What’s The Best Place To Buy Cheap Dog Supplies?

Filed in Dog Products on August 22, 2018

Cheap Dog SuppliesAre you looking for the best place to buy cheap dog supplies? As a dog owner myself, I am always looking for good deals.

The cost of dog supplies can really add up on such things like grooming accessories, dog food, medicine, treats and toys.

Oftentimes, dog owners will visit the local pet store or big supermarket chains to buy these supplies.

These places don’t always have the best deal and will have a large mark up on the price of their products.

If you are on a limited budget (or are cheap like me), read on for some of the best places to buy cheap dog supplies.

I may earn a commission if you buy through my links, but I only recommend products that I support and you pay nothing extra.

1. Online Pet Stores

Buy Cheap Dog SuppliesThe best deals on dog supplies are normally at online pet stores.

If you are not in a rush and do not mind waiting for delivery, your best bet is to search online for the cheapest deals. Some physical stores also have online stores with better deals.

Some of the biggest online retailers for dog supplies include:

As far as pet medicine specifically, 1800petmeds.com is always a good choice.

They promote themselves as America’s largest pet pharmacy.

With a prescription from your vet, you can save on all types of medication for your dog.

In addition to medication, they also offer many types of dog supplies such as bowls, collars, and toys.

For handmade and customized items, sites like Etsy are a good starting place.

2. Pharmacies

Pharmacies surprisingly offer good deals on dog supplies.

You can often find cheap prices on chew toys, beds, dog food, training pads, and more.

When compared to retail stores, pharmacies sometimes offer better discounts.

Next time you go to the pharmacy, it is worth looking around the store to check out their selection of dog products.

3. Membership Clubs

Membership clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco offer big discounts on dog supplies.

If you place bulk orders, you may save even more.

Additionally, some pet stores also offer membership clubs, which can give access to exclusive discounts and offers.

Dog subscription boxes like BarkBox also deliver toys and treats to your door at a savings, compared to purchasing all of the items retail. Services like BarkBox offer coupons and discounts from time to time.

4. Hardware, Dollar and Thrift Stores

Buy Cheap Dog SuppliesWhen you buy items from a hardware store, do not forget to check the pet supply section.

In their home department, you may find cleaning supplies for pets.

The local dollar store may also sell cheap dog supplies.

Thrift stores are also an excellent choice. Items may be used but you can find dog seats, dog crates, and accessories at massive discounts.

5. Consignment Stores and Pawn Shops

A consignment store is also a fabulous choice if you want to save money.  The same goes for pawn shops.  It is amazing what you can find at these places.

While you won’t find dog food or medication, keep an eye out for dog crates, bedding, and toys.

6. Animal Shelters

While some organizations encourage you to adopt a pet, they also offer pet supplies at a fraction of the cost. You can get a discount and receive the benefit of  supporting your local organizations.

Remember that low cost dog supplies do not always mean low-quality products.

Choose a respectable seller and you will often find discounted products that are just as nice as products sold at retail price.

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