7 Awesome New Puppy Gift Ideas

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Puppy Gift IdeasDo you own a new puppy or know someone who does?

Are you looking for some gift ideas?

Whether you’re welcoming a puppy into your home or know someone else with one, there are some great gifts that they’ll love.

Here are some awesome new puppy gift ideas to get them started off on the right paw.

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My Top Picks for New Puppy Gift Ideas

1. Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog sitting next to a PupBox in the grass

Dog subscription boxes are all the rage right now, from meals and food to beauty and health and everything in between. Lucky for you, that includes puppies!

This is #1 on our list of puppy gift ideas since normally a puppy will not have a large collection of toys that older dogs acquire over the years.

There are dozens of doggy subscription boxes online, all with different themes, made for different sizes, and full of treats – even some treats for humans!

You’re going to want to find one that is specifically tailored to puppies to make sure you receive items that are 100% safe and healthy for your growing boy or girl.

PupBox is the dog subscription box geared specifically toward puppies and customized for your little one.

PupBox Coupons:

50% Off 1st Box for 6 & 12 Month Subscriptions

Each box comes with 5-7 treats, toys, or fun accessories!

The best part about PupBox is that the items you receive will change each month based on how old your puppy is at that point.

Even better, your boxes include full training guides to help make puppy-rearing a little easier!

2. Personalized Dog Bowls

As far as puppy gift ideas, personalized dog bowls make an awesome gift.

It’s especially cute as a “Welcome Home” present for your new best friend.

Your puppy is going to be with you for a very long time, so they deserve some dishes of their own.

As your puppy grows, it may be best to stick with metal or durable ceramic bowls.

Thin ceramic runs the risk of chipping or even shattering if your puppy were to flip it over, and plastic bowls will end up with teeth marks or torn into pieces.

And those pieces can become hazardous for your puppy!

Amazon has an affordable stainless steel option with a custom-engraved brass plaque, and it also has a non-skid rubber base to keep it firmly in place while your puppy goes to town.

Of course, you can always turn to Etsy for some durable yet adorable ceramic bowls with a custom bone stamped with your pup’s name!

3. Interactive Toys

Your new puppy is going to have a lot of energy, so you will need to be armed with plenty of toys to keep them busy.

And what’s the number one motivator for a growing pup? Food, of course!

Lots of interactive toys incorporate food, whether treats or kibble, to grab your puppy’s attention – and keep it.

Puppies expend a lot of energy as they learn to use their nose and their growing minds, especially when both of them are stimulated at the same time!

Most interactive toys use this to their advantage, giving your puppy puzzles and brain-benders to solve with their snoots.

Amazon has plenty of options for you to choose from, including this puzzle game, and a “Bob-a-Lot” toy that slowly dispenses treats as your dog pushes along the ground.

4. Dog Travel Crates and Bags

With a new puppy, owners don’t want to let them out of their sight.

With the right travel crate or safety harness, you can make that happen.

Dogs should always be secured when they’re riding in the car for their safety and yours. There’s a wide variety of dog travel crates or carriers on Amazon.

Just be sure to keep a few things in mind when choosing the right travel crate.

First is the size. Your dog should be able to sit, stand, turn around, and lay down, but it should be small enough that he’s properly restrained.

Second is safety. The crate you choose should be sturdy enough to protect your puppy in the event of any potential accident.

Finally, consider the setup. Your crate of choice should be easy to set up, tear down, and transport, or else you’ll be less likely to use it.

5. Dog Gates

Keeping an active puppy contained is a full-time job in itself!

You may need a dog gate to keep them out of trouble or away from other pets who are still getting used to their new sibling.

You may also need a gate to keep your young pup away from potential hazards like stairs.

Adjustable tension gates are specifically for doorways, and while they’re easy to install, you may have trouble setting up and tearing down the gate each time you need through the door.

It will be effective in keeping your dog out of that room, but it may keep you out, too!

Freestanding gates are more flexible as they can be used in doorways or hallways and don’t rely on tension to remain standing.

There are many choices for size and style, but keep in mind that bigger puppies might be able to push the gate over after a couple of months.

Walk-through dog gates are a happy compromise between the other two. These gates come in a variety of styles like hinged, tension, or freestanding, but they feature a walk-through door that makes it easy for you to get in and out of a room no matter how firmly it’s in place.

If this sounds like the perfect puppy gift, check out this walk-through gate on Amazon – it’s easy on the budget and easy on the eyes!

6. Dog Beds or Mats

Want to make your puppy more comfortable?

Though they may be content with any old bed, it’s worth the extra time and effort to find the bed that’s best suited for their needs.

Heated dog beds may sound luxurious, but they’re not the best choice for every pup.

Long-haired or double coat breeds may get overheated if they spend too long on a heated bed.

Here is a popular puppy cuddler bed with high reviews on Amazon.

On the other hand, if you have a short-haired small breed, then a heated bed may be just what they need to keep warm and snug.

Memory foam beds can be beneficial to young puppies, especially, but you will want to invest in quality ones since the foam can otherwise become flimsy.

Also, consider the size of the bed – do you want to invest in a bed that will last a long time, or just get one that will get your puppy through the early stages of life?

Finally, determine whether your dog is a big chewer or not.

It would be a shame to invest in a high-quality dog bed just to have it be torn to shred within days of getting it!

If your dog is an avid chewer or is a breed known for chewing habits (looking at you, Retrievers), consider getting a bed or mat that is durable and chew-resistant.

7. GPS Trackers for Dogs

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling when you don’t know where your dog is – especially if they’re a little puppy still learning the ways of the world.

In fact, in a telephone survey of over 1000 pet owning households, 15 percent lost a dog or cat within the last 5 years, although 85 percent of them were eventually recovered.

A GPS tracker isn’t just a gift for your puppy; it’s a gift for yourself. It’s the gift of peace of mind.

A majority of GPS units come in the form of a small tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar, then sends a signal to a receiver, or an app on a smartphone or tablet.

While there is a monthly cost involved with many GPS trackers, they’re quite budget-friendly, usually less than $10 a month – well worth the extra line of defense for your fur baby.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tracker for your dog.

For instance, do you want to spring for the deluxe version that also monitors their vital signs and health info? That may be helpful for a developing puppy.

What is the battery life on the model you’re considering? And is it rechargeable? It’s no use purchasing a tracker if it dies within minutes of your pet going missing.

Maybe you’d like to invest in a waterproof tracker because you live in an area of unpredictable weather – or your pup enjoys drenching himself in any water he can find.

Whatever the case may be, a GPS tracker can add a layer of security in keeping your puppy safe and healthy for a long time to come.

If you want a more in-depth look, check out my article about GPS trackers for small dogs!

Bonus: Chewy Goody Box

Chewy comes through once again with a Puppy Toys, Treats, and Accessories box – the perfect puppy gift for any little furry friend.

The Puppy Goody Box comes with plenty of poop bags (trust me, you’re going to need lots of those), and hypoallergenic shampoo that’s gentle enough for any growing pup.

Plus, the box comes with puppy-safe treats and toys to spoil your little one to bits!


Well, we hope these 7 new puppy gift ideas help you choose the perfect item for your puppy.

There are many options in each category, so make sure to read product reviews online.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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