9 Best Dog Nail Grinders: Kiss Your Groomer Goodbye

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Best Dog Nail GrinderAre you searching for the best dog nail grinder?

The average cost for a groomer to trim a dog’s nails ranges from $10 to $25.

Instead, you can save on these costs by buying a high quality nail grinder for your dog.

In this blog post, I discuss 9 of my best picks to help you choose the best one for your pup.

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My Top Picks: The 9 Best Dog Nail Grinders

1. Finest Overall: Dremel PawControl

Dremel is an American company that is well known for their high quality power tools. They have used their technology to create their Dremel PawControl- an excellent nail grinder for dogs.

This large kit comes with enough attachments to handle any job, and pets of any size. While most grinders only have a vertical drum that spins like a drill bit, their grinder also has a horizontal disc that spins flat against the base. This acts like a sander, which makes it much easier to use since you can just push it forward over the nail.

Additionally, replacement drums and 10 sanding disks are included, which is enough to last months, if not years.

Dremel’s standard nose cap makes changing attachments incredibly simple with an effortless twist and pull that takes literal seconds. You can also use this rotary device with other Dremel attachments, not just the included nail grinder.

Out of every nail grinder I reviewed, the Dremel also stands out because of its incredible ease of use. The nail guard is designed around a 45 degree slant that guides you to the correct angle. This means even if you’ve never done this before, it’s hard to overtrim and cut into the quick because of the safety buffer.

The tool itself is lightweight and portable, and the soft grip is easy to hold with either hand. Speeds are set with a variable speed slider instead of the more commonly seen discrete speed settings, giving you complete control over the process. It’s powered by a 4 volt lithium ion battery, and can be charged from any standard USB.

Lightweight, portable and effective, if you’re serious about buying a quality dog nail grinder/trimmer, the Dremel PawControl offers everything you need, and more.


  • Powerful and efficient
  • Wide variety of parts
  • Easy to use
  • Full Dremel body, not just for pets


  • Not the most budget friendly

2. Budget Choice: Casfuy

Simple, safe and precise, this USB powered nail grinder is one of the easiest ways to keep your pet’s nails in check. It uses diamond drum bits for safe and comfortable grooming. You also have a choice of 2 speeds that is easily set with the front mounted switch.

Its 3 grinding ports will work with pets of any size, while the adjustable, low speed, high torque design has very low noise and vibration. This makes it less likely to stress your dog out with a noise level under 50db.

Portable and rechargeable, you get around 2 hours of battery power after a 3 hour charge, and it can be recharged from any USB port. Finally, the manual on this grinder is deceptively good, and comes with a user guide with comprehensive tips for grinding.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to hold
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • No warranty
  • Low total battery charge

3. Top Battery Life: Useeland

The Useeland Dog Grooming Kit is a full kit that also comes with nail clippers and a file, letting you take a little more care in more delicate areas.

Another advantage of this model is the battery. It runs on a massive 2000mAh battery, which provides up to 20 hours of working time (up to 5 times longer than some nail grinders).

USB charged, it’s controlled with a stepless speed regulation setting that gives you far more options than the standard two or three speed buttons.

Additionally, no matter how high you crank the speed, you’re not going to scare your pets as the noise regulation is controlled by maximum torque and set to 50 db.

To finish off the list of features, it has diamond bits, a charging indicator light, and three grinding ports.


  • Long battery life that will last the whole day
  • Not just a nail grinder, also comes with a full kit
  • Full speed regulation gives you total control, not just 2 or 3 options
  • Volume regulated by speed, so it’s never too loud


  • Wheel can collect nail offcuts
  • You may not need the whole kit

4. Professional Pulverizer: Wahl Professional Animal Claw Pulverizer

Wahl is well known for its professional grooming tools, which often come with everything you need to get the job done. Their products are priced at a more premium level compared to other choices on our list. However, its features are worth the higher price.

First, the Wahl Professional Animal Nail Grinder is incredibly powerful, with up to 13000 rpm of variable power. That’s almost 50% faster than some of the budget models that I’ve reviewed here.

Further, the design of the body is maintenance free, and it’s ridiculously light, at just 5.7 ounces. It’s also worth noting that there’s a built-in automatic safety stop, so if this catches on hair, it automatically brakes and stops pulls.

The 11 piece kit contains a large amount of gear, including 2 sanding drums, 6 large and small replacement sanding bands, and a storage case for everything.

Downsides? It’s reasonably loud, and runs on corded power, not portable like smaller models. But considering what you’re getting here, it’s worth it. There’s a reason that Wahl is a 100 year old trusted brand.


  • High speed
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Built-in safety features


  • Corded power only
  • Higher priced

    5. Easy of Use: Razoo

    The Razoo Dog Nail Grinder is a budget priced nail grinder with some great features for the price.

    It’s simple to use, quiet at a max of 50 db, and features an upgraded motor for 2020. This upgrade brings more power, so it should be able to handle even thick nails.

    There are only 2 speeds, but multiple grinding ports make it suitable for all pet sizes. Wireless and rechargeable, it also has a large frontal LED display with battery charge, so you can tell at a glance how much juice is left.

    The controls are large and simple, with an ergonomic design that’s easy to use in either hand. Finally, this model has a lifetime replacement guarantee, covering you in case something should go wrong.

    Lastly, the battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.


    • Budget price
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Long battery life
    • Strong power


    • Only two speeds

    6. Most Quiet Pulverizer: VVWW

    The VVWW Pet Nail Grinder is both powerful and effective, yet somehow is one of the quietest models on the list.

    This grinder uses a large capacity NiMH battery, making it up to 5 times stronger than older models. The cordless battery is also rechargeable with an LED indicator light that runs for around 6 hours on a 4 hour charge.

    The 2 speed brass bearing motor is powerful and quiet, running at 7500 and 9000 rpm, but maintaining less than 35db sound.

    With a diamond emery grinding wheel and 3 size ports, this model fits all nail sizes, and is comfortable to use. Its ergonomic design features hand pads and a protective sleeve.

    This model is also cordless making it easy to move around. With its quiet sound, this grinder is a great option for anxious pets.


    • Low noise
    • Great battery life
    • High quality motor


    • Only 2 speeds
    • Not as powerful for the largest nails

    7. Optimal Complete Kit: Gexmil

    The Gexmil Full Dog Grooming Kit contains everything you need to maintain your pet’s nails, as well as keeping their fur well trimmed and groomed.

    In addition to the 4 port nail grinder, you also get a nail polisher for finishing up and cleaning your pet’s nails, 3 trimming attachments that are perfect for fur of any length and thickness, and stainless steel scissors and a comb.

    Powered by an 800mAh lithium battery that’s USB rechargeable, you get 7 hours of work time from just a 2 hour charge. The nail grinder runs at 3 rotation speeds (5400, 7200 and 9000 rpm), and only puts out around 50 db of sound at its highest speed.

    Additionally, the grinder is easy to use with LED light speed and charge indicators. It also comes with a 12 month warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.

    If you can use everything in this kit, it’s a fantastic value and worth it for the price.


    • Full kit including hair trimmers and polishing kit
    • Easy controls
    • Warranty and guarantee


    • Larger body can be hard to hold
    • Slightly more expensive than some other models

    8. Battery Powered Model: Furminator

    Lightweight and incredibly portable, the Furminator Nair Grinder differentiates itself by being the only battery powered nail grinder/trimmer on my list.

    The lack of heavy internal batteries keeps this ridiculously lightweight at only 4.8 oz. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries (which come included, so you can use it out of the box.)

    It also has 2 selectable speeds and an LED illumination light that provides a good view of your working area.

    The lightweight and easy grip handles make this easy to hold, and you can remove the nail guard to handle even the largest pets.

    The use of batteries does come with a couple of small downsides. First, it has less power compared to the newer lithium battery motors. Second, if you’re going to use this is a lot, it’s going to end up costing you more in the long run with battery prices.


    • Very lightweight
    • LED working light
    • Simple to use


    • Low power

    9. High-Tech Features: Voyoga

    *Note this is currently unavailable and I will replace it

    By far the most comprehensive in terms of usability and visible functions, the Voyoga Grinder has three separate LED indicators.

    First, it has a grinding light that illuminates your working area, making it much easier to see smaller nails, or the nails on your particularly hairy pooch.

    Second, this grinder has an LED speed indicator that lets you know at a glance which one of the three speeds it’s set to.

    Lastly, it has an LED charging indicator for the lithium ion battery. It charges from any USB, and unique to all the grinders on this list, this has a wireless charging mount and stand, so it’s easy to keep hold of and easy to store.

    You’re getting the standard 3 size ports for pets of all sizes, and diamond grinding bits. It’s also very quiet, with a maximum 40 db noise limiter, and a 12 month warranty.


    • Simple to understand and use
    • Working light makes it easy to see work area
    • Low noise volume
    • Base stand helps with storage


    • Only medium power
    • Can be awkward to hold

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Make My Dog Comfortable With a Nail Grinder?

    Although a nail grinder is an excellent way of keeping your dog’s nails short, it can be scary. So, it’s a good idea to get your dog used to the nail grinder first. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Let your dog get used to it while it’s switched off, and praise: Your dog needs to get used to this new item, so let them explore it while it’s switched off. Your dog can get to know this item while still feeling safe. Then, every time your dog seems interested, calm, or explorative of the nail grinder, give a treat and some praise. It will create positive associations regarding the nail grinder in your dog’s mind.
    2. Switch the nail grinder on, but don’t use it yet, and praise: Once your dog seems comfortable or unphased by the nail grinder while it’s off, you can switch it on. Please don’t use it on your dog yet, though. Some dogs can be frightened by the sound of the grinder and need to get used to it first. So, please switch it on, wait for your dog to explore it themselves, and praise or give treats to reward your dog for being comfortable with it.
    3. Touch the switched-off nail grinder to your dog’s nails and praise: Once your dog is comfortable with the item in front of them, you can help them get used to how the nail grinder will feel on their nails. Do this by touching the grinder to the nails while switched off. Every time your dog doesn’t pull away, give a treat. It might take a few tries because your dog needs to get used to the sensation.
    4. Use the nail grinder on your dog, but only as long as they’re comfortable: Only when your dog is calm when you put the switched-off grinder to the nails can you switch it on and try to use it. At first, the vibrations and sound may be scary for your dog, so integrate them slowly. Switch on the nail grinder and hold it to your dog’s nails for one second; take it away, and give your dog a treat. The more your dog gets used to this; you can increase the seconds you hold the grinder to the nail.For example, go from one second to two, etc. Ensure that you give your dog a treat every time so they can create positive associations with the nail grinder. Soon, your dog will be comfortable with the nail grinder every time.

    How to Use a Canine Claw Pulverizer

    Knowing the proper technique when using a nail grinder will make keeping your dog’s nails short much easier! Before using the device, ensure that you get your dog used to the nail grinder first.

    Here’s how to use your dog nail grinder:

    1. If your dog has long hair, trim the hair around the nail so you can have a better view of the process.
    2. Work on one nail at a time.
    3. If your nail grinder has speed settings, start with the slower speed until you and your dog get used to it. Ensure that you help your dog get comfortable with the device first.
    4. Gently squeeze your dog’s toe pad so that the nail extends.
    5. While you hold the toe pad, place the tip of your dog’s nail perpendicular (at 90°) to the nail grinder. Some nail grinders have attachments with differently sized holes to put your dog’s nail through. Select the hole size that matches your dog’s nail before starting if this is the case. It doesn’t matter if your nail grinder doesn’t have this. You can still use it as is.
    6. Apply gentle pressure to your dog’s nail so that the grinder takes off the excess nail.
    7. Move the grinder in a half-moon motion around your dog’s nail to round out the edges.
    8. If your dog’s nails are long, ensure that the nail grinder doesn’t heat up and cause discomfort. So, it might be necessary to have short breaks to allow the nail to cool off before continuing.
    9. See if you can see your dog’s quick (the dark blood vessel that runs through the nail). Then, ensure that you don’t grind too close to the quick as it can cause pain for your dog.

    Remember that you should stop the grinding if your dog pulls away. It might mean that you are close to the quick, and your dog can sense it. Or it could mean that your dog is getting anxious. You want your dog to have a positive association with nail grinding.

    Is it Better to Cut or Mill Canine Claw?

    Although it depends on you and your dog’s personal preferences, dog nail grinders are more user-friendly than clippers. Grinding your dog’s nails gives you more control, especially if your dog has thick, dark nails. A grinder lets you avoid going too close to the quick and get a smooth edge on each nail. The downside is that it may not be a good fit for anxious dogs, causing unnecessary discomfort.

    Dog nail clippers are quiet and easy to use if your dog has light, thin nails. It’s usually inexpensive, but it has its downsides as well. When cutting your dog’s nails, you risk cutting right through the quick if you’re not careful, which can be painful. You also risk splitting your dog’s nail when cutting it.

    Ultimately, it’s up to what makes your dog the most comfortable. Many people shift to nail grinders, while others prefer to keep it old school with nail clippers. As long as you and your dog is comfortable with it, it’s all that counts.

    Does Milling a Canine’s Claw Hurt Them?

    Grinding your dog’s nails won’t hurt them unless you grind too close to the quick. If you keep away from the quick, your dog shouldn’t feel any pain. Keep in mind that some dogs might be frightened by the vibrations or the sound.

    So, if your dog seems scared, assess whether you’re too close to the quick or if your dog is just nervous. Suppose your dog is anxious; consider taking more time to get used to the nail grinder while using treats.

    How Often Should You Mill Your Canine’s Claws?

    If it’s practical to cut your dog’s nails each week or every other week, you will get the best results since the quick will recede and nails can be cut shorter.

    However, depending on their activity level, you can probably get away with at least a month until their next cut. I’ve even seen recommendations online as long as 1-2 months.

    Of course, it depends from dog to dog. Some dogs are very active and go for walks on concrete or pavement with their owners. If this is the case with your dog, then chances are their nails are kept short by the friction.

    However, other dogs aren’t exposed to walking on pavements, so they might need nail grinding more frequently. The best way to know if your dog needs a nail trim is to listen when they walk. If you can hear the nails on the ground, it’s time to get out the nail grinder.


    Well, I hope I have provided you with a wide variety of options to choose the best dog nail grinder for your pup.

    Whether you want one at a budget price up to premium models, you have several choices with various features.

    There are models with just a nail grinder, others with full kits, and ones with various features such as long battery life, quiet noise, and more.

    And if you’re looking to save even more on grooming costs, check out my top picks for best dog grooming clippers.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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