Top 9 Picks For Best LED Dog Collar: Light Up and Glow In the Dark

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Best LED Dog CollarAre you trying to find the best LED Dog Collar to buy? These light up collars come in handy when walking your dog in the dark.

In this article, I give my top 9 picks for the best LED Dog Collar including the stand out features of each glow in the dark collar. I then discuss the things to consider when buying an LED collar.

If you don’t have time, my top pick is the Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar which has high visibility, 8 hours of use, and a lifetime guarantee.

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Top 9 Picks For Best LED Dog Collar

I’ve reviewed a large number of LED dog collars based on their features and customer ratings.

Here are my top 9 choices:

1. Blazin’ Safety Canine Neckband (Finest Overall)

With a company mission of ‘making people happy,’ Blazin’ Safety LED dog collar does just that – and keeps your pooch positively safe.

With one of the strongest visibility lengths, this product is included in the best LED dog collar grouping. Features include:

  • Visibility of 350 yards. This allows for a high level of safety due to motorists easily able to see your dog.
  • Slim individual bulb strip and on/off box. Cheap collars have short inconsistent LED strips or bulbs too big to slide through sizing clips.
  • Lithium-ion battery that will help you save money with its long life of 8 hours use before recharging via USB.
  • Three (3) power modes that include on, strobe, blink. This allows you to determine the right light needed for your dog’s outdoor activity
  • Width size of 1″ wide nylon. While this may be too wide for super small dogs, it’s a fairly common size when it comes to dog collars.
  • The LED bulb is a strip that works in any weather, including rain and muddy trail runs.
  • Available in assorted colors with an adjustable strap to help fit your dog with precision.
  • A lifetime guarantee.

2. Illumiseen Canine Neckband (Top Middle of the Road Pick)

This company takes safety seriously, with a business goal focused on saving lives.

Illumiseen markets itself as being ‘Dedicated to making the absolute best and finest high visibility LED products on the market.’

I’ve read reviews complimenting their excellent customer service with resolving issues quickly with replacement collars.

Features of the Illumiseen LED dog collar include:

  • Lightweight, durable, and fully adjustable.
  • Flexible, 2-strip LED-illuminated collar that provides premium visibility.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use clips adjust to properly fit your dog.
  • Flashing mode to allow for slow, steady, and rapid flashing blinking lights in one easy click.
  • USB rechargeable battery that provides five hours of illumination for every one-hour charge.
  • Available in six colors and six sizes that fit all breeds of dogs.
  • A lifetime guarantee on all products that cover any factory defect.

3. BSeen Canine Neckband (Budget Choice)

This company’s sole focus is on ‘ultimate safety.’ BSeen makes all sorts of safety products for humans and pets alike, selling them at reasonable prices.

Let’s see why BSeen ranks in my best LED dog collar round-up:

  • High visibility dog collar tube that glows brightly, illuminating 360 degrees around your dog’s neck. The clasp closure also lights up.
  • Collar tube made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compounds. TPU is very flexible and extremely tough, fending off tears, rips, and is kink resistance. This style is excellent for highly active dogs.
  • LED initial light starts when you pull the end of the TPU tube collar.
  • One size that fits all dogs. Coming in a length of just under 30” the BSeen LED dog collar can be cut to fit your dog perfectly.
  • Mini USB rechargeable battery that has 3 modes, including steady glow, quick flash, and slow flash.
  • Offers after-sale support to help with any issues.

4. DOMI Canine Neckband (Optimal For Hard-to-Fit Pups)

This adjustable dog collar is a generous 27.5 inches long and is customizable to your dog’s neck. Simply cut it to any size you want with a pair of scissors to get the perfect fit for your pooch.

With an extra-bright light that can either flash or stay steady, you’re sure to always know exactly where your best friend is, no matter how dark it gets.

Plus, this durable collar is USB rechargeable, so there’s no need to hassle with batteries. A two-hour charge delivers up to 10 hours of a slow flash, 6 to 8 hours of a quick flash, or 2 to 3 hours of a steady glow.

Stand-out Features:

● Extra bright LED light delivers three flashing modes at the touch of a button: steady glow, quick flash, or slow flash
● Available in five colors: bright pink, neon green, ruby red, royal blue, and orange
● Super adjustable — Cut the collar to any size you want for the perfect fit; making it suitable for multiple breeds of dogs
● Made of extra durable TPU material
● Rechargeable with USB (USB charge cable included)
● The company promises 100% satisfaction and offers a 60 day quality guarantee
● Can also be used for cats

5. NiteHowl Canine Neckband (Finest Pick If You Don’t Want to Deal With A Charger)

Sporting 360-degrees of bright LED light, this weather-resistant collar can be seen from a whopping 1,000 feet away!

It’s a good fit for small to large breeds, with an adjustable range of 12 to 27 inches.

This collar uses alkaline batteries, with an impressive run time of 60 hours; which means no more worrying about a lost charger!

Plus, you can opt for a steady glow or a flashing light to help you light up the dark to find your pup.

Stand-out Features:

● 360-degrees of bright, LED light that is visible from 1,000 feet away
● Glow in the dark light can flash or glow steadily
● Weather-resistant
● Adjustable for small to large breeds
● Uses alkaline batteries with a run time of 60 hours
● Comes with a Worry-Free Guarantee
● Easily slides onto your dog’s neck

6. Masbrill Canine Neckband (Finest For Canines That Like the Water)

This completely waterproof collar features IPX7 waterproof technology and an attached rubber guard to protect the charging hole.

The comfortable polyester webbing comes in two widths, and a highly-visible, bright LED light ensures your pooch stays extra-safe in the dark.

With four settings to choose from: solid, blink fast, blink slow, and off, you can select the one that’s best for your current activity.

You can charge the collar from any device to receive an impressive 10 to 15 hours of run time. With such a long-lasting charge, this collar is also a great pick for camping trips or similar activities.

Stand-out Features:

● Highly visible LED bulb that has three light modes: solid, slow-flashing, and quick-flashing
● Rechargeable with a 10 to 15 hours run time
● Completely waterproof
● Easy to use
● Available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
● Company offers after-purchase support and is committed to customer satisfaction

7. HiGuard Canine Neckband (Top Pick For All-in-One Neckband)

This lightweight, durable collar provides a long-lasting glow that ensures your pup stays safe and sound on night time excursions.

Your furry friend will appreciate the comfortable nylon webbing, and you’ll love the fact that the rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of slow glowing LED light.

Or choose from other light modes, including fast-glowing for up to 8 hours or a steady glow for up to 3 hours.

Plus, the attached D-ring means this collar is all you need to take Fido on a walk in the dark!

Stand-out Features:

● Long-lasting, super-bright LED light in three modes: slow-glow, quick-glow, steady-glow
● Rechargeable battery (USB charge cable included)
● Premium, extra-durable material
● Attached D-ring to quickly snap on a leash and go
● Available in small, medium, and large
● Multiple colors available
● Company offers a 100% lifetime guarantee

8. EXPAWLORER Canine Neckband (Optimal Pick For Quick-Charging)

This rechargeable LED dog collar offers the ultimate bright, long-lasting light after only 50 minutes of charge time.

Choose from three different light modes at the click of a button, including steady-glow, quick-flash, or slow-flash.

The heavy-duty, waterproof material makes this collar super durable. Plus, the collar is adjustable from 10 to 21 inches; you simply cut to the size you need.

Stand-out Features:

● Delivers three different light modes: steady-glow, quick-flash, and slow-flash
● Rechargeable with Micro-USB; fully charged after just 50 minutes
● Waterproof
● Adjustable collar, simply cut to the size you need
● Made with a super-durable material

9. PetLuv Canine Neckband (Top Pick For Making A Statement)

This fun, glow in the dark LED dog collar lets you and your pup make a statement, literally.

Use the mobile app to write a phrase or choose graphics that can scroll across the collar’s programmable display.

The adjustable strap makes this collar good for small or large dogs and is made with a soft, durable material, keeping things comfy for your best friend.

The rechargeable battery provides up to 7 hours of use and can be recharged with any USB device. Plus, the attached D-ring makes it easy to snap on a leash and go!

Stand-out Features:

● Bright LED light up collar with an easy-to-read programmable display
● Fully customizable through the mobile app; choose what phrases and graphics you want
● Adjustable for small and large dogs
● Comfortable and durable material
● Rechargeable battery delivers up to 7 hours of use (USB cable included)
● Attached D-ring to easily clip on a leash

Benefits Of An LED Dog Collar

Dog playing in snow wearing an LED dog collarBefore I begin, let’s start with the basics: LED stands for “light emitting diode.”  Essentially, it is a semiconductor device that gives off light when electric current goes through it (source).

Before reviewing my top picks, I wanted to discuss the general benefits of these collars:

  • Illumination and enhanced visibility of your dog to alert motorists and others when in dark conditions. The glow in the dark light that an LED dog collar delivers is perfect for those hours known as the most dangerous – dusk.
  • Safety as other walkers and passing motorists will be able to see the brighter and crisper lights. LED lights are perfect for piercing the darkness and reflecting a bright light that can make everyone take notice.
  • Secondary lighting that can help you maintain steady footing while walking with your dog. An LED dog collar can help light up the area around your dog so that you can be a bit more sure-footed.

Essentially, these light up collars keep you and your dog physically safe. They’re another tool to ensure your dog lives a long healthy life and avoids pain and injuries.

Important Features To Consider

Dog with LED collar in the snowThere are certain features to consider when choosing the best LED dog collar for your dog.

Keep in mind that certain brands have their own unique features, which I’ll point out in my review.

Some features to consider include:

  • Brightness: this depends on the number of LEDs in the collar. Some pet owners prefer just a bit of extra light, while others prefer well-lit coverage – this is controlled with the number of lights.
  • Lights: some collar lights are in strips whereas others are spaced apart (akin to bulbs). If you prefer one contiguous lighted collar, then you should get a strip.
  • Blinking: some options include a steady light, a slow flashing light, or rapid flashing lights. Runners, who move quicker than walkers, tend to enjoy having their dog suited up in flashing light LEDs.
  • Power: LED collars come as either USB rechargeable units or battery powered. Depending on if you prefer the ease of a USB or the long life of a standard battery, you have your choice.
  • Material: you can find these collars in a nylon base or silicon/plastic. Silicon tends to be easier to clean, while nylon is geared for the more rugged dog outings.
  • Wet Tolerance: some collars are water-resistant which is good for outdoor ventures. This can be handy if you and your dog go camping by rivers, play in the snow, or live in rainy areas.

You want to choose a collar that will fit your needs to keep your dog safe.

For example, if you hike often, the type of collar material is important since it affects the collar’s durability.

If you normally go out when it’s truly dark, then brightness is a key factor.

Keep these features in mind when reviewing LED collars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED Dog Collars Safe for Dogs?

LED dog collars are generally considered safe for your dog to wear, as long as they are made from quality materials and meet manufacturing safety standards.

Because they are designed to be worn by animals, they should never get hot enough to harm your dog. Always read manufacturer specifications before purchasing an LED collar for your dog, and choose one that specifically states that the battery does not heat up when in use.

You also want to make sure that any LED dog collar you purchase is waterproof. If the collar isn’t waterproof, your dog could be shocked if you’re caught in the rain, potentially causing injury.

If your dog has a history of destructive chewing, you’ll need to monitor them at all times while they’re wearing an LED collar. Many of these collars are battery-powered using a 3-volt, lithium-ion battery. These are highly corrosive and can lead to dangerous gastrointestinal issues quickly if your dog eats the battery.

While these collars are designed to be durable and hold up to a dog’s teeth, it’s always better to be safe. Monitor your dog at all times when they’re wearing the collar, and remove it as soon as you’re back from your walk.

How Long Do Bulb Canine Neckband Last?

How long your LED dog collar lasts will differ from brand to brand.

With many of the USB-rechargeable collars, the light will last anywhere from 7 to 20 hours, depending on what color and how bright the light is, and you can easily recharge the battery before your next use.

The brighter the light setting, the faster the light will run out on your dog’s collar, and white light tends to burn through the battery faster than other colors as well.

A fully charged LED collar should typically last your dog through their regular walk length for an entire week on a single charge.

Many of these collars also come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning the company will replace the collar if the battery is ever defective.

Differences Between Lighted Neckband vs. Lighted Harnesses or Vests

Both lighted collars and lighted harnesses/vests will provide your dog with added visibility and protection at night. The differences lie in their overall function and design, as well as your personal preference.

Lighted harnesses and vests are exactly what they sound like: harnesses or vests that cover your dog’s body, usually fastening across their chest or back, that feature LED lights for added visibility.

In contrast, an LED collar only goes around your dog’s neck, concentrating the light to that area of your dog’s body.

If you prefer to walk your dog with a harness for additional safety or control over your dog, a lighted harness is a great option. If your dog struggles with harnesses, however, an LED collar will be the way to go.

If you want to increase your dog’s overall visibility and safety, you can pair the two together.

When to Use a Lighted Leash?

Lighted leashed are also great to pair with your dog’s LED collar for additional visibility. If you frequently take your dog for walks at night or during inclement weather, a lighted leash can help both you and your dog be seen.

The light-up leash creates a clear line of visibility from your dog’s collar or harness directly to you, making it clear that there are two pedestrians that cars and oncoming traffic need to watch for.

These can also be helpful on hikes if it’s hard to distinguish you and your dog through the trees.

Lighted LED leashes differ from reflective leashes, however. Reflective leashes are made from a special material that reflects the light around them, such as headlights from a car or the light from a nearby streetlamp.

While these still help your dog be seen at night and provide additional safety precautions, an LED leash can make it even easier for your dog to be seen. LED leashes generate their own light, ensuring that your pup can always be seen, no matter what environment they’re in.


I hope this article helps you decide which is the best LED dog collar for you and your dog.

You have a number of different choices for these glow-in-the-dark light up collars.

By taking into consideration your dog’s specific needs, it should help you make the right choice for you and your dog.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below.

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  1. Jen P says:

    Blazin collar was awful for our lab. We bought two and both broke within a very short amount of time.

    • Todd says:

      Sorry to hear they did not work out. I know they have a lifetime guarantee. Was it the light specifically that stopped working? Are you going with a different maker or will you try a replacement?

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