10 Best Dog Treadmills and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Dog TreadmillAre you in the market for a dog treadmill? Sometimes it’s just not possible to take our dogs outside for exercise.

One solution is to buy a dog treadmill for your home. These treadmills help burn off your dog’s excess energy, improve physical and mental health, and more. There’s electronic ones and even manual dog treadmills.

In this blog post, I discuss my  top picks for best dog treadmill, plus include a buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice.

As an affiliate and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

At A Glance: Best Dog Treadmill

Best Overall Pick: dogPACER LF 3.1

Runner-up for Best Overall Pick: PETSITE Dog Treadmill

Best Professional Look: SRFDD Dog Treadmill

Best for Manual Dog Treadmills: Firepaw Standard Slatmill

Best Entry-Level Pick: SHELANDY Pet Treadmill

Best for Small/Medium Pups: dogPACER Minipacer

Runner-up for Best for Small/Medium Size Dogs: LifePro Dog Treadmill

Best for Both Humans and Dogs: Gravitis Electric Treadmill

Best for Small Dogs: DogTread Premium Treadmill

Best for Quiet Performance: GoPet Petrun PR700

Our Picks: The 10 Best Dog Treadmills

1. Best Overall Pick: dogPACER LF 3.1

While the dogPACER LF 3.1 can be used for smaller pups, it’s especially suitable for big dogs. It has a sizeable running area, a respectable weight capacity, and a decent speed range to keep your large breed dog moving. It’s foldable, so you can store it neatly away when it’s not in use.

Speed & Incline

The speed range for the dogPACER treadmill ranges from 0.5 miles per hour to 7.5 mph, increasing in 0.1 mph increments. You can manually adjust the incline, and there are four settings to choose from: Setting 1 is a 5-degree angle, Setting 2 is 6.5 degrees, Setting 3 is 7.5 degrees, and Setting 4 brings the incline to 9 degrees.

Size & Weight

When this treadmill is open, it stands at about 46 inches high, 77 inches long, and 27 inches wide. The actual running area for your dog is 71 inches long by 16.5 inches wide, so there is plenty of room for your big boy or girl to get their workout in. The whole treadmill weighs just over 84 pounds, so it is on the heavier side. However, it needs to be heavy to support large breeds.

Additional Features

The dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill runs on a 20 amp motor and requires 110 volts of electricity. Its maximum weight capacity is 179 pounds – while that’s slightly less than others on our list, this treadmill has the most running space by far.

So even if you see higher weight capacities on other treadmills, your long and tall dog will still be much more comfortable on the dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill. There is also a crossbar above the running space so that you can tie your dog’s leash around it and keep him safely tethered to the treadmill. There is also a one-year manufacturer’s warranty in case anything goes awry with your new treadmill setup.

The treadmill also has an onboard computer with pre-set exercise programs or you can make your own programs to fit the needs of your pet.

The Rundown

This treadmill is a perfect option for dogs of all sizes, although even better for large breed dogs. With ample running space and a respectable weight capacity, it will serve you and your big pup well. The dogPACER LF 3.1 has an excellent choice of walking/running speeds (0.5-7.5 mph) and a wide range of incline angles (0-9 degrees).

Its price may give you a bit of a sticker shock, but that is mid-range for pet treadmills in general. I also wrote a more detailed review of this specific treadmill in another blog post.

  • Excellent speed range (0.5 – 7.5 mph)
  • Large running area (71 x 16.5 inches)
  • Plenty of incline settings to choose from (5 – 9 degrees)
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heavier than other treadmills (84.4 pounds)
  • Lower weight capacity than others (179 pounds)

2. Runner-up for Best Overall Pick: PETSITE

If you need a treadmill for your small to medium dog, the PETSITE Dog Treadmill is one of the best choices on the market. Well, the Amazon market, anyway! It has the speed, the incline adjustments, and a reasonable price, but the best features of all? An LCD screen and remote control to make adjustments to the speed, incline, and time settings.

Speed & Incline

Like the previous treadmill on our list, the PETSITE Dog Treadmill has an impressive range from 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph, adjustable by 0.1 mph increments. While there are three adjustable heights for the base to create three different incline levels, you need to adjust it manually at the base of the treadmill. The remote control is convenient, but unfortunately, it doesn’t control the incline for you!

Size & Weight

When opened, the PETSITE Dog Treadmill will take up about as much room in your living space as a large dog crate would. It stands at 49 inches long, 21 inches wide, and about 40-41.5 inches tall, depending on how you’ve adjusted it for incline. The running belt is 14 inches wide and 38 inches long, so it’s best for medium to small dogs for sure. It is on the lighter side as far as weight goes, weighing in at 47.5 pounds – much lighter than the dogPACER treadmill! But just because this treadmill is light doesn’t mean that its weight capacity is – the PETSITE Dog Treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Additional Features

First and foremost, let’s talk about its LCD screen and remote control. The display will show you all the information you need to know: speed, time, distance, and even how many calories your dog has burned. There are also 12 different modes available to set various combinations of speed and distance for your pup’s workout.

Now, the best part is that you can control the functions and display with the remote control – you can increase and decrease the speed, check the time and distance your dog has gone, and see how many calories he’s burned. The remote also has a power button so that you can turn the treadmill on and off from across the room!

This treadmill also features an emergency stop safety key. Attach it to your dog’s collar, so if they stumble or suddenly can’t keep up, the safety key will be pulled loose, and the treadmill will stop right away.

To keep your dog walking on the treadmill (not off of it), this treadmill features a top crossbar where you can tether your dog’s leash. There are also two detachable side panels made of oxford cloth to keep your dog from getting distracted by the surroundings and trying to jump off. While it does not fold in half to make storage more manageable, it does have built-in transport wheels to help you move the treadmill when you need to.

The PETSITE Dog Treadmill earns the title of Runner-Up for Best Overall because it has all of these great features and is lower priced than some other models.

The Rundown

The PETSITE Dog Treadmill is fairly low priced and has a convenient LCD screen, remote control, and added safety features with a safety key and crossbar for your dog’s leash. It’s lightweight at only 47.5 pounds, yet has an impressive weight capacity of 200 pounds. Plus, there are 12 modes provided to allow you to pre-program a combination of time and speed settings.

  • LCD screen and remote control for easy use
  • Lightweight (47 pounds)
  • High weight capacity (200 pounds)
  • Safety key that will stop the treadmill if your dog stumbles or can’t keep up
  • Incline must be adjusted manually
  • Small running area only ideal for small and medium dogs
  • Does not fold for easier storage

3. Professional Look: SRFDD

If money is no object and you believe that your pup deserves the finer things in life, this is the treadmill for you. The SRFDD Dog Treadmill is one of the heftiest on our list, and it costs a pretty penny, even with shipping. So is it worth the price tag? Let’s check it out so you can decide for yourself.

Speed & Incline

The speed range for the SRFDD Treadmill is pretty standard, with a minimum speed of 0.8 kilometers per hour and a max speed of 12 kilometers per hour. Before you break out your calculator or turn to Google, that translates to roughly 0.5 miles per hour and 7.5 miles per hour – similar to the previous treadmills on our list.

Unfortunately, for all the bells and whistles that come with this treadmill, incline adjustments are not one of them. There is no incline information provided in the product specifications, and the photos in the product listing are not indicative of any incline adjustments either.

Size & Weight

The SRFDD Dog Treadmill is on the larger side, measuring 68 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 39 inches high (from the floor to the top of the leash crossbar). With that larger size comes a higher weight, so the treadmill weighs about 90 pounds.

However, since it is so heavy, the SRFDD Treadmill has a 220-pound maximum weight capacity – the highest one on our list. Because of the larger size and weight capacity, this treadmill is suitable for small, medium, and most large breed dogs.

Additional Features

The product description for the SRFDD Treadmill boasts a quiet motor, even with 1.75 horsepower. It features an easy-to-access control panel with a display that shows the speed and time elapsed while your dog is exercising.

There is also a crossbar above the running belt and a metal frame in front of it to help keep your dog from jumping off mid-workout. There are also two metal grates on either side of the running belt to make sure your pup doesn’t wiggle his way off the sides, either.

One feature that is a bit more subjective is the overall look of this treadmill. It looks clean and professional, and I would expect to see it in a vet’s office or a professional trainer’s space. It looks solid, ready to withstand any dog that steps onto its running belt.

Much like the previous treadmill on our list, this dog treadmill does not fold away for easy storage, but it does have built-in transport wheels to help you roll it away when you’re done using it.

As we have mentioned, the SRFDD Dog Treadmill is expensive plus may require shipping and handling charges. However, if you need a treadmill with a high weight capacity and a professional look, the price may be worth it.

The Rundown

Although expensive, it does have a durable, professional look with a sturdy metal crossbar, metal frame in front of the running belt, and metal grates on either side to keep your pup focused on his workout.

It has the highest maximum weight capacity at 220 pounds and has a longer length, so it is suitable for some large dogs – not just medium and small breeds.

  • Highest maximum weight capacity on our list (220 pounds)
  • Clean, professional look
  • Quiet motor
  • Easily accessible control panel
  • Expensive
  • Heavier than most other treadmills (90 pounds)
  • No incline adjustments

4. Manual: Firepaw Standard Slatmill

This fully handcrafted treadmill is widely used in treadmill races throughout Europe, featuring high-quality materials and superb design. The Firepaw Standard Treadmill is excellent for training all dog types and allows for longer sprint sessions.

Speed & Incline

One of this treadmill’s stand-out features is that it’s a mechanical machine, not motorized, meaning your dog gets to set the pace. The treadmill features adjustable front legs to provide a resistance slope, and your dog gets to achieve his optimum speed.

Size & Weight

This treadmill comes in medium and large sizes. The medium size is approximately 63” x 19-½” x 43-½” and works well for dogs 21-½” (height at withers). The large size is about 71” x 21-½” x 59” and works well for dogs up to 29-½” tall.

Additional Features

In addition to its mechanical attributes, you can customize this treadmill with up to two colors of your choice or choose a vintage design. It also comes with an 18-month full warranty.

The Rundown

This treadmill is an excellent choice for training and increasing your dog’s stamina, lean muscle, and overall physical condition. The price might be a jaw-dropper, but there’s no denying the quality craftsmanship and materials that make up the Firepaw’s design.

  • Your dog can set their own pace
  • Suitable for multiple breeds and sizes
  • Measures distance, time, and speed
  • Detachable sides and mobility wheels for easy moving and storage
  • 18-month warranty
  • Since mechanical, your dog must stay motivated to move.
  • Ships from overseas so shipping delays
  • Higher priced

5. Top Entry-Level Pick: SHELANDY

Maybe you have a small dog in a small space, like a city apartment, and you’re at your wit’s end trying to keep your pup adequately exercised. The SHELANDY Pet Treadmill is perfect for the owner who wants to try out a pet treadmill for the first time but doesn’t want to make a substantial financial investment or space commitment.

Speed & Incline

Much like other treadmills, the SHELANDY Pet Treadmill features a minimum speed of 0.5 miles per hour and a maximum of 7.5 miles per hour. The incline is adjustable between 5 degrees of incline angle and 9 degrees of incline angle. However, the product listing is unclear if you can adjust the incline automatically or if you need to change it manually.

Size & Weight

This treadmill’s dimensions are perfect for the small dog owner in a small space. The SHELANDY treadmill’s running area measures 40 inches long by 17 inches wide, and the product description states that it is ideal for dogs up to 25 inches in length (from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail). This treadmill weighs about 76 pounds, so it’s in the mid-range compared to the weight of other treadmills on our list.

Additional Features

The reason that the SHELANDY Pet Treadmill is Best for Beginners is that it is user-friendly and provides everything you need to take the plunge in the dog treadmill world. It even comes with a harness to get you (and your dog) started right away.

The display screen shows plenty of information: the speed the treadmill is running, the distance your dog has gone, the time that has elapsed, and the calories your dog has burned.

While there is no remote control (as with some other treadmills on the list), the control panel has everything clearly labeled to make operating the treadmill a breeze. You can power it on and off, increase and decrease the speed, and scroll through the various options for pre-set workout modes.

As a safety feature, the treadmill will turn itself off after 30 minutes of continuous use. While this might be a pain if you want to keep your dog moving for an hour or so, it prevents your dog from getting stuck in an eternal workout session if you forget to turn off the treadmill! The SHELANDY treadmill also features a safety key that will stop the running belt immediately if your dog stumbles or falls.

The Rundown

The SHELANDY Pet Treadmill earns the Best for Beginners title with an affordable price compared to other dog treadmills, a clear display, easy-to-navigate control panel, and multiple safety features to keep your dog perfectly safe as you both learn to use the treadmill.

It also comes with a harness to help you and your dog safely get started using the treadmill right away. With a speed range of 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph and adjustable incline (5 degrees to 9 degrees), this is the perfect starter dog treadmill.

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a safety harness
  • Safety timer turns treadmill off after 30 minutes
  • Only suitable for dogs up to 25 inches in length
  • Incline may require manual adjustment

6. Perfect for Small/Medium Dogs: dogPACER Minipacer

This treadmill packs a big punch in a small footprint, made from durable carbon steel, yet completely portable. It’s also one of the most affordable pet treadmills available and is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs.

Speed & Incline

The dogPacer Minipacer features an adjustable speed of .5MPH to 7.5 MPH and an incline of 4.5 degrees. You can increase the speed in .1 MPH increments.

Size & Weight

Measuring 42” x 21.5” x 28.5”, this treadmill has a running area of 38” x 16” and weighs 48 pounds. The manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight for use is 55 pounds.

Additional Features

Your dog will have his very own personal trainer with handy built-in fitness programs on the treadmill’s included computer. Choose the one that works best for your pup as he works toward his fitness goals. The sides collapse easily, so you can simply slide the treadmill under a bed or somewhere similar when not in use.

The Rundown

This treadmill is a great option if you want to start your pup on a fitness program but need some extra guidance. Plus, with a lower price than many other pet treadmills, you don’t have to break the bank to get your dog into shape.

  • Great value for price
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple pre-set fitness programs on the built-in computer
  • Lightweight
  • Broad adjustable speed range
  • Not suitable for large breeds
  • Assembly instructions may be vague

7. Runner-up for Small/Medium Sizes: LifePro

The LifePro Dog Treadmill is ideal for medium-sized dogs and has a weight capacity of 130 pounds. While it’s designed with medium-sized dogs in mind, it can also work for smaller dogs. With its decent weight capacity, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your dog can use it.

Speed & Incline

The LifePro treadmill has speeds from 0.5 to 7.5 miles per hour. It also has twelve preset programs with varying speeds. Although the featured photos mention that it has an adjustable incline, the exact incline options are not listed.

Size & Weight

The treadmill itself is 42 inches high, 48 inches long, and 22.8 inches wide. The running area itself allows dogs up to 29.5 inches long and 35.4 inches tall. Although it has a weight capacity of 130 pounds, the treadmill’s size doesn’t make it a good fit for large dogs. The treadmill itself weighs 47.5 pounds.

Additional Features

The LifePro Dog Treadmill uses an 800-watt motor and has a weight capacity of 130 pounds. While that allows most small and medium-sized breeds, the weight limit and space constrictions make it a bad choice for large dogs.

The ultra-quiet motor is perfect for dogs who dislike loud sounds and vibrations. The treadmill features both a safety key and an emergency stop button, helping you ensure the safety of your dog while using the device.

Fabric side panels allow your dog to exercise without distractions. They also serve to prevent your dog from sliding or falling off the sides of the device. The preset workout and cooldown modes allow you to create a good workout without over-extending your dog.

The Rundown

This treadmill is an excellent option for small and medium-sized dogs. It provides a good-sized running space and a decent weight capacity. The adjustable speeds and incline angles allow you to adjust the difficulty of your dog’s workouts over time.

The treadmill’s price is in the low to medium range, making it a good fit for pet parents on a budget. Although the treadmill doesn’t fold, it has wheels that make it easy to move when needed.

  • Exceptional speed range (0.5 to 7.5 mph)
  • 12 exercise programs and 3 cooldown modes
  • Safety features such as side panels and emergency shutoff
  • Lifetime support
  • Quiet motor
  • Lower weight capacity than other options (130 pounds)
  • Small exercise area (for dogs 29.5 inches long and 35.4 inches tall)
  • Doesn’t fold for easy storage

8. Perfect for Both Humans and Pets: Gravitis Electric

Now you and your canine companion can get in shape together, and you only have to buy one treadmill. That’s right! This unique piece of equipment is the world’s first motorized treadmill suitable for both humans and pups.

Speed & Incline

The treadmill can reach a maximum speed of 5 MPH, and you can power on the device, turn it off, and control the pace with a handy remote control.

Size & Weight

Suitable for a maximum weight of 220 pounds, this treadmill measures 57.87” x 27.56” x 5.51” and weighs 66 pounds.

Additional Features

You can easily fold this treadmill away when it’s not in use, and it converts from human-use to dog-ready in less than three minutes. There is also an emergency clip for the ultimate in safety and a digital display that shows your steps, time, speed, and distance.

The Rundown

This treadmill is a perfect choice for dog owners that want to get fit along with their pup. It’s especially a great idea for small spaces since you only need one piece of equipment for both you and your dog, making the price all the more attractive.

  • Can be used by both humans and dogs
  • Space-saving design
  • Remote control operation
  • High weight limit
  • Detachable side panels
  • Emergency clip and wrist loop
  • Maximum speed not as high as other models
  • No incline

9. Perfect for Small Pets: DogTread Premium

This lightweight treadmill offers a great way for your dog to burn off excess energy without having to leave the house, perfect for bad weather days.

Speed & Incline

Featuring a natural running platform and manual incline options, you can better simulate outdoor terrain for your pup. Plus, you can adjust the speed with a remote.

Size & Weight

Measuring 44” x 20” x 21”, this treadmill weighs 47 pounds and is suitable for pups up to 30 pounds.

Additional Features

The digital display shows program speed, distance, and time, plus there’s a red safety button. The machine features a whisper-quiet motor, a recessed treat dispenser for some extra motivation, and a space-saving design.

The Rundown

This is a good pick for small pups and small spaces, providing a good workout for your little canine pal. The speed is suitable for small dogs, but keep in mind that the manual incline can be somewhat limited.

  • Space-saving design
  • Remote control operation
  • Safety button for emergency stop
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in treat dispenser
  • Not suitable for large breeds
  • Limited incline

10. Perfect for Quiet Performance: GoPet Petrun PR700

If you’re looking for an extremely durable treadmill for your pup that is also really quiet, then this one is for you. It’s an especially good option if you live in a small shared space or an apartment where you want to maintain a low noise level.

Speed & Incline

This treadmill features adjustable speeds ranging from .6 to 8 MPH that you can control manually or with a remote, but there is no incline adjustment on this model.

Size & Weight

This model measures 46” x 23” x 11” with a running area of 28” x 16”. It weighs about 63 pounds and is best for dogs up to about 44 pounds.

Additional Features

This treadmill is extremely quiet and made of all-metal construction, making it very durable. There is also an emergency safety stop and a place to attach your dog’s leash.

The Rundown

If you’re looking for durable construction, then this treadmill is a winner, but that also means it’s pretty heavy. However, your dog is sure to get in a good workout, albeit this machine might not be the easiest to use when compared to others.

  • Very durable construction
  • Emergency safety stop
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Remote control
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Heavier
  • No digital display
  • Not for large breeds

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a treadmill for your dog is much different than buying a treadmill for yourself. There are many more factors to consider, and the wrong choice could pose a danger to your pup if you aren’t careful! Before you make a final purchase, make sure you’ve addressed and considered these key details:

1. Space

The very first thing to consider is the space of your home. Where will you put your dog treadmill when your dog is using it? Where will you store it when he’s not exercising? Does your chosen treadmill collapse or fold to make storage easier? Make sure you have measurements for the space you want to use and store your treadmill and compare those measurements to your potential dog treadmill’s dimensions.

2. Your Pet’s Size & Weight

The size and weight measurements of your dog are crucial for a safe pet treadmill experience. To determine the length you need, have your dog lay down on his side on the floor with his legs extended out (perpendicular to his body). Measure the length from the front paws to the back paws, then add another 5-10 inches to that measurement. That is about how long you need the running belt to be.

For the weight, check and double-check the manufacturer’s maximum weight capacity and their recommended weight load – sometimes those two numbers are slightly different. Make sure that your dog is well under the maximum weight capacity and roughly around the recommended weight load.

If your dog is too heavy for the treadmill, he could accidentally cause damage to the frame. If your dog is too light (yep, that’s a thing also), it might be challenging for your dog to gain traction on the running belt since it’s made for much heavier dogs.

The weight limits and recommendations should not be overlooked when buying your dog treadmill.

3. Speed Range

Most dog treadmills have a standard speed range of 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph, but a few outliers have higher or lower maximum speeds. Consider the treadmill’s purpose when you check the speed settings; do you have a high-energy pup who needs to run out all the “zoomies”? Or do you have an older dog who just needs some help staying active with a casual walk or two?

If you have a strong-willed pup, maybe you need a treadmill that has a high maximum speed. On the other hand, your older dog may not need more than a leisurely 3 mph stroll. Make sure the speed settings will align with your furry friend’s needs since their speed varies depending on the breed.

4. Incline

The incline of a dog treadmill is especially crucial if you’re trying to help your dog lose weight. More incline means more calories burned, which translates to a healthier pup!

Keep in mind, though, that a small dog will have trouble keeping up with too much incline, to the point that it becomes unsafe for them.

High levels of incline may be tempting, but make sure that your dog can handle the added strain without any risk of injury or accidents.

5. Additional Features

Space, size, weight, speed, and incline are the fundamentals of choosing a dog treadmill, but you should consider the bells and whistles too! They can help transform your dog’s treadmill experience from being a chore to being a total blast.

For example, if your dog is hesitant to exercise on the treadmill, having a built-in treat dispenser will help encourage them to keep moving.

This “additional features” category also covers the added safety functions that come with your treadmill. If you’re worried about your dog not being able to keep up, that safety key is a vital piece; you’ll want to be doubly sure that your chosen treadmill comes with one.

If you don’t trust yourself to keep track of time while your dog is walking, perhaps consider the timed safety feature like the SHELANDY Pet Treadmill has.

Does your dog need a cloth or metal barrier on either side of the running belt to keep the temptation of jumping off at bay? Do you need a leash crossbar to keep them safely on the treadmill? These are all valid questions that you should ask yourself before making your final purchase.

Finally, consider the portability of your treadmill. Does it have wheels to help you move it from place to place? Do you need to move it easily, or can it stay in one spot once you set it up? How heavy can the treadmill be before it becomes too much for you?

Think of where you want to set up your treadmill when it arrives and where you might want to move it once you’ve assembled it.


Due to lack of exercise, many dogs are now facing medical and behavioral issues, including facing obesity and lethargy.

Dog treadmills provide a convenient way to get exercise without your dog leaving the house.

Hopefully, one of our recommended best dog treadmills will be suitable for your dog. By the way, once you buy your treadmill, you should check out this article on how to train a dog to use the treadmill.

Additionally, my buyer’s guide should give you a better idea of what to look for.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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  1. JC says:

    Hi, which of these treadmills are made in the USA? Thank you.

    • Todd says:

      I know DogPacer is owned by Wag Brands who is headquartered in Las Vegas, but I am unsure where the treadmill is manufactured. You may want to contact them directly: https://dogpacer.com/contact-us/

      GoPet is the distributor of Petrun treadmills and is located in Pennsylvania. I know another one of their products says manufactured in the U.S. but I would contact them to confirm: https://www.gopetusa.com/contact/

      I know the Firepaw manual treadmill comes from overseas.

      As for the others, I am unsure at this time after briefly researching them. You could try contacting them through Amazon.

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