13 Best Dog Bike Trailers and Buyer’s Guide

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best dog bike trailers

If you love biking and want to learn how to take your dog with you, keep reading.

Here’s the thing: not all dogs can run next to your bike for miles; they either haven’t got the discipline or lack the physical energy to keep up.

Dog bike trailers hook up to your bike, so you can take your dog with you wherever you go for a ride.

But more importantly, your pup gets to spend more time with the owner they love. I know, it sounds too good to be true.

In this blog post, I’ll break down the 13 best dog bike trailers, and provide a buyer’s guide to help with the best pick for you.

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1. Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Canine Stroller and Two-Wheeler Pet Carriage – Top Pick

2 new from $346.45
Free shipping
as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 24.4” x 36” x 37.4”
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 66 pounds
  • Color: Red

The Ibiyaya Dog Stroller is my top pick for best dog bike trailers. It has plenty of space inside for your dog and a huge opening to help get them inside. It offers you two entry methods, front and back, making it super easy to get your dog inside.

It’s exceptionally well built and can be converted to a bike trailer or a stroller with minimal effort. It’s just a case of taking the front wheel off and replacing it with the connecting bike tube.

One of the best things is the protection it offers from the elements; you know your dog will be safe on your journey. It has lots of ventilation for sunny days and provides excellent protection against rain.

Another notable point is the large wheels making it perfect for all-terrain. But what makes it stand out is the built-in shock absorbers and suspension. With this trailer, you’ll know your dog is bouncing around in the back.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to put together
  • Built with care
  • Suspension in the wheels


  • The handle isn’t adjustable

2. Schwinn Rascal – Top Foldable Carriage

2 new from $169.99
6 used from $157.56
Free shipping
as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 34” x 28” 19.5”
  • Frame: Folding stainless steel
  • Wheel Size: 16″
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 50 pounds
  • Color: Orange

The Schwinn Rascal is the perfect option for taking your dog for a ride. The bike trailer uses a very efficient coupler and can easily attach to your bike.

It features a unique stainless steel folding frame and quick-release wheels, making it easy to store and transport when needed.

As for the wheels, they are made with aluminum making them super light. The 16″ wheels are air-filled and can be inflated with a standard bike pump.

There is plenty of room for a medium-sized dog inside the compartment, and it can hold 50 lbs. It also features an adjustable leash to stop your dog from jumping from the trailer while you’re riding.

To get your dog inside the trailer, you can use the rear entrance, making it easy to get your pup in and out. The trailer also features a bug net and a roll-down weather protector to help keep them dry.


  • Folds down easily
  • Great quality
  • The adjustable leash worked well
  • The removable inside makes it easy to clean


  • No screen window at the front, so you can’t see your pet while riding
  • Not very stable if your dog stands up

3. PetSafe Happy Ride – Optimal For Large Canines

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 22” x 26” x 33”
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 110 pounds
  • Color: Blue

The trailer is straightforward to attach to your bike, making it easier for you and your furry friend to enjoy your time together. Once you’re finished with the trailer, you can detach it and collapse it to store it away.

To make sure your dog has the best time, they ensured they had viewing windows on every side of the trailer. They even added an openable window at the top, so your dog can poke their head out.

Ensuring your dog stays safe on the journey, they included a safety leash to ensure your dog stays inside. And to make it even better, they included ventilated/weather-resistant windows to keep them in the shade.

If you’re taking your dog somewhere to play, the trailer has three pockets on the outside. The pockets give you enough room to store poop bags, toys, water, treats, and much more.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Attaches to bike quickly
  • The tires are great
  • It doesn’t counteract steering


  • Be careful when stopping on hills
  • Quite heavy to carry
  • Zippers aren’t very strong

4. Aosom Two-Wheeler Carriage – Good For Heavy Canines

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 31” x 28.5” x 35.5”
  • Frame: Foldable stainless steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 66 pounds
  • Color: Red

The rear of the dog trailer features two 20″ rear wheels that provide a perfect ride on any surface. The wheels also house two reflectors to make sure you stand out in the dark.

And it’s not only the wheels that have reflectors; they also attached two to the fabric at the rear of the cart. The Oxford fabric built onto the frame is very strong and protects your pup from wind, rain, and the sun.

They wanted to make sure your pet stayed as comfortable as possible, even during hot days. And this is why they included plenty of ventilation throughout the trailer.

Inside the trailer is a D-ring so that you can attach your dog to the trailer. Unfortunately, it didn’t include a leash, which feels a bit disappointing.


  • It folds away very easily
  • Smooth ride
  • Multiple openings
  • Great value for money


  • It doesn’t include a leash
  • Feels quite heavy
  • The instructions were bad

5. Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Two-Wheeler Carriage for Canines – Good For Medium-Large Canines

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 51” x 31” x 40.5”
  • Frame: Lightweight steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″ rear
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 44 pounds
  • Color: Blue

If your dog is getting old, this might be the perfect trailer for you. Not only can you attach it to your bike, but it also doubles as a stroller. At the front of the trailer is a small wheel that you can turn around ready for when you need it.

When you’re using it as a stroller, you can ensure you’ll stay in control thanks to the rear-mounted brake.

The trailer can be easily attached to the rear wheel of your bike, and to make sure it stays attached, they included a safety strap.

Throughout the trailer, it features plenty of ventilation to keep your dog cool. They also added multiple points of entry to make your life easier.

If you’re concerned about storing the huge 2-in-1 trailer, don’t worry. It’s super easy to fold away, thanks to the folding frame and quick-release wheels.


  • Huge interior
  • Three screen doors
  • Folds down flat
  • It comes with a handbrake


  • The bottom feels flimsy
  • The leash feels weak
  • Too large to fit through standard doors

6. Radcliff Two-Wheeler Foldable Pet Carrier – Budget Canine Carriage


  • Dimensions: 51” x 28.3” x 37”
  • Frame: Foldable steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 88 pounds
  • Color: Blue

The foldable stainless steel dog trailer is compact and easy to set up; it only takes a few minutes. But one of the best things about the trailer is how easy it is to attach your bike.

The trailer’s interior is entirely weatherproofed, so you don’t have to worry about your dog in extreme conditions.

The trailer features a mesh zippered screen at the top and meshed windows on the side; this allows maximum airflow for your dog.

If you have a lot of stuff to carry, you can use the storage provided at the rear to keep everything safe.

To keep your dog inside the trailer, the interior has a D-loop to attach its leash to it. And to add even more safety, it features a luminous flag and reflectors on the wheels and rear of the trailer.


  • Large size
  • Folds away easily
  • Very well made


  • It doesn’t feature a leash
  • It looks like a weak bottom

7. Trixie 2127 – Good For All Terrain

3 new from $146.03
4 used from $125.01
Free shipping
as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 23.62” x 23.62” 20.87”
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: N/A
  • Color: Red

If you have a small dog and don’t require much room in the trailer, the Trixie 2127 is an excellent option for you. The interior is pretty small and doesn’t state how much weight it can take, so I’d only trust it with a small dog.

It’s made with a solid metal frame that is covered by easy-to-clean nylon. The trailer features reflectors on all sides and a tall flag to help you stand out while you’re riding.

One of the standout features of the trailer is the huge, thick wheels it provides. The big wheels help to give you a smooth ride no matter what terrain you’re on.

To make it as easy as possible to get your dog in the trailer, it features doors on the front and rear. It helps to stop you from struggling when the dog is connected to the bike.


  • Perfect for a small dog
  • The setup was straightforward
  • The wheels lock into place
  • Lots of air openings


  • The rear fabric feels loose
  • Feels poorly made
  • It feels like it might tip

8. Lucky Dog 100 – Recommended For Medium Canines

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 55.5” x 31” x 79.75”
  • Frame: Stainless steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 85 pounds
  • Color: Red

The dog trailer is made for large to medium dogs with a maximum weight of 88 lbs. The trailer can connect to 24″ to 28″ bicycles using a universal hitch.

It’s made with steel tubing, which is powder-coated to give it a rust-resistant finish. The frame is super easy to assemble and takedown, which makes it great for storing.

The wheels can quickly unclip, which helps you fold it down; it folds down to about 11″, making it super easy to store.

To protect your dog from the rain, it uses a clear plastic cover that you can roll up anytime. The trailer focuses on providing ventilation by using mesh windows, allowing your dog to take in the views.

At the rear of the trailer, you can attach the orange flag that comes with it, which helps people see you in poor visibility.


  • Runs very smoothly
  • Great for big dogs
  • Excellent frame
  • Tires gave a smooth ride


  • Poorly written instructions
  • Hard to install the roll bar
  • The strong chemical smell on purchase

9. Top Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Carriage – Top 2-In-1 Carriage

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 24” x 27” x 22”
  • Frame: Lightweight Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 66 pounds
  • Color: Red

They built the trailer to be solid and lightweight to make your journey as painless as possible. It’s made with lightweight stainless steel and features a water-resistant frame to keep your dog dry.

The red fabric doesn’t just protect your dog against the rain; it also keeps them safe from harmful sun rays. If the weather is hot, they included plenty of mesh windows to help keep your dog cool.

One of the great things about this trailer is you can quickly convert it to a stroller, which is perfect for dogs with poorly legs. And to help you keep control, the stroller has a brake on the handle.

The trailer focuses on the comfort of your puppy; on the inside, they lined the bottom with cushions. And to make sure your dog doesn’t escape, it’s got a built-in leash.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • People loved being able to switch to a stroller
  • The tires were excellent
  • Great quality


  • Pretty large and complex to store
  • Bad instruction

10. Burley Tail Wagon Pet Two-Wheeler Carriage – Good For Medium Size Canines

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 36.61” x 31.1” x 31.89”
  • Frame: Folding aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 16″
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 74.96 pounds
  • Color: Yellow/black

One of the best things about this dog bike trailer is its adjustability. You can easily take it apart to clean or fold it flat to store it away. And on the inside, they feature an adjustable leash to help keep your puppy safe.

If you don’t want to use it with your bike, you can attach the handlebar to the rear and push it. The problem with this is it doesn’t have a wheel at the front, making things a little more challenging.

They included an all-weather cover to the trailer, so your dog stays protected against the elements. And to help increase the airflow, they added a mesh lining on all four sides.

You can tell they kept you and your dog in mind when they built the trailer. They added side battens for stability and a flip-down tailgate to help you load your pet.


  • Very sturdy design
  • Easy setting up
  • A lot of airflow
  • Helpful pockets


  • The handle is pretty big
  • Wheels can be hard to take off

11. Sepnine Pet Two-Wheeler Carriage – Prime Carriage For Canines With Limited Movement

as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


  • Dimensions: 32.28” x 22.1” x 26”
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 88 pounds
  • Color: Orange

Sepnine made this 2-in-1 dog bike trailer to make your life easier with their quick load system. They attached doors to the front and back of the trailer. It’s also super easy to connect to your bike, again making your life easier.

To keep your dog safe, they installed a two-point seat belt, ensuring your dog can’t escape until you let them out.

Inside the stroller, there is plenty of space for your dog to move around. And the strong frame can hold a large-medium size dog.

They also focused on keeping your dog safe from changing weather conditions. To stop rain from getting in the trailer, they used a see-through plastic lining. And on the sides, they use mesh windows to help increase airflow.

It features 20″ wheels which help to provide a smooth ride at all times. At the front of the trailer, they have a small removable wheel so you can walk with it.


  • Securely attaches to your bike
  • Large tires provide a smooth ride
  • Very easy to put together


  • Hard to pack down
  • Pretty heavy

12. Hosley Canine Pet Stroller – Top Carriage For Light Canines


  • Dimensions: 38.25” x 22’” x 42.1”
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 12″
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 44 pounds
  • Color: Red

This bike trailer is easily convertible, making it perfect for your dog that struggle with walking. It can be set up quickly and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

It uses a steel frame to ensure it stays sturdy and a heavy-duty water-resistant fabric to keep your dog protected. The trailer has windows on each side so your dog can enjoy the view and dual entry to help them get in.

The wheels are pretty small, making it challenging on rough terrain, which is a con. But the good thing is you can take the wheels off quickly, thanks to the quick release.

Although the trailer has a suitable dimension, it feels like it’s better for smaller dogs. This is mainly due to the weight restrictions. Another downside is the lack of brakes, making it challenging to go downhill with a large dog.


  • Well built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attaches to almost anything


  • No brakes
  • Small wheels

    13. Booyah Small Canine Pet Two-Wheeler Carriage – Recommended For Small Canines

    as of June 9, 2024 6:29 am


    • Dimensions: 23.9” x 17.9” x 9.4”
    • Frame: Steel
    • Wheel Size: 16″
    • Weight: 23 pounds
    • Maximum Capacity: 20 pounds
    • Color: Green

    If you’ve got a tiny dog, then this little trailer is the one for you. Don’t let the small size fall you though; it’s incredible at what it does. Just make sure your dog will be able to fit before you purchase the trailer.

    One of the best things about this trailer is how easy it is to assemble and connect to your bike. The whole thing only takes a few minutes before you are up and running and ready to ride.

    The stainless steel frame is very sturdy, and the outside fabric helps to keep your pup protected. The top of the trailer features a three-layer sunroof, so you can choose the protection you need.

    It also has two doors so you can choose how you load and unload your dog. And on the sides, your dog has mesh windows so it can enjoy the view.


    • Perfect for small dogs
    • Easy to assemble
    • Hooks up to your bike with ease


    • Heavy considering the size

    My Top Pick

    For me, my top pick is the Ibiyaya 2-in-1 stroller. It’s great for dogs of all sizes and overall performs well.

    One of the stand out features is the suspension and shock absorbers. It’s fantastic to know your dog is getting a smooth ride, no matter what terrain you cycle on.

    That being said, what’s suitable for me, might not be right for you. Make sure you check out all 13 of the best dog trailers to find out what’s right for you.

    If you like the look of any of the trailers, make sure you click on the links to find out more.

    But, more importantly, make sure you keep reading so you can find out what to look for.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Dog Bike Trailer, And How Does It Work?

    Dog in a bike trailer

    These specially made trailers allow you to bring your dog with you while you’re on a bike ride. Not all dogs have the discipline or the energy to run alongside your bike.

    They’re designed to hold your dog safely inside its compartment. All you have to do is attach the trailer to the rear wheel, place your dog inside, leash them down, and away you go.

    What To Look For In the Best Dog Bike Trailers?

    There’s no point buying any old dog trailer. If it doesn’t work for your dog, you’re going to be disappointed with your decision.

    Here are some of the things you need to check out before you make a purchase:


    One of the first things you need to check out is whether the trailer is big enough for your dog. Take a few measurements of your dog so you can be sure your dog will have enough room to turn around and lie down.

    Maximum Capacity

    Once you know the trailer is big enough, you need to check out what capacity it can hold. Most dog trailers are built for medium-weight dogs. If you have a heavy dog, you need to make sure the trailer can hold them.


    Have a look to see if your trailer can fold, it makes it easier to transport, but more importantly, you can store it away. Some dog trailers are on the large size, and if they don’t fold, it’s going to be taking up a lot of room.

    How Do You Secure A Canine In A Two-Wheeler Carriage?

    The key to making sure your dog is safe while you’re on your bike ride is securing them in the trailer. Luckily it’s a pretty simple task.

    Most bike trailers come with a leash built into the trailer. All you have to do is attach it to their harness and adjust the length of the leash so they can’t jump out.

    If it doesn’t come with a built-in leash, it will probably come with a D-loop. All you have to do is tie the leash to the loop. Just make sure you tie it with enough room for the dog to turn, but not enough to jump out.

    How Can You Attach The Canine Carriage To Your Two-Wheeler?

    dog bicyle trailer

    It’s very straightforward, although some models so vary. But here’s the basic principle:

    1. Attach the tow bar to the trailer as shown in the instruction
    2. Take of the quick release or bolt that secures your back wheel
    3. Place the trailer hitch on between the axle and the quick release/bolt
    4. Tighten up the quick release
    5. Make sure everything is work and safe before you put your dog inside
    6. You’re ready to go

    What Size Two-Wheeler Carriage Do You Need For Your Canine?

    It really depends on the size of your dog. The only way to find out is by measuring your dog’s height, width, and length.

    Once you know the dimensions of your dog, add at least 10-15 inches on top for wriggle room. And that should tell you what size trailer you need for your furry friend to be comfortable.


    Well, I hope I gave you a better idea of your choices for the best dog bike trailers.

    If you’re looking to take your dog on your next bike ride, one of these options should work for you.

    Depending on your needs, one model may be better than another. For example, the size of your dog is a major factor.

    I also wrote an informational article on different kinds of dog carriers if you’re looking to carry your dog while walking, while traveling, in a backpack, on a motorcycle, and more.

    Let me know your comments below.

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