Does Nom Nom Skimp on Food in Meal Packs? Fact or Fiction?

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I’ve been a subscriber of Nom Nom (aka Nom Nom Now) for several months at this point. I also promote their product, so I like to research what others are saying about them.

Overall, Nom Nom gets high marks from its customers, including in my Nom Nom dog food review.

However, I’ve seen one particular complaint a few times: that there are unequal measurements in the meal packs. Out of curiosity, I decided to investigate.

I initially read this complaint after browsing through several rating sites of Nom Nom such as (4.3 out of 5), (4 out of 5), and the Better Business Bureau.  Regardless, when you have so many customers, it’s inevitable that things can go wrong and you’re going to get complaints. In fact, they’ve delivered over 3 million boxes to customers, according to the company.

So is this complaint about the meal packs, fact or fiction? Note: I am only giving you my personal experience below.

Are There Unequal Measurements in Nom Nom’s Meal Packs?

Bundles of Nom Nom packetsI’ve read a few complaints that there are inconsistencies with the weight of the food packs. Some complain that they’re getting less food than what they paid for. Now to be fair, I don’t know what their service was like in the past and if there were issues with weight measurements. So I’m only dealing with their service currently and my personal experience.

I decided to first contact Nom Nom to get their opinion on the matter.  According to their customer service, “We always expect a 5-10 gram variance from meal to meal that averages out over the course of a week of feeding and additionally weigh each bundle of 7 meals to ensure that any underweight meal packs should be corrected by slightly over-portioned meals in the same bundle. However, any variation beyond that level is certainly something that I want to bring to the attention of our kitchen team.”

I decided to actually weigh my own bundles to see if the amount of food was equal to what was ordered. I received the following in my latest box:

  • 1 bundle of their chicken recipe (7 packs),
  • 1 additional bundle of their chicken recipe  (7 packs),
  • 1 bundle of their turkey recipe (7 packs), and
  • 1 bundle of their pork recipe (7 packs).

How much each bundle is supposed to weigh

According to the packaging for the chicken and pork recipes, each pack is supposed to contain 225 grams. This would mean that each bundle of chicken or pork should equal 1575 grams (7 x 225 grams).

The turkey is more calorie-dense so only contains 200 grams in each pack, which means each turkey bundle should equal 1400 grams (7 x 200 grams).

My Weight Calculations of Each Bundle

I purchased a small scale for my experiment that measures in grams. I took a couple of measurements of their weight until I received a consistent reading. Here were the results:

The first chicken bundle weighed 1703 grams:

First chicken cuisine bundle weight

The second chicken bundle weighed 1692 grams:

Second Chicken Cuisine Bundle Weight
The turkey bundle weighed 1482 grams:

Turkey Fare Bundle Weight
The pork bundle weighed 1701 grams:

Pork Potluck Weight Bundle Weight

Items to Subtract from Weight

When speaking with Nom Nom, they told me that the weight in grams listed on each packet is solely for the food, which means I will need to subtract out the weight of the packaging and rubber bands. There were 4 rubber bands on each bundle, which equaled a total of 13 grams. An empty pack weighs around 12 grams, so if I multiply by 7 packets, that equals 84 grams to also subtract. In sum, I’ll need to deduct 97 grams.

Final Results

First Chicken bundle

  • Total Claimed Weight: 1575 grams
  • Actual Weight: 1703 grams minus 97 grams= 1606 grams

Second Chicken bundle

  • Total Claimed Weight: 1575 grams
  • Actual Weight: 1692 grams minus 97 grams= 1595 grams

Turkey Bundle

  • Total Claimed Weight: 1400 grams
  • Actual Weight: 1482 grams minus 97 grams= 1385 grams

Pork Potluck Bundle

  • Total Claimed Weight: 1575 grams
  • Actual Weight: 1701 grams minus 97 grams= 1604 grams

Overall, I received more food than what was promised, although the turkey bundle was very slightly underweight.


Based on my findings, I received more food in 3 out of the 4 bundles, and very slightly less (1385 grams vs 1400 grams) in the turkey bundle. Although I cannot make a conclusion on every customer’s order, my box overall contained more food than stated.

As a result, it appears FACT that there are inconsistencies with the weight of the food packs, but it appears FICTION that customers are receiving less food than ordered. Nom Nom takes these weight inconsistencies into account when preparing the bundles of 7 packs.

Whether the turkey bundle discrepancy was a result of human or machine error or a possible error in my measurements, I don’t know, but for now, I can put the conspiracy aside that they’re ripping me off on the total food being ordered.

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