Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 Review

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Fi Smart Dog Collar ReviewThere’s no worse feeling in the world than when your dog has gone missing.

The American Humane Association estimates that approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States each year.

Whether your dog wandered off, snuck out the back gate, or ran out of the front door, the anxious twisting in your stomach is the same.

If your dog tends to run off, or you want to be proactive if it ever happens, a dog tracker can be key in quickly locating your dog.

In this blog post, we provide our Fi Smart Dog Collar review for their newly improved Series 2 version.

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What is the Fi Smart Dog Collar?

The Fi Smart Dog Collar essentially is a GPS tracking collar meant to quickly locate your dog in case they get lost.

With this device, you can track your dog’s location right on your phone using their app. It even activates an LED flashing light on the dog collar itself.

With the latest Series 2 version, the Fi Smart Dog Collar has even more great features, which we discuss in this blog post.

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Key Benefits of the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2

1. GPS Tracking + Lost Pet Mode

Man using GPS on phoneOf course, the Fi Smart Dog Collar’s essential feature is the GPS functionality and Lost Dog Mode.

When you receive your shipment from Fi, you register the collar with a Fi account through their app. Once the collar is connected, the app will show you your dog’s location – whether they’re at home or elsewhere.

Lost Dog Mode will show you your dog’s location on the Fi app, but it will also trigger an LED light on the Fi collar. The light will flash red as long as Lost Dog Mode is activated, which makes it easier to spot your pup from a distance.

Between the GPS tracking and the flashing red light, finding your lost dog will be much easier than just taking a wild guess of which direction he ran.

2. Geofence Perimeter With Immediate Alerts

With the accurate GPS tracking of the Fi Smart Dog Collar comes a few cool features. For instance, you can set a geofence around your yard for your sneaky little escape artist.

As soon as your dog crosses that invisible fence line, the app will send you an alert so you can start tracking them down immediately, rather than hours later when you notice they aren’t in the yard anymore.

3. Walker Monitor

Woman dog walker with 4 dogs on a pathFi knows that you aren’t the only one who will be taking your dog out for walks. In the Fi app, you can add “designated humans,” such as your partner, a dog walker, a family member, or a friend who will be taking your dog out for you.

Your designated humans will need to download the Fi app themselves before they take your dog beyond the geofence area. Once they do, you will receive an alert on your phone that says your dog has just left with that designated human, so you can keep track of who has your dog out and when.

If someone takes your dog beyond the geofence and they are not registered as a designated human on your account, the Fi app will alert you that your dog has left home.

This “dog walker monitor” feature helps you stay informed in real time about when your dog leaves home, who they are with, and where they go on that walk.

This is perfect for peace of mind when you’re traveling without your dog or keeping an eye on your dog walker.

4. Monitor Fitness Activity By Tracking Steps

Woman running with dog at beach at sunset

The Fi Smart Dog Collar tracks your dog’s location, but it also tracks the number of steps your dog takes.

The collar acts as a pedometer and sends the step count to your Fi app each day. The default steps goal is 10,000 steps per day, but you can easily adjust that number based on your dog’s needs.

Not only can you use this feature to track your dog’s steps, but you can also compare their average step count to other dogs of the same breed.

The number of steps from other Fi collar users in the U.S. appears in a feed, similar to a social media feed, where you can see how your dog’s activity compares to others.

The comparison may be a great reminder that you need to take your dog out for more exercise or that you may be working him a bit too much!

5. Access to Fi Community

The Fi app is an excellent way to track your dog’s fitness, but it’s also a great way to meet other Fi users in your area. You can connect your Fi app to your Instagram account to share photos with other Fi users and connect with other owners nearby.

Additionally, the Fi app will show you dogs in your neighborhood to meet some potential playmates.

Improvements from Series 1 to Series 2

The Fi product development team heard several gripes about the first model, and they took them to heart.

They made improvements, beefed up the specs, and recently released the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 to replace the first model entirely. To state outright, they no longer manufacture the first series of Fi dog collars, only the Series 2.

The Series 2 improvements include reinforced hardware so the collar can withstand up to 300 pounds of pull force. No matter how much your dog tugs at the lead, the Fi collar will not break. It is waterproof and dirt-proof, so it’s built to last both indoors and outdoors.

One of the primary complaints from the first series of collars was that the aluminum faceplate fell off or cracked easily, so Fi made sure that the Series 2 faceplate was much more durable.

The Series 2 also has a whopping 400% improvement in its antenna signal sensitivity, so the network connection is much more reliable now. If your dog runs off in the middle of the woods, you’ll still likely be able to pinpoint his location with the Fi app.

Perhaps one of the most significant improvements with the Series 2 is the Wi-Fi integration. Since the collar connects directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, its escape detection is much more accurate (and fast) than the first series of collars, so you will know the very second your dog leaves the geofence area.

The Wi-Fi integration also helps the battery life last much longer than it used to: up to three months once fully charged. The first model was lucky to survive more than a few days with a full charge!

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Features and Specs

  • Geofence capabilities to make sure your pup stays in the yard. Receive real-time alerts the second he steps foot outside of the geofence area.
  • Lost Dog Mode with real-time tracking and a red flashing LED light on the collar to help you spot your dog from a distance
  • Reinforced hardware and aluminum faceplate – water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and resistant up to 300 pounds of pull force
  • 4x improved antenna signal sensitivity from the first series
  • Wi-Fi integration for more accurate escape detection, longer battery life (up to three months once fully charged), and reliable signal
  • Fi Community to meet other Fi owners and dog in your area and find new playmates
  • Fitness tracking to compare activity with other dogs of the same breed
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • First dog collar to use LTE-M cellular network (reaches 30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE)

What Customers Are Saying

Man listening to customer on the phoneWhile dog parents weren’t so wild about the first series of Fi Dog Collars, Series 2 made some waves. The reviews on Chewy say that the collar has been a fantastic addition to many dog care routines, and owners are loving the peace of mind.

One reviewer posted that his fur baby had developed a habit of wandering off to explore their neighbors’ yards. They tested out the Series 2 and tracked her down within minutes! They claimed to previously spend half an hour wandering around yards to try to find her.

Another Fi fan said that the collar helps her feel so much better about her Golden Retriever puppy going on walks with a dog walker. She can see her dog’s exact walk path and how far they went.

Some Drawbacks

There are plenty of good things about the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2, but there are some “drawbacks” to consider before you make your final purchase.

First and foremost, the GPS tracking feature requires an annual subscription if you want to take full advantage of it.

If you do not purchase the yearly subscription, you can still track your dog as long as he is within range of your Wi-Fi network or your phone with the Fi app, but not when he bolts from the yard. You will not be able to use Lost Dog Mode without a subscription either.

The cost of this subscription is $99 a year, or about $8.25 per month – a small price to pay for the security of knowing your pup’s whereabouts at all times.

Secondly, some users say that the Fi app is a bit too simple or clunky for the price you’re paying for the collar and subscription.

Others have said that the simple app design is a good thing since it’s easy to navigate through the different features that Fi provides.

Fi makes an effort to improve its app and the features that come with it, so it is likely that future updates will be released and bring even more value to the app. All while making sure your dog stays safely close to home.


The Fi Smart Dog Collar is a high-quality dog tracker with great reviews, especially for its new Series 2 version.

Some of its key features include GPS tracking, lost dog mode, a geofence perimeter, a dog walker monitor, fitness tracking, and access to the Fi community.

Fi has greatly improved its dog collar with its Series 2 version. It has the ability to withstand 300 pounds of pull force, has a more durable faceplate, offers 400% improvement in its antenna signal sensitivity, has Wi-Fi integration, and has a longer battery life.

If you don’t mind paying for a subscription (which most GPS trackers require), this is well worth the peace of mind in case your dog gets lost.

Let us know your questions or comments below.

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  1. Shirley Wessell says:

    If my dog got lost out in the country in farm land would I be able to find her.How many miles will it cover if she is lost for a long time or don’t know what way did she go.

  2. t says:

    We live in a very wooded area. Several years ago, our old dog wandered off, never to be found, on the night of the first snowstorm of the year. I’d have paid anything to have him back. Our new girl is chipped, but if nobody finds her, or doesn’t think to check for it, we might never find her either, if she finds a way to get to that squirrel on the other side of the fence and takes off. The Fi collar and service are worth every single penny if just for peace of mind!

  3. Irenefrancois says:

    Where is the Fi collar made?

  4. Bruce Rebmann says:

    Horrible customer service, collar won’t work where I live. That stinks but so goes life. After 7 or 8 emails in just over a week they told me I was out of the 14day trial period. I pointed out that I still had a few days left and needed the return info. They won’t respond. Don’t support this Horrible company.

  5. UnhappyCustomer says:

    Bought two collars, second collar was defective (Network issues, constantly searching for network and battery was bad, drops 20-30% faster than the first one I bought. I emailed them immediately within a day that something is wrong. They made me do test after test for 30 days and I requested replacements twice, but instead of approving a replacement they continued to made me do tests like switch my dogs collars with the good one. By this time, I passed my so called “14 trial period” which the product never really worked properly this entire time. I finally got fed up and request for a refund. They told me my 14 days trial period is over. I disputed the charge and credit card sided with me and gave me my credit.

    This fraudulent company who sold me a bad unit decides to RE-CHARGE my credit card without my permission and hold my credit card hostage! Now I have re-dispute the charge and possibly go into a legal battle with them for wasting my time.

    After about 40 emails back and forth and reading their customer service tactics, I’m starting to think their –> Trial period is a Bait and Switch business sales tactic! (1) you receive a defective product (2) they don’t replace it within 14 days, (3) you are asked to do tests after tests (4) you finally want a refund but you can’t because they keep repeating “your over your 14 days trial period” bullshit.

    • Todd says:

      Hi thank you for the feedback. Was this for their Series 2 model? You said you bought two collars. Did the first one work?

      • Unhappy Customer says:

        Yes, both are Series 2 model. The first one worked and they asked me to swap to test and the second unit still had problems. I have the entire email string all 40 of them and they keep telling me my 14 days trial is over but I never had a good second unit to use from the beginning and I worked with them and did a whole month of tests. When I wanted to return for refund (after losing a month of service and a product that never worked properly), they offered to replace but I’m no longer interested because their customer service really sucks. They waste your time and lose out on service and subscription.

    • Ty says:

      I 100% agree as they are doing the same thing to me. They will skirt the issue and troubleshoot long into you not being able to get things to work. Conveniently everything stopped working after the trial period.

  6. Randy D Eppinger says:

    Does the collar vibrate to signal to the dog that it has crossed the geofence?

  7. Kristi says:

    You can cut off the prongs and put on any collar you want and gorilla glue it back together. My dog is 20 lbs. I wish the tracker was smaller. It’s very annoying to my dog.

    • Todd says:

      Interesting. I’m sure they don’t recommend it, but seems like a creative way to make it work on smaller dogs. Thanks for the post. How is the collar working for you?

  8. John says:

    I live in a large wooded property and have gotten a lot of use out of the series one with my dog who loves to wander off. The GPS accuracy is far from perfect so I upgraded to the series two, for $150. I’m not finding any improvement in the accuracy of the GPS so far. I’ll def be addressing with the folks at Fi.

  9. Shagala Vines says:

    How accurate is Series 2 in reference to the GPS? I just purchased this collar for my Medical Service Dog. In the past, I have had 2 dogs get out of the fence, Tagged with names, address, and phone numbers. I did everything possible to find them but nobody returned them. If someone were to keep my current dog, will the GPS narrow down to an actual address? Giving me even a couple of blocks radius does not help because I could spend hours knocking on doors just to possibly not find my dog because the radius is so big, or even be lied to if I happen to come across the right house. I got the collar because I read that google maps along with others are used. I want to be able to go to a house by way of the GPS rather than standing in a target area with no direction to start looking. I will be done with the trial soon and I want to know if the subscription will be worth it, or if I just now have a pretty colored color for my dog.

    • Todd says:

      I spoke to their customer service. The collar can track within 7 feet with an open sky. On a cloudy day, the max range is up to 60 feet. However, in lost dog mode, the collar would still be updating the location every 1 minute, so even with cloudy conditions you should still be able to get a pretty accurate idea of where the pup is and which house.

  10. Eric says:

    Do not buy a fi. The app crashes constantly and you will not get alerts. The light takes over 1 minute to come on. This occurs both on and off wifi. The app is a great idea, but the performance is terrible and customer service is a joke. Want to test? Find their phone number… they just make excuses through email and drag a convo out over two weeks.

  11. Linda Schneider says:

    This basically happened to me also. After the first 2, 3 weeks working ok, it started messing up, kept searching, and I did tests and messed with it constantly for months. They did send me a new charger, then a new collar to try but its not connecting 98 percent of the time when we go for a walk. The only thing they did was take me off auto renewal. Wow. And I’m retired…I spent all that money for nothing…I’m sure lost dog NEVER worked on it. Thank heavens I didn’t need it…Now it won’t even track her steps unless I unplug the base before our walk.

  12. Deanna Mitchell says:

    How is steps counted? Is it left paw one step or left and then right paw one? How much is the subscription and can it be purchased for years at a time?

    • Todd says:

      I checked their guide and it appears the tracker doesn’t count steps by the paw steps. They claim they use a unique algorithm to track your dog’s steps since each dog has a different walking pattern. It also detects mileage as well.

      The subscription is $99 for a 1 yr plan, $186 for a 2 year plan, and $248 for a 3 year plan, so yes you can purchase years at a time.

  13. Stewart says:

    The engineers did a great job with the collar, the software works great, battery life is excellent.

    The company is pushes the social / health tracking /advertising on their app, which is fine for people who want that.

    I don’t. I’m very busy. I want to be alerted when my dog leaves the home area, and I want to be able to track my dog. That’s it.

    I cannot tolerate notifications popping up on my cell phone about the benefits of belly rubs or a new dog cookie recipe.

    So, okay, just give me an easy way to turn the nonsense off. But its buried in the app, had to google the solution, and find the settings a few layers deep in the app.

    And the notifications kept coming. Oh, you didn’t turn of *those* notifications. They’re buried a few layers deep in another part of the app.

    After some annoyance, I think I have all the notifications I don’t want turned off, and the ones I want still work. But if I get any more unwanted notifications, this collar is going in the trash.

  14. Courtney says:

    The collar and company are crap. They REFUSE to speak to you directly – and only allow email/chat interaction. They attempt to con you into “testing” your collar for so many days after informing them it’s crap in order to push you out of the 30 day free trial for tracking subscription so then they have won’t refund you that money you just spent on the subscription. For anyone reading this – DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SKIP THIS COMPANY. They attempted to push their collar on me for so many additional days after I requested a refund – I told them numerous times I didn’t want to do any additional testing and that I wanted a full refund and my free subscription canceled. After days of emailing and being stern they finally listened and canceled/refunded my items. Before purchasing we checked their map they have listed on their site to ensure we had AT&T lte coverage in our area and it showed we had great coverage. We tested the collar in two different areas (one was in an open field with no trees) and it never worked. Never notified us the dog left the safe zone – and after over 10 minutes of trying to use lost dog mode it never updated the dogs(collars) location. I cannot tell you enough to SKIP THIS COMPANY. If you actually do research you’ll find all the bad reviews they’ve been hiding. I promise you!

  15. Aditya Mukherjee says:

    Completely unhappy with product AND customer service . Shows my dog randomly all over california. It is nerve racking to see this. I regret buying this device as now it’s worse than not having a tracking device

    Customer service has no phone number. I have been exchanging emails for two weeks . I have given them my cell number asking them to call me. Nothing .

  16. SYLVIA WALLACE says:

    The claim that no matter how hard the dog pulls on the collar is totally false. My 50 pound dog tugged it completely off. The cheap bit of plastic holding the fiber collar to tracking module broke on both sides. FI is nearly impossible to contact and they did not honor their warranty. Buyer be VERY AWARE. They are not honest.

  17. Drew says:

    I don’t know what collar you purchased but my series 1 is great. Occasionally when I take my dog for a walk it will not say that she’s with me, but it does track the dog accurately. Every GPS test has put her on the map within feet of her location. The battery lasts for months, not days. Some of these reviews sound fake. I’m upgrading to a series 2 this weekend for $39 Black Friday sale. I’m quite happy.

  18. Ernie says:

    Fi Collar Not Reliable – Frequent Malfunctions

    AVOID the Fi BRAND SMART DOG COLLAR (by Barking Labs Corp. (Brooklyn FI Inc.): founded by Jonathan Bensamoun & Loren Kirkby). IT MALFUNCTIONS FREQUENTLY, and the company REFUSED MULTIPLE REQUESTS TO HONOR THEIR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY POLICY.

    Some of the malfunctions I experience include:

    – The software tells me I’m connected with my dog, yet the walk tracking is approximate. OR, no walk tracking (route map) at all…yet the steps are recorded in the Step Count portion of the software. OR, We depart & return from a 1.4 mile walk in 5 minutes.

    – I receive a text message notification telling me that my dog left with me for a walk, while we are actually asleep at home.

    – I receive a notification that we just left for a walk, when we actually just returned from a walk.

    – I receive a walk notification, when we actually went for a car ride.

    The “Fi Support” person (Constance) strung me along for 3 weeks, before finally denying my warranty replacement request.
    SHE DID HOWEVER CONFIRM (her words, not mine), THE FOLLOWING.

    – “The activity is being miscategorized. We are aware that depending on various factors that this can occasionally happen.”

    – “We are tracking your dog (though sometimes we may think a walk is a car ride, etc).”

    Given the lack of accurate route map tracking and frequent malfunctions from my dog’s Fi Collar, I have no confidence in its ability to track my dog, should he get lost.

  19. David Evenson says:

    Terrible customer service & warranty
    We used our 1st Fi collar for 6 months before it went out. They did replace it quickly, but it was a lemon and they have not followed thru to resolve the problem. It is extremely unreliable, goes offline for 40 minutes or more and can’t be relied upon. We spent hours & days going back & forth with Fi, documenting the problems, screen shots confirming the issue, and comparing it to the previous collar in similar situations, but they would not step up and take care of the issue. Their responses are belittling and insulting at best. I can’t’ stress enough that they have a worthless customer service attitude and to avoid them at all costs.

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