9 Best Dog Toys for Big Dogs: Chewable Yet Tough

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best dog toys for big dogs

If you have a big dog, you know how much damage that can be done to toys not built for their size. You’ll need toys that will stand up to the wear and tear and strength of your large dog, including their chewing.

Besides having to replace the toys, in some cases, damaged toys can even pose a choking hazard to your pup.

If you’re looking for a tough toy for your large dog, you should at a minimum make sure the material is non-toxic and durable (can withstand chewing).

I do not recommend rawhides by the way. To help you find the perfect toy, I’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best dog toys for big dogs in mind.

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1. KONG Extreme Pup Plaything

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as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

At the top of my list for best dog toys for big dogs is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. KONG toys are a popular choice for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

These toys can be used as a fetch toy or stuffed with your dog’s favorite treat for added mental stimulation. They’re built with a durable rubber that can withstand regular chewing.

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is a larger and more durable version of the classic KONG. It’s made to withstand chewing, although some pet parents recommend getting the XL size instead of the XXL size.

The largest size often falls apart faster because dogs can get more of their mouth inside it. However, KONG toys of all sizes are made to be tough.

2. SodaPup Rubber Crazy Bounce Ball

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as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best for your dog. This rubber dog ball is made to handle your dog’s chewing and playing.

This ball is great if you want to play catch with your dog without worrying about the ball falling apart after a short amount of play.

The materials used to make this ball are both non-toxic and biodegradable. Its creators use top safety standards to ensure the health and safety of your dog.

Reviewers note that this toy withstands regular chewing by dogs who have torn apart all other toys. Unlike other toys that merely claim durability, this one withstands use by larger dog breeds.

3. XiaZ Retractable Interactive Pup Plaything

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as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

This is a great toy for your dog to enjoy in your yard. If your dog loves to play tug-of-war, they might enjoy this toy. Rope and bungee material combine with adjustable straps to make the perfect toy for aggressive chewers.

To use, hang the toy on a secure branch or around the trunk of a tree in your yard. If hanging the toy, you can adjust the length of the hanging rope to make it the perfect height for your furry friend to reach.

This toy is designed to withstand up to 260 pounds of weight. The rope is covered in a polyester braid to prevent excessive pulling or breaking.

Since the toy uses bungee cord material, your dog will be able to play without getting hurt. Reviewers like that this toy is tough and has replaceable parts.

Although it withstands regular use, the ropes are easy to change when your dog finally chews through them.

4. No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Pup Plaything

as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

One of the only plush toys that made my list for best dog toys for big dogs is the No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy. Dogs of all sizes enjoy plush dog toys, but few plush toys stand up to the chewing of big dogs.

Stuffing-free plush dog toys are a great option if your dog has a habit of chewing through other plush toys within minutes.

Although some reviewers note that the toy was smaller than they expected, it holds up well compared to other plush toys. Even when your dog manages to tear through it, you don’t have to worry about stuffing becoming a choking hazard.

5. Iokheira Pup Plaything for Aggressive Chewers

as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

This fun toy is shaped like a dumbbell, providing an engaging toy for big dogs who love to chew. The texture on the toy’s surface can help with your dog’s dental hygiene by stimulating gums and reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

If you want to mix things up, this toy can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treat. The toy is made of natural rubber, allowing you to rest easy about using this toy.

Between uses, you can either hand wash the toy or toss it in the dishwasher. The chambers are easy to clear, making it easier to make sure it’s fully cleaned.

Reviewers note that this toy withstands chewing by their dogs. Although the toy isn’t indestructible, it holds up better than some of the competitors.

Pet parents searching for a good toy for their aggressive chewer love that this one holds up over time.

6. ChuckIt!

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as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

If you love playing fetch games with your dog, this is a must-have toy for your collection. Because the ball is big enough for you to kick, you can play with your dog in a variety of ways.

The canvas, rubber, and foam materials hold up with frequent play. The toy’s texture makes it easier for your dog to pick up the toy and return it to you.

This toy has a few fun features that make it stand out from the competitors. The materials used allow this toy to float on water, making it a great toy for pool and pond play.

A glow-in-the-dark version is available if you like to play with your dog outside after dark or in low light. Reviewers mention that their dogs love this toy almost too much, since their dog now wants to play fetch even more!

They love that this toy is durable and good for outdoor play. The easy to grip shape makes it easier to carry with you, making it a great toy for outings.

7. M.C.works Pup Playthings for Aggressive Chewer

as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

This unique, pineapple-shaped toy is great if your dog loves having a variety of toys to chew. The natural and non-toxic industrial-strength rubber are strong enough for your large dog to enjoy.

The textured surfaces of this toy allow your dog to care for their dental needs during play. This toy also makes a good companion for dogs who suffer from anxiety or frustration.

You can stuff the toy with your dog’s favorite treat to add extra stimulation. Reviewers with different breeds of large dogs note that it withstands chewing better than other purchased toys.

One reviewer even said it was the first toy their dog didn’t destroy within two weeks! However, some note that the green top on this toy is not as durable as the yellow body, which may pose a choking risk to your dog.

8. The Natural Pet Company Tug-of-War Canine Rope Plaything

as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

If your dog loves rope toys, they’ll love this one. The fibers used to create this toy can withstand chewing and biting by large dogs.

No chemicals or plastic are used to create this toy, making it a good non-toxic option for tug-of-war. This inexpensive toy is a great option if you’re looking to add more toys to your dog’s collection.

Several reviewers note that their 100-pound dogs didn’t manage to break this toy, even if they’ve destroyed similar toys in the past. Whether your dog is playing alone, with other dogs, or with you, this toy is sure to keep them amused.

9. Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Canine Pull Plaything

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as of June 25, 2024 9:07 pm

This tough, rubber toy has a figure-8 shape that allows you to safely grip the toy while playing with your dog. Their MaXX Size version of the toy is designed with large dogs in mind.

Although no toy is indestructible, this toy gets pretty close. If you’re trying to buy products made in the USA, this is the toy for you. This toy uses FDA-approved, food-grade rubber.

The non-toxic material is safe for regular chewing, although you should not allow your dog to ingest any rubber material. Best of all, this toy is guaranteed for life.

If your dog manages to damage or puncture the toy, they’ll send another one to you at no cost! Several reviewers note that dogs that managed to chew through KONG toys weren’t able to destroy the Goughnuts.


Hopefully, one of these 9 tough toys will work for your big dog. I have tried to give a variety of types of toys depending on your dog’s preferences.

With most toys, they can still get ripped over time with constant chewing and biting. Usually toys meant for aggressive chewers work well for large dogs due to the strength of their bite.

By the way, if you’re looking for the regular delivery of tough toys, consider BarkBox Superchewer, which is a popular dog subscription box. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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    My dog Izzy is a very bad dogie. She made friends with the black tail and between them our fence line will never be the same, So we put up an electric fence. Now she digs smack dab in the middle of the front yard. She chews the siding off of our house. I have lots of toys for her and we spend a lot of time with her. IDK what to do with her anymore.

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