Does CBD Work For Dogs? Get The Straight Facts

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Smiling dog next to words 'Does CBD Work for Dogs?'You may have heard about the benefits of CBD in humans such as reducing anxiety and chronic pain, treating IBS and epilepsy, along with having anti-cancer properties.

Nowadays, CBD (or cannabidiol) is becoming popular as a treatment for dogs. But, does CBD work for dogs?

In this blog post, I’ll answer that question, plus a lot more. By the way, I also wrote a list discussing which CBD oil is best for dogs, plus a list of where to buy CBD dog treats for anxiety, mobility, and more.

Short Answer: Most likely YES. There are small clinical studies plus reports from owners that CBD helps dogs with certain conditions such as anxiety, pain, and epileptic seizures.

Cannabis growing outsideWhat Is CBD Oil? Should I Give it to My Dog?

Cannabidiol, also abbreviated as CBD, is a compound found in cannabis or hemp.

Discovered in 1940, CBD oil accounts for 40% of the plant’s extract and has various health benefits.

It is now legalized in many countries such as the United States and Canada.

But, don’t expect your dog to get high from CBD oil since it doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive compound.

As of now, CBD oil has been shown to be safe and well-tolerated by animals, according to a 2017 World Health Organization report.

However, you should be careful if your dog has any known liver issues, according to Stephanie McGrath, an assistant professor at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

McGrath conducted a number of CBD studies with dogs, and noticed an elevated liver enyzme during CBD treatment.

Further studies must be done to determine if this finding is anything of concern.

She also cautions against giving CBD to dogs taking medications that are metabolized in the liver since it is unknown how CBD interacts with them.

Benefits for Dogs

There have been limited studies so far on the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Other reported benefits come from owners who noticed positive outcomes after their dogs took CBD.

In theory, the benefits that humans receive from CBD could result in the same benefits to dogs.

This is because both dogs and humans have an endocannabinoid systems that is stimulated by CBD.

Here are some benefits that have been shown so far:

two dogs running outside

1. Helps Reduce Pain

There are animal studies suggesting that there is a pain-relieving and  anti-inflammatory effect from CBD.

In a 2018 clinical study, researchers found a significant decrease in pain and increased activity for dogs taking CBD.

They concluded that a dog can increase its comfort by taking a CBD dosage of 2 mg/kg, twice a day.

Whether you try out CBD for pain or other supplements like glucosamine, your dog will hopefully find some relief.

2. Manages Seizures and Epilepsy

CBD has been shown in humans to reduce epileptic seizures, at least with pharmaceutical grade CBD.

This same benefit is starting to show promise with reducing seizures in dogs.

In a 2016-2017 CBD study involving dogs, scientists found a reduction in the number of seizures in 89 percent of the dogs receiving CBD.

3. Reduces anxiety

Does your dog have a noise phobia or suffer from separation anxiety?

There have been numerous studies conducted on humans about the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD oil.

Although there’s no actual clinical studies on dogs, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD reduces anxiety in dogs.

For example, pet owners report success with CBD in treating their anxiety during thunderstorms.

4. May Fight Cancer

Did you know that CBD oil has cancer-fighting properties?

In studies done on humans, it was found that CBD oil helps stop the growth of cancer cells. It also helps increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments while reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy.

I am unaware of any direct studies involving CBD and cancer in dogs. However, there is a 2 year study involving mice and rats that suggests that cannabinoids like CBD could prevent certain types of cancer and tumors.

At this point, it looks promising that CBD does work for dogs at least for some of the conditions above.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Like almost any medicine, CBD oil also has some possible side effects. Let’s take a quick look at them, shall we?

  • Drowsiness

You need to control the dose of CBD oil and go by your doctor’s recommendations. Otherwise, if you give your dog a large enough dose, he’s bound to get drowsy and may even sleep throughout the day.

  • Low Blood Pressure

CBD oil temporarily reduces a dog’s blood pressure resulting in possible lightheadedness.

  • Dry Mouth

CBD oil reduces the amount of saliva your dog produces, leading to dry mouth. Make sure your dog has enough fresh, clean water to drink to keep himself hydrated.

Some Popular Competitors

Before we list the best CBD companies to shop, I would like discuss some things you should consider before buying.

  • Organic CBD is better as it doesn’t contain any solvents, pesticides or fungicides that may be harmful to your pet.
  • Liquid CBD is more convenient as you’ll be able to mix it easily into your dog’s food or treats.
  • Check the label to ensure that the oil contains enough CBD.

Now, let’s look at some top-selling CBD oil brands. Here are 3 of the top brands (in no particular order of importance):

1. Verma Farms

Verma Farms prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and offers CBD dog treats called Steak Bites.

Each container costs $59.99 and has 18 treats with a total of 100 mg of CBD per container. You can also buy a 3 pack for $149.99 for some additional savings.

They promote their treats for anxiety, pain, and arthritis.

They source their CBD from pesticide-free, organic, and GMO-free cannabis.

Go here to check out their dog treats.

2. Purekana

Purekana is another well-known provider of CBD products, including CBD dog treats.

They offer two types of treats with one for small dogs costing $29.99 and another for large dogs costing $34.99.

For the small dog treats, each treat has 1 mg of CBD with 25 treats per bag.

For the large dog treats, each treat has 2.5 mg of CBD with 20 treats per bag.

There offer a number of different flavors including steak and sweet potato, peanut butter and pumpkin, and blueberry and chicken.

Check them out: Purekana Pet CBD

3. Honest Paws

Honest Paws specifically focuses on CBD products for pets, including dogs.

Not only do they offer treats (soft chews and bites), but they also offer CBD oil, infused peanut butter, and coconut oil.

Go here to check out all of their products: Honest Paws CBD


The answer is most likely yes.

CBD does work for dogs, at least for certain conditions. You may also be interested in knowing the correct dosage to use.

These benefits have been proven through limited clinical studies and anecdotal reports from dog owners.

Further studies (and larger studies) need to be performed to confirm these findings and determine additional benefits.

As with any product, check with your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments!

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