20 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog Outside

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Fun things to do with your dog outside

Forget about dull strolls around the neighborhood and predictable fetch games. When it comes to remaining active with your dog, there are many activities that can add variety to their routine.

Plus there are health benefits of spending time outdoors with your dog.

Dogs that engage in the same activities daily may get de-stimulated. Without a channel for that energy, your dog may engage in undesirable behaviors.

Hyperactivity, trash can raids, increased barking, or destructive behavior are all indications that your dog needs additional creative stimulation.

Changing their activities can help keep pets psychologically and physically fulfilled and make them more adaptable to their new environment.

In this blog post, I will discuss 20 fun things to do with your dog outside. Some of these are easier and require less effort than others, so choose whatever is best for you.

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog Outside

1. Take a swim.

If your dogs are trained to play or work off-leash, dog-friendly swimming locations such as a beach or lake can give you plenty of options when it comes to outdoor activities.

Even older dogs and those with specific physical disabilities can benefit from water training. It’s gentle on joints and provides natural resistance, whether wading in deep water or swimming with help.

Just consult your veterinarian before beginning a swimming program.

2. Working out.

Working out is another one of my top recommendations for things to do with your dog outside. If you and your pup want to get more in shape, working out together can help you achieve your goals.

Dogs can be effective motivators for physical exercise, and help you get more exercise overall. It’s important to monitor your dog for signs of weariness and overheating and stop as needed for water breaks and rest.

One way to exercise your dog outside is to give them a herding ball. These large balls are used in the sport Treibball.

3. Go kayaking.

Man kayaking with his dog on the lake

In the warmer months, kayaking with your dog is a peaceful way to enjoy the water and spending time with your dog.

As with the other summer activities on our list, never force your dog to perform an activity that causes him or her distress, anxiety, or fear. If they have never used a kayak, you’ll need some patience to see if this is an option.

The following are some items to bring on a kayak excursion with your dog: bottled water, food bowl, first aid kit for dogs, a towel, a waterproof phone case, and a life jacket.

I also wrote an article on the best kayaks for dogs.

4. Visit a national park.

Are you planning a day of exploration? Bring your dog along! National parks contain some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and provide many chances for fun activities with your doggy partner.

5. Participate in park games.

A trip to the park is certain to make your dog’s tail wag! You can engage in frisbee, follow the leader, tug of war, fetch, and hide and seek – among other activities.

Not only do outdoor games help you and your dog communicate better, but they also assist in training your dog in a friendly way.

6. Visit a beach.

A day at the beach will make your dog happy while he sniffs, runs, and frolics in the sand and plays in the water. It’s a pleasant, energetic, and reasonably priced way to spend your day.

There are specific dog beaches in many parts of the country, so check your local area. You’ll also want to make sure that your dog can stay relaxed around other dogs.

7. Go canoeing.

Often, dogs who enjoy vehicle rides develop an affinity for canoeing. The majority of experts recommend using a non-aluminum canoe due to aluminum’s noise and heat.

Before you add your pet to the boat, ensure that they’re comfortable canoeing. Dogs should wear life jackets, and you should teach your dog the fundamentals.

Once a dog becomes accustomed to being in a canoe, he or she will gladly sit next to or behind you.

While canoeing or kayaking, dogs should refrain from barking, as this bothers people and may frighten local wildlife.

8. Attend a camping trip.

Man camping with his dog

Want to go camping or glamping in the great outdoors but don’t want to leave your dog behind? There is no problem—bring him along!

That is if he is sufficiently trained to deal with the activity. If he barks excessively or is prone to stealing food from people, you may want to reconsider your camping plans.

9. Take a fishing trip.

Dogs who enjoy being outdoors or being with their pack will appreciate a relaxed day of fishing fun.

As with picnics with your dog, ensure that your dog has plenty of shade, cool drinks, pet-safe insect repellant, and somebody to watch over him or her.

Keep the tackle box locked to avoid hooks becoming lodged in your dog’s paws. Whether on a boat or land, ensure that your dog is having fun and not simply lounging in the sun.

While experienced dogs understand to keep their distance from the pole and equipment, younger pups will require positive reinforcement training.

10. Take a bike ride together.

Nowadays, bicycle trailers are available for those who like to bring their dog along. This will require some adjustment to prevent your dog from freaking out or becoming scared.

If you decide to get a bike trailer, ensure that your dog is comfortable with it. Allow him or her to sit in it before attaching it to the bicycle. Create a happy zone and ensure that the dog is securely secured/harnessed so that she cannot escape.

A dog bike trailer mounts to the rear of a bicycle and towed. The dog trailer should be big enough to accommodate a dog standing, sitting, turning around, and lying down. Ascertain if the trailer includes a cover to shield your dog from the weather.

11. Puppy ball pit.

Does your dog hate water? Then, rather than filling your child’s pool with water, load it with the small, bright plastic balls. Your dog will have a blast leaping in and out of the puppy ball pit and retrieving “escapee” balls.

12. Take funny photographs.

Why not use your trips to create tangible memories? Take a smartphone or camera with you and capture some action pics of your pup.

The abundance of natural light on a bright day is ideal for it. If you own a DSLR, use the fast shutter speed feature to capture crisp, precise details.

And any responsible dog parent or guardian understands that selfies are acceptable, regardless of what your dog says. Take selfies to the extreme! But avoid posting them ALL to Instagram.

13. Grow a garden.

Shih tzu dog helps in gardening

Gardening may be a pleasant activity for everyone involved, even more so if your dog enjoys digging. Allow them to assist you in digging a hole for a new plant or create a separate play area for them.

If your pet will be spending lots of time in the garden unsupervised, ensure that all of your plants are pet-friendly. You’d be astonished at the number of flowers and bushes that are toxic to dogs and other pets!

14. Visit a dog-friendly store together.

Shopping does not have to be an activity that you enjoy that requires that you leave your best friend at home!

While certain places, such as supermarkets, remain entirely inaccessible for dogs, a broader selection of stores allow dogs and not just pet stores. Check online before embarking on your amazing shopping adventure!

15. Have a tasty brunch.

I adore restaurants with pet-friendly patios. Enjoying a delicious brunch seems like the ideal weekend to me! Certain restaurants even provide pet-friendly menu items.

Always call beforehand to confirm that the patio is open and that pets are permitted. When requesting a table, be sure to indicate that a pet will accompany you. Who knows!

They may offer a treat and a dish of water to your dog. Always remember to carry water and snacks to keep your dogs occupied.

16. Take a convertible ride.

Just like humans, dogs also enjoy the sensation of wind blowing through their fur as you cruise down the highway. Since using the standard coupe or truck is tedious and restricting, consider taking a convertible ride instead.

This is obviously the most expensive option if you do not own a convertible. As you bask in the sun, accessorize with funky dog sunglasses, and you’ll feel like celebrities with all the time in the world.

17. Play frisbee.

If your dog is good at fetching sticks and balls, it’s relatively simple to graduate to a frisbee level. Your dog may first struggle to catch a flying disc. As a result, this outdoor activity will require some patience.

18. Go on a picnic.

Family in picnic with their dog

On some days, you’d rather relax than run around with your dog. The issue is that it’s pretty unlikely that your dog will remain still for an extended amount of time. You can have some cakes and relax on the blanket while your dog tussles around in the grass.

19. Attend obedience classes.

Even if your dog isn’t disobedient, taking some obedience training will do no damage. Indeed, it may teach you new things about your dog. Additionally, you may find other fun things to do with your dog outside, besides activities on this bucket list.

20. Play in the leaves.

Sweeping up your lawn from falling leaves is more enjoyable with the inclusion of your pup. You may not get much work done, but you’ll get lots of laughs! And if you don’t have a yard, locate a park or similar area with leaves to play in.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my list of 20 fun things to do with your dog outside.

I’m sure you can find one or more activities to do with your dog right now that will keep your dog occupied and active.

Try them out to determine which ones make him or her the happiest, and then repeat and rotate between the top ones!

By the way, if you’re going to spend a long time with your dog outdoors, you may want to consider getting a GPS tracker for dogs.

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