The Gold Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide

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Dog wearing sunglasses and gold dog collar

Are you looking to buy a gold dog collar for your dog?

These gold collars are very popular with dog owners.

However, there are many choices from gold-plated collars up to pure gold collars.

Depending on your budget, we want to help you find the right one for your needs.

Welcome to our Gold Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide.

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Where to Buy a Gold Dog Collar

1. Big Canine Chains (Highest quality pick)

Big Dog Chains entered the dog collar market in 2014, and its founders Miguel Del Moral and Justin Low, have a combined 30 years of experience with luxury jewelry in over 40 countries worldwide.

They found a demand for large dog collars in the pet jewelry industry since the options for giant breeds were quite limited. Owners of big dogs wanted high-quality jewelry for their favorite furballs just as much as small dog owners did, but the products just weren’t the same quality!

Thus, Big Dog Collars was born.

Not only do Big Dog Collars’ products look fantastic, but they’re also made from high-quality, 316L marine grade stainless steel covered in PVD gold.

Because the collars are made with PVD gold instead of gold plating, they don’t tarnish, corrode, or discolor over time. Plus, they are antimicrobial.

These premium collars won’t start stinking up your dog’s neck like leather and fabric collars (or lesser quality metal ones) tend to do.

The price range for Big Dog Gold Collars is between $300-$550 for 16 various collar styles.

For all of their Big Dog Collars, they offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and wear of the link and clasp structure, plus free lifetime re-sizing.

However, if you really want to pamper your pup, they offer some of the most valuable collars in the world:

  • The Royal Ice and
  • The Kilo Solid 10k Gold collar.

The Royal Ice has almost 1,000 carats or white round brilliant diamonds and has a retail price of $499,999! Each Cuban link is either solid 10K white, rose or yellow gold.

The Kilo Solid 10k Gold collar is made entirely of 10k solid gold, with a Cuban link chain design.

The price starts at $35,000 and will increase based on the customizations you make – such as diameter, the ID link engraving, clasp choice, etc.

With stainless steel, PVD gold, a solid gold premium option, and handset diamond collars, Big Dog Collars dominates the competition and easily secures the title of Highest Quality Pick on our list.

2. Etsy Canine Neckbands (Most customizable pick)

Etsy is the go-to website for all things cute and custom-made – including gold dog collars.

Many of the vendors on Etsy offer gold collars made of stainless steel, aluminum, or other lightweight metals that are gold-plated.

Some vendors label their collars as “vanity collars” that aren’t recommended for daily use, while others offer more durable stainless steel collars for everyday wear. Still, most collars on Etsy are made for smaller dog breeds rather than big breeds, so they’re light and delicate to be more comfortable for tiny necks.

Since most products on Etsy are custom-made, you can order a gold collar that is perfectly tailored to your furry best friend. From the type of chain to the chain length, from the clasp of the collar to a customized ID tag, you control every aspect of what your dog’s gold collar looks like.

Most collars are budget-friendly in the $20-$40 range, but you will find a few 14-karat options starting in the $150-$200 range as well.

With many options for chain type, length, and material, a wide range of price points, and plenty of customizable ID tag selections, Etsy claims the title of most customizable of our list.

3. Amazon Canine Neckbands (Most affordable pick)

Ah, Amazon, our favorite one-stop-shop for, well – everything.

True to form, Amazon has a wide selection of gold dog collars that are Prime eligible and can be on your doorstep in a matter of days.

Most of the collars fall in the $20-$40 price range, but some go as low as $9.99!

Of course, you can dig deeper and find some outliers that are more pricey (Big Dog Collars has an Amazon storefront, for example), but the majority of gold dog collars on Amazon cost less than a new pair of tennis shoes.

With dozens of options that are under $50, shipped fast and free, and suitable for any size or breed, Amazon locks down the title of Most Affordable on our list of gold dog collars.

What Kind of Gold Dog Collar to Buy

With so many options available, it’s hard to know which collar to choose for your pup! There are lots of things to consider, like their size, the durability of the collar, and whether or not your dog has any allergies.

Yep, dogs can have reactions to certain metals just like humans! Here are some of the most common types of gold dog collars to help get you started, and the pros and cons of each one.

1. Real, Solid Bullion

Let’s cut right to the chase. Solid gold dog collars are the premium choice, the gold standard if you will! These collars are the ultimate sign of a pampered pooch.

You can also find more delicate gold dog collars on Etsy, although they appear more fragile and more for special occasions.


  • A stylish, customized statement piece
  • Lifetime resizing and warranty
  • Free insured jewelry appraisal and shipping


  • Price is extremely high
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it shining
  • Heavy weight is not suitable for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Not often safe or ideal for daily use, some can’t be worn with a leash

2. Gilded Stainless Steel

If you want to lower the price you pay but not the quality of your dog’s collar, finding a stainless steel collar with gold plating or PVD gold finish is the best option for you.

Stainless steel is a material that will last for your dog’s lifetime, and won’t corrode like solid gold or other metals will.

There are many more options compared to solid gold options such as The Cuban from Big Dog Chains, a 14k gold-plated collar from Alamo Gifts on Etsy, or a 18k gold-plated collar from Abaxaca on Amazon.


  • Highly durable; lasts for years
  • Lower cost but same high-quality look as solid gold
  • Stainless steel doesn’t irritate skin or rust like other metals
  • Can be worn daily, used with a leash


  • Quality stainless steel can be more pricey than gold-plated aluminum
  • Can be a bit heavy for smaller dogs
  • Vendors may use a low-quality stainless steel or gold plating that can discolor your dog’s fur – you get what you pay for!

3. Gilded Aluminum

If you need to pinch your pennies but still want your dog to shine like a gold star, then gold-plated aluminum collars are just the ticket.

For these lightweight options, you’re looking at paying less than $35 in most cases. Many collars on Etsy use gold-plated aluminum, like this Cuban Link Dog Chain from Barkeys Dog Apparel, and this Chain Dog Collar from Beneath My Veil Designs.

Even Amazon has a few inexpensive selections for lightweight aluminum collars. These are especially ideal for small dogs whose necks can’t support heavy gold or even stainless steel, but keep in mind that the lighter weight translates to less durability.


• Budget-friendly
• Light enough for small dogs
• Lasts longer than leather or cloth collars


• Can’t use with a leash – it’s too lightweight, and the clasp will snap under pressure
• Can cause staining around your dog’s neck
• Some dogs are allergic to gold-plated aluminum. It’s more likely your dog will have a reaction to the aluminum or a nickel-based gold plating than a quality, gold-plated stainless steel collar.

Neckband Sizing for Your Canine

You’ll need to take some extra time to get the measurements right before your order a gold collar.

With nylon and cloth collars, you have the luxury of an adjustable strap. Not so with gold collars!

Some vendors on Etsy include sizing charts or guidelines, but if you’re making a hefty investment, it’s best to defer to the experts.

Check out this video from Big Dog Collars on proper sizing before reading further:

Taking time to measure your dog’s neck correctly is essential for getting the appropriate fit.

You don’t want to add any length or slack to your measurements because most custom-made collar companies will factor that “wiggle room” into their sizing.

Be sure to measure around the thickest part of your pup’s neck and get a snug (but not tight) measurement.

If your dog is younger and still growing, let the company know through their Customer Service department so they can help determine the best measurements for your order.

Suppose you’re ordering a gold collar for your dog from a company that doesn’t offer custom orders. In that case, most vendors recommend measuring your dog’s neck at the widest point – snug, just like the video above – then adding 1-2 inches to that measurement.

This strategy helps the collar fit just right around your dog’s neck, tight enough to stay around their neck but with enough slack to make the comfortable – and classy!


As discussed, there are a wide range of options to choose from with gold dog collars.

You can likely find one to fit your needs through Big Dog Chains, Etsy, or Amazon.

You should consider the material of the collar before purchasing one.

There are real gold chains, gold-plated stainless steel, and gold-plated stainless steel.

After you are done shopping for a gold collar, check out our recommended LED dog collar for walks at nighttime.

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