7 Best Dog Grooming Clippers and Buyer’s Guide

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Best dog grooming clippers

Are you searching for the best dog grooming clippers?

Maybe you want to save money by cutting your pup’s hair yourself instead of hiring a groomer.

Did you know that the average grooming session costs between $40-$70 depending on the breed?

I’ve reviewed 7 of the best clippers to help you choose the right one for your dog.

Additionally, I’ve provided a helpful buyer’s guide to know what to consider when buying the best dog grooming clippers, plus frequently asked questions.

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Best Dog Grooming Clippers

1. Oneisall 2-Speed Canine Trimmers (Finest Overall)

2 new from $38.98
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
The oneisall 2-Speed Dog Clippers offer the best value out of my list.

They come with the most guide guard attachments out of all the clippers we have listed here, and they have cordless functionality. Oneisall also includes some extras with this set of clippers, including scissors, a comb, a cleaning brush, and an oil bottle.

The oneisall clippers are quiet and low-vibration for the sake of your pup’s comfort, reaching only 50 decibels of noise when you turn them on.

These clippers come detachable blades that are easy to clean and replace and feature two speeds: high (6,200 RPMs) for long-coat dogs and low (5,500 RPMs) for short-coat pups. However, there is just one button to turn it on and off and toggle between the two speeds.

Number of Attachments:

The oneisall clippers boast six different guide comb lengths for grooming any type of coat: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm. You can adjust the blade length for these clippers as well, between 0.8mm and 2mm.

Battery & Power:

These clippers only take 2.5 hours to charge from no battery life to 100%. Once the battery is full, it will last for about 150 minutes, but you can still use them while the clippers are charging and plugged into the wall.

Screen & Indicators:

An LCD screen indicates the clippers’ battery life and charging status, so you’re not caught off-guard by a dying battery.


Oneisall clippers have the best value with six guide guards, a full grooming kit, and an LCD screen to indicate battery power.

2. PettingPal Canine Trimmers (Optimal Battery Life & For Beginners)

as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
Next up is the PettingPal Dog Grooming Clippers. These clippers take first place for battery life by a landslide, giving you five hours of cordless use once they’re fully charged!

You can charge them with the power cord or via the charging base included with the set. These clippers get bonus points for the intuitive buttons that change the speed settings and the LCD screen that alerts you to low battery life, low oil levels, and the speed setting you’ve selected.

These are also the first clippers on our list to offer a wide blade for managing thicker coats and a small blade for grooming small, delicate areas around your dog’s paws, ears, face, and rear end.

The blades are detachable, making it easy to switch between the two and clean each one after use. These clippers feature a 3-speed motor that can adjust to 5,000 RPMs, 5,800 RPMs, or 6,500 RPMs, depending on the length and thickness of your dog’s coat.

Number of Attachments:

PettingPal’s clippers come with four guide guards: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm in length. As with the other clippers listed, you can adjust the blades between 0.8mm and 2mm.

Battery & Power:

The PettingPal clippers take 3-4 hours to charge fully, but as I mentioned earlier, you can use them for up to 300 minutes once they’re finished charging. If the battery is running low, you have the option to plug them in and continue using them while the charging cord is connected, or pop them onto the charging base after you’re done using them.

Screen & Indicators:

These clippers have a screen that will give you all the info you need. It will tell you which speed setting you’ve selected, how much battery power you have left, and a red indicator light will flash when the battery drops to 15% or less. It also has an indicator light to alert you when the clippers need more oil, and you will hear a chiming sound to remind you, too!


With over five hours of cordless use, a user-friendly LCD screen to give you plenty of info, and intuitive buttons to change the speed settings, these clippers are the best ones for battery life and for beginners who are just learning how to groom their dogs.

3. Wahl Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers (Top Professional-Grade Kit)

4 new from $59.99
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
Yep, the same brand known for human hair clippers and beard trimmers has thrown their hat into the ring for animal grooming! Wahl is an authority brand that brings over 100 years of experience to the table, so it’s no surprise that their animal grooming clippers are the highest quality.

With a package that includes color-coded guide guards, scissors, a comb, cleaning brushes, and an oil bottle, these clippers are the best professional-grade grooming kit on our list.

The blades are made from high carbon, and they actually sharpen themselves as they work. This feature helps them stay sharp for longer and makes cutting through heavy coats a breeze.

Wahl’s clippers feature their signature PowerDrive Cutting system, which they claim has 1.5 times more power than the average set of clippers to power through thick coats more quickly.

Number of Attachments:

Wahl’s Pro Series Clippers come with four guide guard attachments: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm (or 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch, respectively). As a bonus, the guards are color-coded to make sure you grab the right length every single time!

Battery & Power:

These clippers have a two-hour run time once they have been fully charged. They also have a “15-Minute Quick Charge” feature that gives you an additional 8 minutes of use – just in case you need to put the finishing touches on your pup before the battery dies completely.

The product specs state that it takes 60 minutes for the clippers to be fully charged from 0% to 100%, but you can still use them while plugged into the charging cord.

Screen & Indicators:

While these clippers do not have a screen, they have a “Charging Indicator” light to alert you when the battery is low. It will also light up once it begins charging, so you don’t have to worry about the clippers being dead the next time you need to use them.


Backed by a leading brand name in grooming (for humans and animals), these clippers include everything you need to give your dog a professional grooming experience from home.

4. Hansprou Canine Shaver Trimmers (Most Simple To Use)

as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
Next on our list is the Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers for best dog grooming clippers. These clippers are simple and straightforward. No bells and whistles, no extra lights flashing, and only one speed to choose from.

These Hansprou clippers are corded, so there’s no need to worry about batteries dying or the power diminishing as you go. You just plug them in, press a button, and you’re ready to roll.

Much like other clippers on the market, these clippers only reach 50 decibels of noise and have low vibration levels to avoid scaring your dog.

They feature a ceramic blade and titanium alloy blade for high-quality performance, and both can be removed to clean them or change them out with a new set of blades. These clippers also have a 12V high-speed motor to power through any type of coat without snagging.

Number of Attachments:

Hansprou offers the standard collection of four different guard guides with this set of clippers with 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm lengths, and the blade length is adjustable between 0.8mm and 2mm.

Battery & Power:

These clippers are not cordless, so while you don’t ever have to worry about the battery dying, your range is limited a bit by the cord. It’s three meters long, or just shy of ten feet, so just be mindful of the closest outlet to your grooming station!

Screen & Indicators:

Since there is no battery power to monitor and only one speed for the clippers, there is no screen or light indicator. Just one power button to turn them on and off.


With one speed, one button, and one source of power, Hansprou’s clippers are a straightforward approach to grooming, suitable for beginners and no-nonsense users. These clippers are straight-up simple.

5. Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Trimmers (Most Durable)

11 new from $139.99
as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
Oster is another brand that’s well-known in the appliance industry, and they’ve brought their expertise to the animal grooming world with these clippers. Their blades are produced and treated with cryogenic technology to make them some of the most durable blades on the market.

The universal motor in these clippers can run slow and soft for delicate areas, but crank up to high speed to make quick work of long, thick coats without a hitch. The Oster brand prides itself on chew-proof housing around the clipper’s motor to keep your clippers in pristine condition for years to come.

The Oster clippers’ low speed reaches 2,100 SPM (strokes per minute) for delicate areas, and the high speed reaches 2,700 SPM for larger sections of fur.

It’s also worth noting that they include a grooming guide chart on their product page, to give you an idea of how best to groom your dog based on their breed and what part of their body you’re grooming (face, ears, tail, body, etc.).

Number of Attachments:

Though these clippers are a durable powerhouse, there are no guide guard attachments included with the clippers. You have to buy them separately. Luckily, these clippers are compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades, so you can mix and match the lengths as needed.

Battery & Power:

These clippers are also corded, but you have a bit more wiggle room with a 12-foot-long cable. Extra of room to move around your grooming area and no fear of a dead battery.

Screen & Indicators:

No screens or indicator lights with these clippers; they are all business. To change between the two speeds, you simply toggle the switch on the bottom of the clippers rather than pressing buttons.


Oster’s clippers are TOUGH. With cryogenically-treated metal blades, chew-proof housing, and a powerful universal motor, these clippers are an investment that will last for years.

6. Andis 22340 ProClip (Best Professional-Grade Trimmers)

3 new from $227.96
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm
Andis is an authority brand in the grooming industry and has been since the 1920s. These clippers have shatter-proof housing, a durable motor to handle coats of any length or texture, and a 14-foot power cable to give you a wide range while you work on your pup. The 22340 ProClip comes with UltraEdge blades that are sharp, durable, and feature a chrome finish to prevent corrosion.

These professional-grade clippers offer two speeds to accommodate any type of coat you throw at them, but they are still quiet enough to keep your dog calm through the whole process.

The detachable UltraEdge blades are easy to clean and swap out for new ones, and they will give your dog a 1/16-inch cut. You can also order Andis’ CeramicEdge blades if you want blades that will last longer and stay cooler through high-volume grooming sessions.

Number of Attachments:

These clippers do not come with any guide guard attachments either, though they are compatible with Oster A5 guards, generic Wahl guards, and the Andis brand guards, of course.

Battery & Power:

Since they are professional-grade, these clippers do not have cordless capabilities. However, they have the longest cord out of all the clippers on this list, standing at 14 feet long.

Screen & Indicators:

No screen for the Andis clippers either. To select which motor speed to use, slide the switch upward one or two notches based on the speed you want, kind of like a human hairdryer.


With nearly 100 years of experience producing high-quality haircutting and grooming products, Andis brand clippers are trusted by grooming pros all over the world. They’re durable, dependable, yet quiet and smooth for a stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

7. HOLDOG Canine Trimmers (Most Budget-Friendly)

3 new from $32.99
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 6:38 pm

Note: this item is no longer available but I am contacting the seller for further details.

Even though these clippers cost less than a new pair of shoes, they have a high rating on Amazon – with thousands of reviews!

On top of that, these clippers are part of a grooming kit, so you will get a comb, cleaning brush, oil bottle, and pair of scissors. It’s no wonder they’re highly rated.

This set comes with a detachable blade that is a hybrid between titanium and ceramic to increase efficiency and its lifespan.

It is an adjustable, 3-speed motor, which helps you slice through fur of any kind – curly, straight, long, or short. It’s also a quiet model of clippers (only 50 decibels when it’s running) and is low-vibration to keep your dog at ease instead of being fearful of grooming time.

Number of Attachments:

The HOLDOG clippers come with four attachment combs to adapt to the length of your dog’s hair. The sizes are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm for the longer coats.

These clippers also have a “fine-tuning” feature that allows you to adjust the blades’ length between 0.8mm and 2mm for those super-close cuts.

Battery & Power:

These clippers take about three hours to charge completely, and the battery will last for 3-4 hours once it’s reached 100%. However, it’s also possible to use the clippers while they’re plugged in and charging.

Screen & Indicators:

The HOLDOG clippers have an LCD screen that makes it easy for you to see which speed setting you’ve selected, how much battery life you have left, and how quickly the clippers are charging.


These clippers are a great budget friendly choice for your wallet, and the LCD screen makes these clippers user-friendly, even for beginners.

Buyer’s Guide to Grooming Clippers for your Dog

As you can see, there are PLENTY of clippers to choose from, all with their own pros, cons, and specs to fit different needs. Details are everything when it comes to making the right choice for your fur baby, so there are a few things you should consider before clicking that “Add to Cart” button!

Here are the essential details you need to think about for your canine’s clippers.

Power & Speed

The speed and power of grooming clippers are measured by strokes per minute (SPM) or rotations per minute (RPM). While clippers with higher SPMs and RPMs can slice through thick, heavy coats, that power comes with more noise, vibration, and even heat during a long grooming session.

Don’t just spring for the higher-power clippers just because of the bigger numbers! Consider the amount of power that your dog’s coat truly requires. If your dog has a thicker coat or curly fur, you’ll need that extra power to groom them without getting their fur snagged in the blades.

If your dog’s coat is short or wiry, though, low to medium-speeds will be just fine. Our list has a few variable-speed options (two speeds or more) as well as one-speed choices. So which is better?

If you’re looking for low-maintenance clippers for a low-maintenance coat, one-speed clippers are just the thing for you. However, if you need clippers that can handle precision work, bulk trimming, and different coat textures, variable-speed clippers allow you to adjust to the task at hand.

Blade Material

Your clippers’ blade materials play a significant role in how much heat is produced while you groom your dog.

Steel blades are incredibly durable and can slice through any fur without a problem, but they get hot to the touch after working through heavy or matted fur. Ceramic blades won’t get nearly as hot as steel ones, but they may have a shorter lifespan depending on how heavy or long your dog’s coat is.

Noise & Vibration

While grooming clippers may not seem loud to you, the vibrating sound can be frightening to your dog! Powerful clippers may handle your dog’s coat well, but the heavy-duty motor could cause stress and fear to your poor pup.

Plus, the feeling of heavy vibration could freak them out and make it hard for you to handle the clippers – much less the dog!

If your dog is sensitive to loud noises or strange, new sensations, consider buying clippers that are low-noise (under 60 decibels) and low-vibration. It will be much easier for both of you!

Weight of the Clippers

Most clippers on the market today are ergonomically designed to help fight off fatigue in your hands, wrists, and arms while you work. Even still, the weight of your chosen clippers has a big impact on your at-home grooming experience!

Lighter clippers are much easier to handle, especially when you’re getting those hard-to-reach spots. Keep in mind, though, that lightweight clippers will make you (and your pup) feel the vibrations more than other clippers, particularly when you crank up the speed.

If your dog is not bothered by vibration and you need some help keeping your muscles going strong as well, a lightweight set of clippers are a good choice. However, if your dog is sensitive to vibrations or you need help keeping a sharp, detailed cut, steer clear of the lightweights and go for the standard weights.

Cord or No Cord?

To cord or not to cord? The answer depends on the scope of your grooming job! Using a set of cordless clippers is tempting for the convenience, but bear in mind the battery run time.

Some clippers have excellent battery performance and can last up to five hours (looking at you, PettingPal clippers), while others will start to struggle after one hour of use. And since their power is somewhat limited, cordless clippers are best suited for dogs with short, soft coats.

For dogs with thicker coats, corded clippers are your best bet since they can draw as much electricity as they need at all times.

Oil Required

Finally, make sure that you have the correct oil to lubricate the teeth of your chosen clippers. You can check which oil is recommended for your clippers on the manufacturer’s website or sometimes included in their Amazon product description.

It’s crucial to oil your clippers, no matter what kind, for the sake of your dog’s comfort. Without a proper oil and maintenance routine, the blade and teeth will get dull quickly, the blade won’t cut your dog’s fur evenly, and you run the risk of nicking your dog’s skin or pulling their fur.

Nobody likes getting their hair yanked or getting a cut when you’re at the salon! Make sure your clippers come with oil or a manufacturer recommendation to purchase separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shave a canine wet or dry?

Unlike humans, it’s best to shave a dog with dry hair. Clipper blades work best on a clean, dry coat so it’s generally recommended to bathe and dry the dog prior to clipping. A dirty coat will cause more wear and tear on the blades and cause them to require more frequent sharpening.

The vast majority of professional groomers will only clip a dry dog, but some groomers do make exceptions for extremely matted dogs. Dogs that are covered in matts from head to tail are referred to as being ‘pelted’.

With pelted dogs, groomers will sometimes bathe the dog and then shave the matts off while the dog is still wet. The reason behind this is that pelted dogs are often extremely dirty beneath their matts, which will be damaging to the clippers if the dog is shaved before bathing. Drying a pelted dog after the bath is also extremely difficult.

However, most groomers will agree that the coat will nearly always look better if it is shaved dry rather than wet. It can be difficult to get a smooth, even finish if the dog is shaved with wet hair.

What number trimmer blade should I use?

Clipper blades are numbered to indicate length, so the blade you choose will depend on the desired length. Larger numbers, such as #30 or #40, indicate an extremely short cut. These blades are generally used in veterinary settings for surgical shaves.

Lengths such as #7 or #10 are the preferred length for a very short haircut that isn’t quite surgical. These lengths are often used on poodles’ faces and feet, as well as sanitary areas and paw pads.

Mid-length blades like #5 and #4 are a great choice for that “short but not shaved” look. However, if you want a length longer than this, most groomers will recommend using an attachment comb, which will leave up to an inch of hair.

Attachment combs, sometimes called snap combs, work best when used with shorter blades such as a #30. Attachment combs don’t usually fit correctly on longer blades, so it’s recommended to use them on the shortest blade possible.

Most attachment combs either snap or slide onto the clipper blade, but it’s important to be aware of the brand of clippers that you are using. Not all combs work on all brands of clipper or blade, so double check compatibility before purchasing.

Should I bathe my canine before primping?

It’s highly recommended to thoroughly bathe and dry your dog before grooming. Dirt and oil in the coat can clog the clipper blades and wear them out more quickly. Additionally, the clippers will not glide smoothly through a dirty coat, so the groom will take longer and won’t have that smooth, soft finish.

The best groom will be achieved on a clean, dry coat. This will cause the least amount of wear and tear on both clippers and scissors and allow you to achieve that fluffy, even, ‘straight from the groomer’s’ look.

The only exception to this rule is a matted coat. Bathing can sometimes tighten matts, making them more difficult to shave out, so smaller matts can be spot shaved out before the bath. For all over matting, it’s still recommended to shave before the bath if possible.

However, it’s important to be aware that if the coat is extremely dirty, the clipper blades will heat up faster and you will need to swap out your hot blade for a cool one or use cooling spray more often. You’ll also need to have the blades sharpened more frequently if you regularly shave dirty coats.

Should you shave a canine with the hair or against?

In most cases, it’s recommended to shave a dog in the same direction that the hair grows. This will help you achieve the smoothest finish. Professional groomers generally shave with the hair using a technique called back brushing.

Achieving a smooth finish usually takes several passes with the clipper. Between passes, use a slicker brush against the hair to help it stand up away from the skin. When you run the clippers over this area again, you’ll clip the hair more evenly.

Shaving with the hair also helps to reduce the risk of accidentally cutting the dog in sensitive areas such as the flank, armpit, or ears. Small flaps of skin are less likely to get caught in the blade if you are shaving the direction of hair growth.

If you choose to shave against the hair growth, it’s also important to be aware that the haircut will be shorter. A #4 blade used against the hair is going to be shorter than the same blade used in the direction of hair growth. Typically, the length is approximately one blade length shorter when used against the hair.

How often should you primp a canine?

The amount of time between grooms will depend on your dog’s coat type and your regularly grooming routine. A dog that is brushed and bathed regularly between haircuts will be able to go longer than a dog that doesn’t receive any care between grooms.

Most professional groomers recommend grooming a dog every six to eight weeks. However, this is just a general guide. Dogs with particularly long coats or coats that are prone to matting may need groomed more frequently, while lower maintenance coats may go as long as ten or twelve weeks.

Additionally, some dogs grow hair faster than others. One dog may show little hair growth in six weeks, while another may show significant growth in the same time period.

By keeping a close eye on your dog’s coat condition, you’ll be able to estimate the ideal frequency for grooming your dog based on his or her unique coat type and growth.

How do I restrain my canine while primping?

The ideal method of restraint will depend on your dog’s needs as well as your environment. If you have a grooming table with an overhead arm, you will find a grooming loop to be your best tool for restraint.

A grooming loop can be used around the neck like a collar, or around the chest for smaller or more sensitive dogs. It can also be used to encourage dogs to stand while their hind end is being groomed.

You can also use a collar and leash tied to a sturdy object if you do not have a grooming table. However, be sure that the collar cannot slide over your dog’s head. A martingale or slip collar will solve this problem.

You may also ask a friend or family member to help you hold your pooch, but you may still want to have your dog wear a collar for easy handling. This is a great option for wiggly or nervous dogs that may need calming attention or treats for encouragement.


Well, we hope you now have a better idea of what to consider when choosing the best dog grooming clippers.

Out of the 7 choices listed above, there should hopefully be a few that meet your dog’s needs.

By the way, if you’re looking for some dog grooming tips for a new pet parent, I have another blog post on that topic.

Please leave your comments or questions below.

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