Best Dog Training Collars With No Shock

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Best Dog Training Collars with no shockOkay, all you dog owners out there. We love our precious pups more than anything in the world, but sometimes we need a little extra help communicating with them.

Whether you have a new puppy, a rescue dog who needs guidance, or a long-time best friend who needs a gentle nudge back to the right behaviors, you have to be patient and consistent.

One of the best ways to speak your dog’s language is to use a training collar to teach obedience.

And yes, there are shock collars out there that may make a quick difference, but there are also plenty of drawbacks to these E-collars. Some believe that they can even lead to aggressive behavior in the long term.

Rather than take that risk, why not explore alternatives that are equally, if not more effective – with no shock required.

If you find yourself at a loss with your dog, or just want to start training with your best foot forward, dog training collars can make a considerable improvement.

You will find our recommended dog training collars without shock below.

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Vibration Collars

Vibrating collars use the same principle as shock collars, with much less pain for your pup. They still address negative behaviors but not at the expense of your dog’s comfort. Here are the best vibration collars to help your dog be on his best behavior.

1. WOLFWILL Humane No-Shock Remote Dog Training Collar

Number one on the list is WOLFWILL’s no-shock training collar. This is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to make a marked difference in their dog’s behavior but have reservations about using a shock collar to get there.

This collar operates much in the same way that a shock collar does, but instead of delivering a painful shock to your dog’s neck, the collar vibrates, sending a clear message to your dog without intense discomfort.

The transmitter for the collar has touch-distinctive buttons that allow you to select vibration or tone to give feedback to your dog.

There are 16 levels of vibration intensity to choose from, and the transmitter has a range of 660 yards – plenty for an average house dog!

As a bonus, this collar does not have the metal prongs that are typically found on training collars, so no metal pieces are digging into your dog’s neck. That’s much safer for their throat and airways!

2. PaiPaitek No-Shock Safe Dog Training Collar

A close second for vibrating collars is PaiPatek’s No-Shock Safe Dog Training Collar. While it also has the prong-free design that WOLFWILL’s does, this collar has some added features that set it apart.

For starters, the receiver on the collar is waterproof, so your pup can enjoy a hike in the rain or a day at the lake without you having to worry about their safety or the collar’s integrity!

The transmitter has a range of 1,640 feet, and both the transmitter and collar can be recharged via USB – at the same time, no less!

The battery life is pretty impressive, lasting up to 10 days after being fully charged.

Another handy feature is the LCD screen on the transmitter, making it easy to see the settings you’ve selected.

The vibration levels range from 0 to 100, so the easy-to-read display will come in handy!

This collar is best suited for small to medium dogs, ranging from 4 pounds to 66 pounds.

3. GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

Last but not least, for vibrating collars, we have GoodBoy’s Mini No-Shock collar, perfect for our tiny furball friends. It is ideal for dogs ranging between 5 pounds and 15 pounds, and it is super lightweight to accommodate even the most petite pooch.

While there is only one volume level for the tone feature, there are nine vibration intensity levels to choose from. The transmitter is quite sleek, user-friendly as well, and has a range of up to 1,000 feet. However, the battery life leaves a bit to be desired. Once fully charged, it lasts for up to 16 hours before needing to be charged again.

There is a bonus with this collar, though! When you purchase it on Amazon, it comes with a training booklet, a guide to teach you how to use the collar on your dog safely, and to get you started with training commands!

Citronella Bark Collars

Perhaps your furry friend needs some guidance when it comes to excessive barking. Bark collars, particularly citronella bark collars, are just the ticket.

Citronella collars use the same method as vibration collars, but instead of sending vibrations, the collar sprays a burst of citronella oil.

While citronella is a natural, plant-based oil that is not harmful, dogs still don’t care for the smell and will associate this awful scent with negative behaviors.

Here are some of the best citronella collars to help train your dog!

1. PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, Training Collar & Remote

This spray trainer is the best of all worlds. It has three modes to choose from as you work with your dog: spray stimulation, tone, and vibration.

Fair warning – because of these fantastic features, the price is a little steeper than other citronella collars.

However, when you weigh the cost against the price of a professional trainer, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad!

The range is somewhat limited with the PetSafe collar, only extending up to 300 yards out, so it is best used for indoor training, small yards, or close-contact training.

Two 6-volt batteries power the collar and transmitter, and you do receive a pair when you purchase the collar.

The citronella spray comes out of refillable cartridges that attach to the collar, and each cartridge lasts for about 35 sprays.

PetSafe does sell refill bottles of the citronella on Amazon, so don’t fret if you go through the first cartridges quickly!

2. Downtown Citronella Spray Collar

This collar is unique from the others listed so far. While the other collars are manual, triggered by a button on a transmitter, this collar is automatic, so it is strictly a collar for barking.

The collar is triggered when the built-in microphone detects your dog barking and sprays a burst of citronella to discourage the behavior.

While the cartridge only holds enough citronella for 15 sprays, the collar does come with a bottle of citronella to refill it.

It also includes one battery to get you started as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Downtown’s Spray Collar is recommended for dogs weighing 6 pounds or more, but keep in mind that the cartridge is a bit more bulky and heavy than other choices.

Smaller dogs may have more trouble adjusting to it because of its size.

3. Queenmew Dog Bark Collar

If you’re looking for a hybrid option between manual and automatic, Queenmew has the perfect collar for you and your dog!

After you turn the collar on, you can activate the manual mode by simply pressing any button on the transmitter.

If one minute has passed and the collar does not detect a signal from the transmitter, it activates the automatic mode, using its built-in microphone to sense when your dog barks.

The receiver of the collar is USB-rechargeable and is fully charged within two hours.

The transmitter requires two AAA batteries, but Queenmew does include a set when you first purchase the collar.

While it’s listed as being waterproof, the manufacturer’s notes do say to remove the collar when your dog is swimming or bathing.

The one drawback to this collar is that it does not come with the citronella spray or refill bottle; the citronella has to be purchased separately.

However, it’s easy enough to buy one of the PetSafe refill bottles to use for this collar as well!

Alternative Collar

1. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Some dogs struggle with lunging at other dogs and people, jumping, and pulling on the leash while they walk.

If these are the issues you’re trying to address in your dog, the Gentle Leader is an ideal solution without using any sprays, shock or vibration collars, or choke chains.

The Gentle Leader works much like the harness of a horse. The band slips around their nose and clasps just behind their head, giving you more control of their whole body.

The padded band around their nose puts pressure on calming points of their snout rather than putting an excessive amount of pressure on their throat and neck.

As a bonus, the Gentle Leader can help calm anxious dogs who typically struggle with walking calmly on a leash.

Those pressure points on the snout can tame a jumping dog but soothe an anxious one as well!


If you are looking for a dog training collar without shock, there are some quality ones on the market.

You’ll want to compare the features of the listed collars above to see which one is the best fit for your dog and your budget.

You can choose from vibrating collars, Citronella Bark Collars, or even collars with calming pressure points.

Let me know your experience with these collars or if you have any further questions.

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