Do Dog Diapers Work?

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Do Dog Diapers Work

If your dog needs a little help with their incontinence, you’ve probably thought about dog diapers. They can be a useful tool in many instances.

For example, if you have a dog in heat or if you’re using dog diapers as part of an overall house training aid, they can be a lifesaver. Just like with regular diapers, there’s both cloth and disposable diapers for dogs depending on your preference.

To answer your question, “Do dog diapers work?” The answer is yes! Read on to learn all you need to know about dog diapers.

You should speak to your vet to diagnose any issues with your dog and whether dog diapers are appropriate.

What are Dog Diapers?

A dog diaper is exactly how you’d picture it. It looks almost exactly like a baby’s diaper, except there’s a hole cut out for the tail. There’s a few different styles of dog diapers, and the look and feel of the diaper depends on what kind you get.

Just like baby diapers, you can find both cloth and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are a little more expensive, but you can reuse them over and over again.

Disposable diapers cost less upfront, but you have to buy new ones every time. If you’re environmentally conscious, remember that disposable diapers end up in a landfill.

Do Dog Diapers Work?

Dog diapers can work very well depending on your dog’s situation. They work best for senior dogs, females in heat, incontinence, and as a house training aid.

• Senior Canines

You probably know that dogs age faster than humans. But did you know that some dogs start to have senior needs around 7 years old? This is especially true of larger breeds, as they tend to age a little faster than smaller breeds.

One common senior dog ailment is that they have more trouble getting up to go outside. Their joints can hurt, they get arthritis, and they can become weaker.

Older dogs may also have more difficulty controlling their bathroom needs. You should consider consulting with your vet to narrow down the reason for their medical issues.

However, sometimes old age may be the culprit and can bring cognitive decline that contributes to incontinence. Dog diapers may be a solution to help with this issue.

• Females in Heat

Most veterinarians and pet care professionals recommend spaying your female dog. There are numerous health reasons for this, like:

  • They won’t roam trying to find a mate
  • Spaying may help prevent certain cancers and infections
  • Your dog won’t go into heat

If your female dog isn’t fixed, she’ll go into heat. Female dogs go into heat about once every eight months, and she’ll be in heat for about three weeks.

Dogs in heat emit an odor and leave stains around your house. They’re also known to constantly lick themselves.

Putting a dog diaper on your dog can help reduce these problems. The diaper will catch her leakage as well as cover some of the smell. Since it covers her bottom area, she won’t be able to lick herself there as much.

• Urinary Incontinence

dog pee on the floor

Just like people, dogs can have urinary incontinence for many reasons. It can be due to:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bladder condition
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened sphincter muscle

The first thing you should do is talk to your vet if your dog is incontinent. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue and whether or not it can be fixed. But in the meantime, dog diapers can keep your dog from making a mess in your house.

• House Training Aid

If you’re house training your dog, you can bet there’s going to be accidents. You can use dog diapers as part of your overall house training while they’re still learning.

Just be very cautious, because if you depend on the diapers, then your dog will learn to rely on them.

Types of Canine Nappies

As we said earlier, there are a few different types of dog diapers. The most common ones are:

• Disposable Nappies

dog with a disposable diaper

One of the most popular types of dog diapers is disposable diapers. You may like these if you want something quick to change and easy to dispose of.

Disposable diapers are also easy to adjust and fit since they’re designed with adjustable fasteners and elastic sides. Since you can get a good fit on disposable diapers, they help protect against leakage.

• Cloth Nappies

Cloth diapers are reusable and last longer, so they’ll save you money. Their design consists of a soft fabric exterior. The inside is lined with an absorbent mesh liner to protect against leaks.

• Preemie Nappies

If you have a very small puppy, you can use a preemie diaper made for human premature babies. You may need to contact a hospital or pharmacist to order them for you, but they’re useful if your dog is too small for regular dog diapers.

• Pull-Ups

If your dog has a short tail, you can use children’s pull-ups. Even though they don’t have tabs, you can pull them up on your dog to put them on. To remove them, just pull them off the same way.

Determining the Proper Size and Ways to Keep Them from Falling Off

washable dog diaper

Don’t stress too much about finding the right dog diaper size. Most, if not all, diapers have measuring instructions printed on the box. Follow the instructions carefully so you purchase the right size for your dog.

Even if you find the right-sized diaper, some dogs still find ways to get them off. Dogs are known to scoot out of diapers, so you may need extra precautions to keep the diaper on.

You can use dog suspenders, which are straps that fold over their shoulders and attach to the diaper. They have fastener closures that fit your dog’s shape and size.

Another popular option is to put your dog in a onesie while they’re wearing the diaper. You can even use an infant onesie if your dog has a very short tail.

If that slips off their shoulders, try using a turtleneck onesie. You can also attach a special collar that won’t choke your dog if it gets caught on something.

Conclusion on Do Dog Diapers Work

Do dog diapers work? The answer is yes, they do work, and they may be a good solution for your dog depending on their situation.

They can often be useful for senior dogs, females in heat, incontinence, and for house training.

You have different options for your dog such as cloth diapers, disposable diapers, and even some types of baby diapers.

However, if dealing with an issue like incontinence, speak with your veterinarian to determine the root cause.

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