather-resistant so they won’t rust or fade in the sun.

This fence comes with detailed instructions and is easy to install. Hooks and eye loops connect the fence sections together for a sturdy and stable setup.

It can also be easily removed and rolled up when not in use. This fence doesn’t include a gate and should be used in conjunction with the Life Saver Gate Kit (see bottom of this blog post).

With a variety of sizes to choose from, and the option to purchase multiple sections of fencing, this product can help keep your dog safe no matter the size of your swimming pool.

The high-quality material of both the mesh and the aluminum poles prevents your dog from breaking through it, keeping them safely out of the swimming pool.


  • Durable material
  • Rust-resistant steel
  • Multiple size options


  • No gate included

      3. Giantex Pool Fence (Best Versatility for Soft and Hard Ground)

      as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

      Giantex Pool Fence provides a high-quality safety barrier that can be placed in either soft or hard ground. You can even use it for non-pool areas that need a fence.

      This pool fence has dimensions of 4’ X 12’. It’s made from a high-quality mesh material that is designed to be nearly transparent for optimal visibility. The mesh’s transparency also allows for good air circulation through the fence.

      The aluminum poles are durable, so your dog won’t be able to push them over and they won’t move around in high winds or other bad weather.

      These poles can be drilled into either a cement or grass area by utilizing one of the two types of plastic sleeves included with this fence.

      The longer sleeves can be used for cement or asphalt placement, while the shorter sleeves are suitable for use in softer ground such as grass or mud.

      Like many pool fences on the market, this product doesn’t include a gate or opening, and the company doesn’t offer one for purchase.

      I have read that it’s possible to use a section of the fence as a gate instead of buying one, but owners who want a true gate must purchase it separately.


      • Can be used on cement or grassy area
      • Nearly transparent fence
      • Durable aluminum poles


      • Installation can be difficult
      • No gate included

      4. Giantex Pool Fence for In-Ground Easy DIY Installation (Most Lightweight)

      as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

      This in-ground swimming pool fence is made by the same company as the Giantex Pool Fence mentioned above.

      It’s made from all of the high-quality, durable material as the other Giantex fence but has just one sleeve size. Because of this, this product is suitable only for use in cement areas.

      It’s available in 2 sizes, 4’ X 12’ and 4’ X 48’, and sold in 12’ sections which can be shortened or connected together to fit your needs.

      Like most dog pool fences, this product is only available in one color, black, and doesn’t include a gate.

      Owners must purchase a gate separately and install it into the fence. If you don’t want to have to purchase a gate in addition to the fence, it’s possible to use a section of the fence as a gate.

      Because this product is made from strong material, you don’t need to worry about your dog tearing the fabric or knocking over the poles.

      The fence is also weather-resistant, so it won’t be damaged by rain or sun exposure.

      While this product does come with installation instructions, I have read that they are not very clear.

      For instance, the instructions state a ½” bit is required to drill the holes for the aluminum poles. Owners state that the aluminum poles actually require a ⅝” bit.

      However, with the right tools and correct measurements, this pool fence is easy to install and should take no longer than half an hour to set up. If you want to remove the fence, it’s also very easy to take down and store until you’re ready to set it up again.


      • Durable material
      • Easy to customize fence to fit pool
      • Weather-resistant


      • Does not include gate
      • Vague instructions
      • Restocking fee

      5. GLI Safety Removable Fence (Best Style)

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      as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

      The GLI Safety Removable Fence is a stylish dog fence for pools. It helps prevent children or pets from entering your pool area, plus it’s climb-resistant to prevent people as well.

      This dog fence for pools is shorter in length than most other products with dimensions of 4’ X 10’. Sold in 10’ sections, this product can be shortened or connected to additional fencing sections to create a secure area around your swimming pool.

      The mesh fabric of this fence is durable and has a pleasant aesthetic look that will compliment any deck, patio, or other pool area. The fence’s poles are also durable and are made with aluminum and stainless steel.

      Once the fence’s legs are secured in the ground and the sections are connected with the sturdy eye hook latch, your dog will be safely out of harm’s way.

      Installing this fence is easy, as it features a measuring template and set-up instructions. If you wish to have a gate for your fence, it must be purchased separately from another company, as there is no gate option for this fence.

      Similar to other pool fences, however, I have read that it’s possible to use a section of the fencing as the gate.

      This can be done by leaving out one of the plastic sleeves that normally goes over the fence’s poles and simply pulling up the pole when you want to enter the fence.


      • Durable mesh material
      • Easy installation process
      • Easy to customize fence to fit pool
      • Stylish color and design


      • Does not include gate

      6. Xtremepower US Pool Safety Fence (Best Budget)

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      as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

      The Xtremepower US Pool Safety Fence is another high rated in-ground pool fence meant to protect children and pets, (although not best for dogs who are frequent chewers).

      It stands 4’ tall and is sold in 12’ sections. Like the Giantex fence, the sections can be easily shortened or connected to create a barrier that fits your specific needs. The company offers a gate, but it must be purchased separately.

      The fabric of the fence’s mesh is designed to discourage climbing by children, but should also be effective on dogs.

      The material of the fabric, however, is not as strong as that of other pool fence products. Because of this, it won’t be able to withstand chewing by a dog and could also be torn by a dog’s claws.

      Unlike the fabric, the poles and frames of this fence are made from sturdy aluminum, so they won’t be damaged by high winds or bad weather. This product is fully removable and can be dismantled and stored away easily.

      Because the fabric material of this fence is not very durable, it’s not a good choice for those with dogs that have a tendency to chew.

      If your dog is generally not a chewer, however, this product will work great to keep them safe from any poolside accidents.


      • Anti-climbing design
      • Easy to customize fence to fit pool
      • Durable fence poles


      • Mesh material is not durable
      • Easily torn by dog nails or teeth
      • Does not include gate

      Related Products

      Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate Kit (Best Add-On to Existing Fence)

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      Free shipping
      as of April 27, 2024 9:01 am

      This gate is intended for use with the Vingli Pool Fence DIY Safety System manufactured by the same company. When assembled, it’s 4’ tall X 36” wide and is easy to install in the safety system fencing, which must be purchased separately.

      This gate is self-supporting and can be used without purchasing the safety system if you have a deck or patio by installing it like a door to prevent entry into a swimming pool.

      This gate has a 2’ walk-through opening and is made from aluminum, powder-coated square stock. The frame of the gate is covered by industrial-strength, weather-resistant mesh, so it won’t be easily torn by your dog.

      The most notable feature of this product is that it’s self-closing. The Magna-Latch is specifically designed for gates used around swimming pools.

      As the gate closes, a magnet inside the latch draws a bolt from the frame into the door, closing it securely.

      The gate’s hinges are self-closing, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it open.

      In addition to being self-closing, this gate can also be manually locked with a key so you won’t have to worry about children or guests opening the gate without your supervision.


      • Self-closing hinges
      • Magnetic Latch
      • Waterproof and UV-resistant mesh fabric


      • May require additional purchase of Life Saver fencing system

      Conclusion on Best Dog Fence for Pools

      Well, I hope I have offered you some high-quality options to choose for dog pool fences.

      These fences help keep your pets safe from water hazards such as drowning.

      Most of these fences are expandable to fit the exact dimensions of your specific pool by purchasing additional sections.

      As mentioned previously, you want to check your local code requirements to make sure these fences comply.

      Keep in mind that none of these fences include a gate, although you may be able to buy one separately.

      However, there are some innovative ways to turn a portion of the fence into a gate.

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