Where to Get a Dog’s Nails Trimmed

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Where to Get a Dog’s Nails Trimmed

For many dog owners, nail trimming is a nerve-wracking task that is best left to the professionals, especially if your dog is fearful or difficult to handle.

Some owners may also be interested in learning how to safely trim their dog’s nails at home but aren’t sure where to find the guidance they need.

Depending on where you live, you may have plenty of options or just a few. It’s important to note that some places may require an appointment and others may accept walk-ins.

Be sure to call ahead of time to make sure that the pet professional of your choice has time for a nail trim.

Though prices vary by location, you can expect to pay between $10 and $25 to have your pup’s nails trimmed. However, if you’re taking your dog in for a bath or grooming as well, nail trims are typically included in the price.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the best places where to get a dog’s nails trimmed.

Best Places to Get a Dog’s Nails Trimmed

If you live in a highly populated area, you’ll likely have an almost endless list of pet professionals able and willing to trim your pup’s nails. A quick internet search will easily turn up the results you need, but you might also consider asking the dog lovers in your life for recommendations.

Here are my recommendations on where to get a dog’s nails trimmed:

1. Groomer

Professional groomers are experts in their field and are typically able to trim nails on all but the unruliest of dogs. Groomers work in a variety of locations, so you’ll need to decide what type of groomer you’re looking for.

2. Independent Grooming Salons

groomer necessities

Many groomers are employed by independent grooming salons. Grooming salons are usually locally owned (usually by a groomer) and may employ between one and a dozen or more groomers.

Independent grooming salons typically have their own unique policies. As previously stated, you may or may not need to make an appointment.

Additionally, some grooming salons may offer you the choice between clipping and grinding the nails.

Grinding the nails is often less stressful for the dog and eliminates those sharp edges on freshly trimmed nails, but some locations may charge more for this service.

As always, don’t forget to tip your groomer!

3. Mobile Groomers

If transportation is an issue, or your dog isn’t much of a traveler, you may also consider having a groomer come to your home. Mobile groomers typically work out of a van or similar vehicle and offer a full range of grooming services, including nail trims.

Although some groomers may be willing to come into your home to do the nail trim, most will want to perform the service in their grooming van. Having the proper equipment on hand will help ensure your pup’s safety and comfort.

It’s important to note that mobile groomers are often far more expensive than taking your dog to a stationary grooming shop. Remember, you’re not only paying for the groomer’s skill and time, but their transportation cost as well.

Again, it’s recommended to tip your mobile groomer as a ‘thank you’ for their hard work.

4. The Vet

Your local vet is another great resource for nail trims. Many vets employ professional groomers who work out of a specific area of the clinic. Again, you may or may not need to make an appointment, so it’s best to call ahead.

If your pooch tends to be difficult to handle, either out of fear or aggression, the vet may be your best option. Most groomers are not equipped to deal with extremely difficult dogs.

Depending on the severity of your dog’s behavior, the vet may be able to give a light sedative to help him relax.

Again, you may be able to choose whether your dog’s nails are trimmed with a clipper or a grinder but be aware that there may be a difference in price.

If you prefer one method over the other, be sure to ask about this when you call as not all clinics offer both services.

If your dog is having his nails trimmed by a groomer inside of a vet clinic, it’s recommended to leave a generous tip, but if the service is performed by a member of the veterinary team, a tip is typically not necessary.

5. Dog Retailers

If you’re a frequent shopper at one of the major dog retail stores, you may also want to consider taking your dog there to have his nails trimmed.

Most larger chains have a full-service grooming department run by professional groomers, so the services will be similar to those of an independent grooming salon.

As always, you’ll want to call ahead to find out if they accept walk-ins or if you need to make an appointment.

If you prefer grinding over clipping, be sure to mention it as they may charge a different rate depending on the service requested.

Recommended dog retailers with grooming departments:

  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Pet Supplies Plus
  • Pet Club
  • Petland
  • Pet Depot
  • Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming
  • Pet Supermarket
  • Petsense

6. Do It Yourself

dog nails grinder

If you’re a DIY type of pet owner, you may also consider trimming your dog’s nails at home. All you need is a nail trimmer or grinder and you’re ready to go.

By the way, I have another article on the best nail grinder for dogs.

Remember to prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety. Go slow and use plenty of praise, especially if your dog tends to get nervous about nail trims.

If this idea appeals to you, but you don’t have much experience, you can always ask your local groomer or vet for guidance on safe handling and trimming techniques.

Most pet professionals are more than happy to show you what the best tools are and how to use them.

7. Other Options

Depending on where you live, you may have additional options for nail trims. Some boarding kennels and independent pet sitters may also offer nail trimming. If you’re unsure, you can always call and ask if this service is available.


Remember, nail trimming doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you or your dog. Once you find a pet professional that you and your dog like, it’s best to stick with them for future visits.

The more often they see your dog, the more comfortable your dog is going to be once they see a familiar face.

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