Are There Dog Crates for 2 Dogs?

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Dog crates for 2 dogsYou may be wondering whether there are dog crates for 2 dogs.

Short answer: Yes, these crates do exist. In fact, there are specific modular and stackable cages built specifically to house multiple dogs.

In this blog post, I discuss my top recommendations for dog crates for 2 dogs, including pros and cons.

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Here are my top picks for dog crates for 2 dogs:

1. Best Overall for Two: Homey Pet 43″ Heavy Duty Pet Cage
as of February 24, 2024 10:01 am

The Homey Pet Heavy Duty Dog Cage is my top pick for the best overall crate for 2 dogs. It’s rated highly on Amazon and is great for dogs of all sizes depending on how you use the cage/kennel.

The 43” length should provide plenty of room. The crate itself can be used for 2 small dogs with its removable divider. Alternatively, you can use it for one large dog and then stack another crate on top for another dog.

You can buy 1, 2, or 3 tiers depending on how many dogs you have. This is convenient to store multiple cages without taking up more space in your home.

They also offer a few choices for the height of the cage depending on the size of your dog.

The crate features 2 metal floor grids, 2 feeding bowls, and 2 trays making it ideal for multiple pets. The lockable caster on the wheels improves durability and ensures it won’t damage your floors.

• Can fit both small dogs (by using a divider) or large dogs with the ability to stack crates
• Very sturdy
• Heavy duty casters for easy moving
• Pull-out trays are convenient and easy to clean

• The cage is not collapsible. If you want to store or move the cage, you will have to remove all the screws to take apart the cage.
• Some reviews state that it’s confusing to assemble

2. Best Middle of the Road Pick: Go Pet Club NY-44 44″ Heavy Duty Stackable

5 new from $181.43
as of February 24, 2024 10:01 am

The Go Pet Club stackable dog crate is just that: stackable, with a removable plastic tray convenient for cleaning. This crate also comes with a divider in the crate (just like the Homey Heavy Duty Crate above), an ideal feature if you want one crate for two dogs.

As a result, you may be able to get away with one for very small dogs, or you need to buy two crates to give your dogs more room.

It’s a very large crate with 44” for your dog to stretch and feel comfortable. While it gets a modest rating, many reviews stated that the crates are a great value for the cost.

• You can stack this crate up to 3 tiers to save space
• Includes a divider for convenience for multiple pet owners
• Removable plastic trays for easy cleaning
• Includes a hammertone rust-resistant finish

• Many reviews report that parts came missing or damaged
• Each unit is one cage with a divider, so if you want to stack them then you need to purchase at least two
• Little instruction for assembly

3. Most Secure for Two: ProSelect Steel Modular Pet Cage

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as of February 24, 2024 10:01 am

The first thing you’ll notice about the ProSelect Steel Modular Pet Cage is the stylish ivory color. While most pet crates are black or dark grey, this one stands out. They also offer a black version under a separate listing.

Even though it’s light-colored, it states that the powder coating won’t absorb stains or colors, which means it won’t require any more cleaning than other dog crates.

It has both vertical and horizontal door latches so that even the smartest dogs cannot break out. These cages are also easily stackable and come with a convenient divider that is made of the same steel as the cage.

The divider is also removable so you can use it for either two small dogs with their own separate space or one bigger dog.

• The ivory-colored coating won’t stain or absorb colors and odor
• Spring-loaded doors are easy to open with one hand
• Removable divider for either two small dogs or one large dog
• Extra security with locking trays, locking divider, and triple door latch
• Narrow grid grating is comfortable for your dog’s paws
• Stackable for multiple dogs

• This crate does not come with wheels
• Not always available on Amazon

4. Best Portable for Two (1 large/1 small): BestPet Metal Folding Cage 48 Inch

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as of February 24, 2024 10:01 am

This 48-inch folding metal pet crate boasts great reviews on Amazon.  It doesn’t require any special tools for assembly. It also includes a pet divider so you can easily separate your dogs. Note: this may only work for one large dog and one small dog since one side is smaller than the other.

Two large doors on each side of the crate ensure safe entry and exit for multiple pets even if you use the divider. It’s also made out of a high tensile-strength wire gauge, meaning it is made out of durable material and comes with an epoxy coating finish that resists rust and corrosion.

The collapsible design also makes it easy to fold, store, and carry.


• Folds down easily for storage and transportation
• The doors feature slide-bolt latches which provide security
• Large doors for easy and comfortable access. Your pet can walk in and out safely, and everything is easy to reach for you to clean
• Electro-coat finish resists fading
• Easy setup! No tools are required
• Large crate convenient for large-sized dogs


• Some reviewers said their dogs easily maneuvered their way out of these cages
• Some say the material didn’t feel sturdy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they Need their Own?

Keep in mind I’m not a pet expert, so please don’t rely solely on my opinion.

However, from my research, it’s generally better for dogs to have their own crate or space, at least for crate training.

The crate is meant to be your dog’s safe space, so they may feel an intrusion with another dog in their crate.

And if your dogs are okay crating together now, dog behavior can change over time.

Problems can arise when dogs share a crate such as fights over water, food, or toys.

While I’ve read there are exceptions such as with littermates, this blog post assumes that each dog needs their own separate space.

If you do choose to have your dogs share a crate, please monitor with caution.

What Type Can I Buy For Two Pups?

1. Modular

The first type of crate available for 2 dogs is a modular crate, which by definition should include stackable crates. These types of crates can be used to construct a bigger setup with multiple crates. Oftentimes, they also allow you to put two smaller dogs in one crate with a divider (see next subsection).

All of the crates listed in this blog post are technically modular crates except the BestPet Metal Folding Dog Cage 48 Inch (since it cannot be combined with other crates).

With modular crates, you can stack them on each other, and change their arrangement as you require.

2. With Dividers

The next type of crate for 2 dogs is a large crate with a divider. Each crate listed in this blog post falls into this category since they all have removable dividers.

3. Without Dividers

Lastly, there are large crates without dividers where some customers will keep 2 dogs, but these aren’t recommended as I discussed in the previous section. Dogs normally should have their own crate with some exceptions.

Keep in mind, there are also multi-tiered crates that are all one unit, but these aren’t normally limited to just 2 dogs. With those designs, you can’t change their arrangement or stacking. They house multiple dogs at once.


As you can see, there are dog crates built specifically for 2 dogs or more.

You may be able to get away with using just one crate for two small dogs by using a divider.

Otherwise, you may need to stack crates on top of each other for larger dogs.

As with most products, the crates have their pros and cons which you should weigh depending on your needs.

By the way, if you’re interested in how to crate train a puppy, I wrote a whole guide on it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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