10 Best Calming Dog Beds with Buyer’s Guide

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Calming dog bedDo you have an anxious dog? A calming dog bed may be just the trick to get them to wind down.

Veterinarians say that these beds help relieve stress and anxiety.

However, there are many sellers that claim their dog beds work, but not all calming beds are made equally.

I wanted to review the best ones that owners say help relieve anxiety in their dogs.

After the reviews, I share information on how to find the best calming dog bed, whether you have a full grown golden retriever or a tiny chihuahua.

At A Glance: Summary of Top Picks

Best Overall BedBest Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Best for Larger DogsPUPPBUDD Calming Donut Dog Bed

Best for Color ChoicesMFOX Calming Donut Cuddler Bed

Easiest to CleanThe Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed

Best for Smaller DogsMIXJOY Comfortable Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Budget ChoiceSlowTon Dog Calming Bed

Our 10 Picks for Best Calming Dog Bed

I have reviewed 10 top rated calming beds for dogs.

Keep in mind that all of these beds should be high quality with similar features. These beds all include different sizes and strong stitching, as well as safe materials and fabric.

It can get confusing when reading user comments because a bed can get totally conflicting reviews from customers. Oftentimes, this is because some beds are better suited for some dogs than others.

For example, I see a common complaint that the bed padding is too thin in the middle. This usually comes from owners of larger dogs.

I only found one bed (the Puppbudd model) where I didn’t find this complaint, even though this bed didn’t have the highest rating when I reviewed it.

Here are the findings from my research and the features I love the most:

1. Best Overall Bed- Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

I have chosen The Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut Dog Bed as the best overall bed.

The company has sold over 1 million of these beds, although not all through Amazon. I feel confident in its quality and the owner behind it. Overall it has very high ratings and receives compliments on its comfort and anti-anxiety effects.

The bed can handle dogs up to 150 pounds, and it comes in a number of sizes. You can also purchase a blanket with it for additional help with anxious pets.

The fibers inside are supposed to maintain the bed’s loft for up to 3 times longer than regular dog beds resulting in more support and comfort. It’s also designed to provide optimal joint, neck, and muscle support.

While the bottom of the bed is a bit heavier, so that it will stay on the floor, it also has a removable shell (except for the smallest size) that is easier to place in the washing machine to clean.

Note: For very large dogs, you may want to consider the PuppBudd bed because it’s the only bed I have found without complaints of the middle filling being too thin. A few recent purchasers of the Best Friends model mentioned the thinness in the middle.


  • Calming nylon faux fur material to help with comfort, sleep, and joint and muscle pain
  • Smaller bed is machine-washable while bigger beds have removable washable covers
  • 4 sizes and 2 colors to choose
  • Filled with airloft fibers for more padding which can withstand more washes
  • Raised rim for head and neck support
  • Shipped within US from Los Angeles
  • Woman-owned and operated business
  • Email or phone support
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom


  • Some users report that recently-made beds are not as thin in the middle
  • Not enough colors to choose

2. Runner-Up for Best Overall Bed- Nononfish Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed and Calming Blanket Set

If you’re looking for an orthopedic, calming bed, one brand to try is the Nononfish Anxiety Dog Bed and Calming Blanket set. This is a great value for anyone who also needs a soft, warm blanket for their pups.

You can buy this bed in small, medium, large, or extra-large and it works for pets all the way up to 150 lbs.

One big plus of this bed is the 11 color choices to match most rooms and decor.

It has similar features to other top beds like faux fur, machine washable, quality cotton filler, and a base that is non-slip, waterproof, and dust-resistant.

The donut/round shape design provides a comfortable escape for dogs who want to relax or burrow, plus has a raised rim to create a sense of security and gives neck/head support. Plus, it also comes with a durable base.

With most beds on my list, there are some complaints of the middle being too thing. As a result, if you have a very large dog, I would check out the PuppBudd model also because it has no complaints on the middle filling.


  • Calming material to help with sleep and relaxation
  • Blanket included with bed
  • 4 sizes and 11 colors to choose
  • Quality PP cotton filler
  • Waterproof, anti-slip, and dust-resistant bottom
  • Machine washable


  • Users report that the filling was thinner than expected
  • Cover is not removable, so must wash whole bed

3. 2nd Runner-Up for Best Overall Bed- SAVFOX Long Plush Comfy Calming & Self-Warming Bed

The SAVFOX bed seems to have very similar features (including pros and cons) as the Nononfish model above, less the large amount of color choices and blanket.

It has the same excellent reviews on its comfort, an affordable price, and additional features.

If the point of buying this bed is to calm your dog, then this bed is a good choice. Most customers report that their dogs love this bed and use it to relax, nap, and sleep.

It has the common features found in high quality calming beds like faux fur, crevices to burrow, quality cotton filler, machine washable, self-warming material, and a bottom that is waterproof, anti-slip, and dust-resistant.

It comes in small to XX-large sizes, and there are five colors available including brown, dark grey, light grey, pink and apricot.


  • Calming material to help with sleep and relaxation
  • 5 sizes and 5 colors to choose
  • Quality cotton filler
  • Self-warming material
  • Waterproof, anti-slip, and dust-resistant bottom
  • Machine washable


  • Users report that the filler was thinner than expected
  • Cover is not removable, so must wash whole bed

4. Best for Larger Dogs- PUPPBUDD Calming Donut Dog Bed

The PUPPBUDD calming dog bed is my best recommended calming bed for larger dogs. After looking at dozens of beds, this one has the least complaints with being too thin in the middle.

The shape of the bed is more of an oval than a circle, which is better for the sleeping habits of larger dogs. Your dog can curl up or spread out, supporting their bodies with the cushioned rim.

The triple-x size is 44” by 34” by 8” (about an inch bigger than the MFOX below), so if you have an extra large furry friend, this bed will surely meet your needs. The bed itself is made from eco-friendly PP cotton and nylon.

Your dog will jump in and curl up easily in this bed, and it’s quite sturdy.


  • Calming materials to help with relaxation
  • Oval shape to help larger dogs spread out
  • 5 sizes and 9 colors to choose
  • Soft filler and raised rim for comfort and support
  • Non-slip and waterproof base
  • Machine-washable


  • Must wash whole bed- cover not removable
  • Some report the size was smaller than expected so consider getting a size bigger

    5. Best for Color Choices- MFOX Calming Donut Cuddler Bed

    The MFOX Calming Dog Bed is a popular calming bed for dogs and was recommended by a friend who bought one early last year for their large yellow lab. However, I am still cautious to recommend for very large dogs since I read a few complaints on the thinness of the middle (just like every other bed I have reviewed).

    It has the expected features of other top calming dog beds like faux fur, machine washable, deep crevices to burrow, quality filler, and a base that is non-slip and dirt-resistant.

    The beds come in a variety of 12 colors and is made from nylon and faux fur, which is safe for dogs. The bed is sturdy yet properly filled for decent cushion and pressure. It has more of an oval than round shape allowing for your dog to spread out.

    The maker claims that the soft filling helps with joint and muscle pain relief. The bed also has a raised rim to secure your pup and offers them a calm atmosphere.


    • Anti-anxiety materials to help with relaxation
    • Oval shape to help larger dogs spread out
    • 5 sizes and 12 colors to choose
    • Soft filler to help ease joints
    • Non-slip and dirt-resistant base
    • Machine-washable


    • Customers report bed was smaller than described, so you may need to size up
    • Center padding is thinner than expected
    • Must wash whole bed- cover not removable

      6. Easiest to Clean- The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed

      The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed is another highly rated bed. It’s great for small to large dogs, because there are a range of sizes available, but it’s also just very well made.

      The maker recommends it for a puppy, although keep in mind that these beds don’t withstand heavy chewing. However, I’ve read reviews that the comfort of the bed helps to prevent puppies from wanting to chew the material.

      While good for puppies, this bed can also be bought for dogs of all sizes. Keep in mind that I have read some reviews from owners of bigger dogs that the beds do not have as much padding as they would like.

      This is a vegan fur plush bed that should feel very soft. Additionally, it comes with a one-year limited warranty to protect against any defects. It’s truly one of the better dog beds available, and there are multiple colors to choose from to match any style that your dog prefers.


      • Made from vegan fur to provide comfort, reduce anxiety and improve sleep
      • Oval type shape
      • Cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning
      • 5 sizes and 8 colors to choose
      • Filled bolsters surround the bed making dogs feel more secure and offer a great headrest
      • Base pad to support the weight of your dog


      • Heavy chewers may be able to open the zippers
      • Some users claim the bed is not as thick as expected
      • Does not mention anti-slip base

      7. Best for Smaller Dogs- MIXJOY Comfortable Orthopedic Dog Bed

      If you’re looking for a soft, slightly larger bed that your pet can tussle and roll around in, then the MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed may be just the one. Even the small version of this bed is slightly larger than most, but the large size isn’t big enough for a full-size Labrador or larger dog.

      This bed appears very similar to the Active Pets bed above.

      These beds work best for hyper-active small to medium dogs or older dogs who need a comfortable, soft plush bed to lay in. While the edge is slightly supportive, it’s not as sturdy as some of the other beds on this list.

      However, it is quite soft and it comes a variety of colors. It’s also easy to throw in the washer machine and dryer, though I noticed a lot of fibers came out of the bed during the wash. It’s probably better to soak and hand wash with this bed.

      Customer service and warranty protection are available in case something happens with this bed, but most customers report this bed lasting for many months without issue.


      • Made from faux shag fur for restful sleep and comfort
      • Soft PP cotton filling
      • 3 sizes and 4 colors to choose
      • Machine washable
      • Lightweight for easy travel
      • Raised rim for head and neck support
      • Anti-slip waterproof bottom


      • Polyester filling
      • Must wash the whole bed
      • Users report padding was thinner than expected

      8. Runner-Up for Smaller Dogs- Nononfish Soothing Puppy Dog Bed with Cooling Mat

      If you have a smaller dog or puppy, then this calming bed may be the right one for you. This is a smaller bed from Nononfish that also includes a cooling mat. Basically, this bed works whether you live in a colder climate or warmer area, you can take out the mat or leave it in depending on the season.

      Additionally, it’s very well made and will instantly calm your dog. The round donut design includes soft faux fur and a supportive rim, so it won’t collapse if you have a chubby, chunky pup who likes to tumble around.

      Overall, your dog will love this comfortable bed, and it’s a great value for the construction and high-quality materials.


      • Calming faux fur material to help with sleep and relaxation
      • Bamboo dog cooling mat included
      • 3 sizes and 5 colors to choose
      • Quality PP cotton filler
      • Raised rim for head and neck support
      • Waterproof and anti-slip bottom
      • Machine washable


      • Some users report the bed was smaller than expected
      • Cover is not removable, so must wash whole bed

      9. Best Up and Coming Bed for Smaller Dogs- Active Pets Plush Calming Bed for Dogs

      I wanted to look at beds specifically for smaller dogs, and I found a new brand called Active Pets that has been quickly rising to the top. These are calming, nesting beds for dogs. The Active Pets Plush Calming Bed comes mainly in small sizes with four colors: white, grey, light grey, and pink.

      The bed is very plush, soft, and well-made, and it fits smaller dogs perfectly. There are also medium and large sizes, but you wouldn’t get this bed if you have a full grown golden retriever. These beds are best for small to medium-sized dogs only.

      Very lightweight and durable, these beds are made from plush faux fur and PP cotton filling with a heavy-duty base that won’t fall apart after a few months.


      • Made from faux fur to provide a calm and soothing environment
      • Soft PP cotton filling
      • 3 sizes and 4 colors to choose
      • Lightweight for easy travel
      • Raised rim for head and neck support
      • Anti-slip waterproof bottom


      • Must dry clean the bed
      • Users report not enough padding for large breed dogs

            10. Best Budget Choice- SlowTon Dog Calming Bed

            The SlowTon Dog Calming Bed is a well-made dog bed for small to medium-sized dogs. It comes in 7 distinct colors in 4 sizes. The bed is extremely soft, but it’s also durable, including a raised rim that your dog can lean against.

            The filler includes PP cotton with a plush synthetic fur shell. It’s instantly calming for anxious dogs and provides ample neck support, so your dog can lay and move comfortably. In fact, your dog probably won’t want to leave this bed.

            The shape is also oval more than round, so it’s better for dogs that like to stretch out or be a bit active before finally calming and taking a nap. It’s also rated for washing machine use.


            • Calming faux fur material for good sleep and comfort
            • 3 sizes and 5 colors to choose
            • Quality PP cotton filler
            • Raised edges for head and neck support
            • Waterproof and anti-skid bottom
            • Machine washable


            • Some users complain there are changes to the fibers after washing

            Shopping for a Calming Dog Bed: Buyer’s Guide

            When it comes to calming dog beds, in addition to their anti-anxiety benefits, the best ones will match your dog’s size and have safe materials. It’s only by researching their features that you will see the differences between beds.

            How They Work

            Does your dog frequently pace and whine when you’re home? Do they often try to find a corner or blanket that they can “nest” in? If so, your dog really needs a calming bed.

            If you have a dog that stays at home while you go to work or who has a lot of stress, calming dog beds can probably help. These beds are made to soothe and alleviate stress in dogs, due to their design and soft feel.

            The idea of these beds is that the material and shape conform to your dog’s size, slightly hugging them and creating warmth that instantly calms their nerves. These beds are made with pet-safe filler ingredients so that they are plush and soft, while also providing a cushioned base that will support your dog.

            If you have an older dog, calming beds are even more beneficial because of their design. Older dogs may be suffering with aching joints, weak muscles, and weak bones in their feet, so beds with a heavy-duty, non-slip base also provide a safe nesting zone where they can rest and get support.

            Shape of Bed

            Most calming dog beds have a “donut shape” with a raised rim. Other beds may be more oval than round, which is better for larger dogs that like to stretch out or roll around before settling into a nap.

            You definitely want to choose a bed that will be comfortable for your dog’s size. Some of these beds run smaller than stated, so you may need to size up. Their Amazon reviews can help you determine if this is the case. The goal is to provide a “nesting” spot that feels cozy and supportive to their bodies.

            Type of Filling

            While all of the beds on our list have high ratings for comfort, some have different fillings/fibers inside the bed such as airloft fibers, PP cotton, nylon faux fur, and vegan fur. I will further research the differences, but what matters is the anxiety relief that results from the bed.

            Cleaning of Bed

            For cleaning your bed, some beds need to be washed entirely while others have removable washable covers. Either choice is fine, but it’s a matter of convenience in my opinion to have a removable cover.

            Some beds have very specific instructions on how to wash them in order to avoid the fibers from matting. I would carefully follow any instructions given and err on the side of caution with heat.

            Warming and Cooling Base Beds

            Most beds also have a warming or cooling base. Sometimes these are removable, while in other cases it’s just a cushion that weighs down the bed and makes it harder to move around with your dog inside. The bottom part of the bed should be sturdy, slip-resistant, waterproof, and dirt resistant.

            Warranty and Customer Service

            Before buying any calming dog beds online, I urge you to take a look at the warranty and customer support lines for these products. Some companies are easier to reach by phone or email than others.

            Final Thoughts: What Calming Dog Bed is Best for Your Dog?

            The best calming bed for your dog will likely depend on the size and stress level of your dog. If you have a very small dog, then you want to buy a calming bed that’s round and donut-shaped with a cushioned base. It’s also best to get a warming bed for smaller dogs that have shorter coats.

            Larger dogs need a sturdier, calming bed that can handle their heavy bodies. Extra-large and over-sized calming beds will provide a raised rim that’s supportive.

            For older dogs, a calming bed with a very cushioned base and warming fabric is best, because it will soothe their joints and aching muscles.

            By the way, I also wrote an article on the best orthopedic dog beds if your dog has pain or joint issues.

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