7 Kinds of Dog Carriers to Take Dogs Anywhere

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Kinds of Dog Carriers

As dog owners, it’s hard being away from our dogs when leaving the house. In fact, humans can even get separation anxiety when leaving their dogs.

Well, I’ve got plenty of options for take them with you. However, choosing the right way to transport your dog safely is critical.

There are a whole bunch of different ways to get from place to place. Luckily, there are also many kinds of dog carriers to handle most situations.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re biking along the lake, hitting the highway on a motorcycle, or hiking the trails. You can find a dog carrier that will work for you and your pup.

Here’s a look at 7 different kinds of dog carriers, designed for the various ways you like to get from here to there.

Dog Slings

Does your dog need some assistance when out for a walk? Maybe they can’t make it the whole way. Or maybe you’re in a crowded city street? A dog sling should do the trick.

Dog slings come in two basic categories: wrap-around or carry. The carry versions feature a reinforced piece of fabric that goes around your pet’s midsection. It then has two handles that you use to carry your pup.

People most often use these types of slings with older dogs or pups recovering from some sort of injury. The sling helps give their dog some assistance with moving around.

But if you want a hands-free way to bring your small pooch around with you, then you would look at the wrap-around sling. These consist of a fabric that wraps around your body to hold your dog, very similar to baby slings. They work well for casual strolls, shopping, and other similar activities.

These slings keep your pal close to your body, making them feel more comfortable and at ease. However, ensure you weigh and measure your dog when selecting a sling.

Longer pups might not be very comfortable in the sling. Likewise, if your dog tends to wiggle and move around a lot, a sling might not be the best fit.

Dog Carrier Backpacks

Dog Carrier Backpacks

If you have a small pup, that you want to take with you on walks and hikes, a dog backpack could be for you. The backpack is great for dogs roughly 8 to 15 pounds, allowing you to hold your pup easily hands-free.

Plus, carrying your pup on your back reduces the strain on your legs and arms.

Many dog backpacks even feature extra pockets and compartments. So you can easily store essential items, like doggy waste bags, a collapsible water bowl, and treats. Some even come with the option of rolling it on the ground.

It’s essential to ensure your dog will fit comfortably in the backpack. It’s not the best option if your dog suffers from any type of hip issues or joint pain.

This is because the backpack limits how your dog can sit inside of it. Also, make sure to select a backpack that features a leash clip so your dog can’t jump from it.

Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are a great option if you enjoy walking often but your furry friend can’t always keep the pace. They’re great for at the park, a walk through the neighborhood, or going to local shops and such.

If your dog has health conditions that limit the extent of their walking, a stroller can be a great option. Especially if your pup is too large for a sling or backpack.

Dog strollers come in endless styles and sizes. Therefore, it’s imperative to assess your options carefully before choosing which one will work best for you.

Most dog strollers feature an enclosed mesh casing. It enables your pal to look outside and enjoy the walk without the risk of jumping out. Plus, strollers provide protection from the elements like the sun’s rays and rain.

You can also find strollers that feature storage below, perfect for shopping trips or day outings at the park. If you plan to go on more intense walks, look for an all-terrain stroller that can handle various types of obstructions.

Motorcycle Dog Carriers

If you love to ride, your canine companion can get in on the fun, but make sure they do so safely. Motorcycle dog carriers come in different styles, but the most common are rear-mount models that securely fasten to your motorcycle’s passenger seat.

Many can hold dogs up to 35-pounds but carefully check out the weight and size restrictions before purchasing your carrier. These carriers are typically weather-resistant and can fully close with multiple ventilation points.

Plus, they come with an internal clip for your pal’s leash or straps for your pal’s harness for extra security.

Different carriers attach to various motorcycle models, so make sure you get one that will work with your ride. As an extra safety precaution, if your dog will be riding with you on your motorcycle, doggy helmets are available.

Dog Bike Trailers

Dog in a bike trailer

For avid bike riders, it can be a great bonding experience to bring your dog along for the journey. A bike trailer can be a good investment if you ride often. It offers a safe way for you to bring Fido on your rides. I wrote an article on the best dog bike trailers for further info.

A bike trailer is basically a small cart that attaches to the rear of your bike. It fully closes with a mesh screen so your dog can enjoy the view and breeze as you zip along the trails. Typically, there is a safety clip inside so you can secure your pal.

Bike trailers come in different forms and sizes. Some are only able to handle 20 pounds, while others can hold over 60 pounds or more.

Plus, you can find some with storage options and others that can handle rugged terrain. Check out this article I wrote on bike trailers to get a closer look at 14 options. It can help you find the one that will work best for you.

Travel Crates

Whether you’re taking a road trip or hopping on a plane, having the right travel crate for your dog is critical. Obviously, you want your pal to be comfortable and safe.

But you also need to consider logistics, like how easy a crate is to handle, clean, and store.

Travel crates come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Therefore, you can find one for your pooch, whether they’re five pounds or 150. There are hard-sided crates, collapsible versions, fabric models, and more.

Some even have wheels, making it easy to tug them around an airport. But, you need to pay attention to specific guidelines for travel crates for flying; not all airlines are the same. For a closer look at travel crates, I wrote an article on the best travel dog crates if you want more info.

Dog Baskets for Bikes

Dog Carrier for Bikes

If you have a smaller dog and enjoy bike riding, consider a dog basket for bikes. Using a bike basket can be a safe and fun way to take your pup with you. These carriers typically attach to the front or back of a bicycle.

They usually have a safety strap inside for your pet. You can install some yourself, while other manufacturers recommend letting a bike shop secure the carrier to your bike.

Some versions fully enclose, with ventilation points, while others are open. These are things worth considering when you choose your bike carrier. For example, if you plan to do some high-speed biking, an enclosed carrier will provide more protection to your pup.

Many bike carriers also include a sun-shield and some have storage. Additionally, some convert to a pet carrier that you can carry over your shoulder.

Look for bike carriers that feature soft lining and padding to keep your pup comfortable while you ride.


No matter how you decide to travel, you’ve got plenty of dog carrier options to help take your pet with you.

Just make sure what you select is a good fit for both you and your pal. It’s always important to consider both your pup’s needs and your lifestyle when choosing the best dog carrier and what kind is necessary. By the way, you also want to make sure you know how to properly pick up a dog to prevent injury.

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