The 5 Best Dog Ramps for Pools and Buyer’s Guide

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best dog ramps for pools

Are you looking for the best dog ramps for pools?

If your dog struggles to get in and out of the pool, these ramps can help add a layer of safety.

Keep in mind, there aren’t many ramps on the market with great reviews. As a result, I’ve also included versions with steps as well, although technically not ramps.

In this blog post, I review 5 of my top picks for best dog ramps for pools, plus some additional ones to consider.

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My Top Picks for Best Dog Ramps for Pools

1. Steps: Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps
as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

A simple three-step design that’s intended as a permanent solution for fixed below-ground pools, these steps by Paws Aboard are long-lasting and strong. They also claim that it can be used for an above-ground pool.

Constructed from ABS plastic, the three-step design is strong, holding dogs weighing from 4lbs up to 150lbs, as well as being chlorine and UV-resistant. Each step is ribbed, adding a little grip, but unfortunately, the height can’t be adjusted.

Installation is simple, as long as you have the tools. You’ll need to drill two anchor points into the edge of your pool, which holds the steps in place and also means they’re easy to remove for cleaning or winter storage.

Because of the fixed height, smaller dogs might struggle to get onto the first step depending on the water level. Apart from that little issue, these steps are a solid option that’s very well-priced.


  • Strong steps with a high weight limit
  • Long-lasting and tough
  • Simple to clean


  • Steps are non-adjustable

    2. Step Ladder: Waterdog Adventure Gear Canine Ladder

    as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

    Now your pooch can have a pool ladder just like your own, with this model from Waterdog.

    Designed from the ground up to be dog friendly, it’s sturdy and well made, holding up to 130 lbs.

    The 6 steps are bright yellow for visibility, large enough for big paws, and set at a 45-degree angle with a 4-inch step height for footing that fits most breeds.

    Stainless steel hardware prevents any rust. The steps themselves descend 28 inches, so make sure that your pool has the required depth to fit these (most will) and when they’re not in use, they can be pivoted out of the way.

    You will need decking or concrete to install the mounting points, though.

    Solid and dependable, there’s very little to dislike about these steps, except maybe the price, which could be considered a little high. But if you want the best, it’s worth paying for, right?


    • Easy for pets to use
    • Good weight limit
    • Don’t take up much room


    • Expensive

    3. Budget Ramp: Coziwow Heavy Duty Portable Ramp
    as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

    This simple ramp by Coziwow is meant for both cars and pools and is also featured on some of my other best-of lists. It’s strong, sturdy, durable, and most importantly, cheap.

    Made from strong plastic, it holds up to 200 lbs, which is a very respectable weight. The non-slip surface offers a decent grip, and the rubber stability feet hold everything in place.

    There’s a security lock that keeps this shut when it’s not in use and a carry handle that makes moving it around simple.

    Light, and easy to fold and put away, this ramp is a good option if you’re looking for something for occasional use.

    As a bonus, it’s also an excellent ramp for getting into and out of your car.


    • Double function, car, and pool
    • Good weight limit
    • Light and easy to move


    • Has to be fixed down

    4. Ramp for Small Pets: Scamper Ramp Super
    as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

    Designed specifically to help smaller breeds get into and out of your pool, the Scamper Ramp only has a 25lb weight limit. However, don’t let that put you off because if your furry friend is of the tiny persuasion, this could just be the best option for them.

    Made from light plastic, the Scamper Ramp has a lot of flex, which helps your dog get a grip on it, but also means this can flip out of the water when not in use.

    It’s UV resistant, so no discoloration, and there are no metal parts that can corrode. It’s easy to install, with a perforated surface that keeps weight down and helps grip.

    Unfortunately, the low weight limit and the overall construction feel a little flimsy, so we’d really only recommend this for the smallest dogs. For the price you pay, it may be worth paying slightly more for some of the top choices.

    It’s a good design and does what you need it to do, it just needs a little more love.


    • Very light and flexible
    • Easy to install
    • Not too expensive


    • Very low max weight

    5. Steps for Humans and Canines: Confer Plastic Steps

    The final choice is a set of actual pool steps, chosen for their suitability for you and your furry friends.

    A big 4-step design, these steps are suitable for any pool up to 56 inches in depth. As they’re designed for humans as well as dogs, the weight limit is a massive 400 lbs, so they’re never going to break.

    The steps themselves are why we chose these for our list. Each one is ribbed, with a huge amount of grip, so your dog isn’t going to struggle to pull themselves out of the pool like they would with some smoother step designs.

    They’re simple to install, using sand ballast for weight, and a set of mounting brackets to keep them in place. Side openings stop algae growth and help with cleaning, and as a bonus, they’re surprisingly inexpensive.

    If you’d rather get just one set of steps for everyone to use, these are the favorite option, by far.


    • Good for you and your pets
    • Very solidly built
    • Great price


    • Take up a lot of space

    Additional Ramps for Consideration:

    Petstep PET Step

    Petstep PET Step

    2 new from $139.99
    Free shipping
    as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

    The Petstep PET Step is a popular ramp for your vehicle. They also claim it can be used for your pool when you purchase the Petstep Swimming Pool Legs Kit separately.

    Keep in mind, I have reviewed the ratings on the pool legs kit and have some concerns over the rusting of the screws and the shakiness of the ramp.

    Let’s start by discussing the ramp’s strongest feature: traction. Unlike a lot of ramps and steps, the traction on this product is provided by the surface itself, not anything that’s on top of it.

    The soft, non-slip rubber surface is specifically designed to offer a superior grip when wet, which makes this perfect for all uses.

    The composite plastic design is strong, holding up to 500 lbs, and the ramp is completely rust and corrosion-proof, meaning that it’s 100% pool safe.

    When not in use, it folds in half, making it simple to store, and cleaning is as simple as hitting it with a hose or wiping it down.

    Light and easy to move, the sole downside is that if you want a permanent ramp you’re going to have to anchor this down yourself. The ramp itself does have a non-slip grip on the underside, but nothing is included in the kit for a permanent solution.


    • Solid weight limit
    • High traction, even when wet
    • Easy to store


    • No anchor points
    • Some small metal parts can rust
    • Need to buy their swimming pool legs kit separately, which has some complaints over rusting screws, shakiness of the ramp, and bending legs.

    KHTS6310 Pet Ramp

    KHTS6310 Dog Pool Ramp
    as of April 14, 2024 10:31 pm

    Designed as a portable, non-permanent solution for large breeds of dogs, the KHTS6310 dog pool ramp is easy to set up and fold down in minutes.

    Let’s get the initial downside out of the way. Compared to other options out there, this ramp isn’t the best looking.

    It’s a big thing that’s stridently blue and yellow, and while that might not be the most pleasing to your eyes, it makes it much easier for pets to see and use.

    The design is creative, folding outwards like a portable table and bracing itself against the edge of your pool so the ramp is always at the best angle for a pet to use.

    The ramp itself is held in place through ballast bags, which come included (you do need to add sand though,) but nothing’s stopping you from installing a more permanent solution.

    The ramp itself is decent. Stable and wide, it has an excellent grip with raised crossbars, which makes it easy for even tired or older pets to use.

    Finally, this comes with a 2-year guarantee, just in case anything goes wrong.


    • Decent 100lb weight limit
    • Very easy for pets to use
    • Simple to set up and break down


    • Not very attractive
    • Expensive

    Why Are They Important?

    Importance of dog rampPool ramps are important for one big reason. They add a massive layer of safety to a pool that prevents accidents.

    Installing a dog ramp is a common swimming safety tip for dogs.

    If you’ve ever watched a dog try and get out of a pool and fail, you might have noticed that a lot of dogs actually get very anxious and start to panic.

    This is because it’s surprisingly difficult for a dog to get out of a pool, due to the shape of their body and the size of their paws.

    This causes the dog to struggle, which they quickly realize, and that fear and feeling of being trapped sets in fast.

    This gets worse when your pet has been running around the garden all day and they’re getting tired, or they’re getting on in years and have creaky joints and tired bones.

    A ramp makes the whole process much simpler. Your dog can simply swim over to the installed ramp or steps and walk out of the pool, comfortably and easily, with no struggle.

    It doesn’t take much to teach a dog to use a ramp. Guiding them to it once or twice is normally all it takes, and your dog will quickly learn that the pool is a safe place for them to be.

    That makes ramps also a great choice for anxious dogs that might be afraid of the water or scared to jump in.

    Overall, if you’ve got a pool and a bunch of pets, you should definitely invest in a ramp. For a small outlay, there are so many benefits that it just doesn’t make sense not to own one.

    How to Choose

    Large Ramp for DogNot every dog ramp is designed the same, which you’ll have quickly realized as you went down the list. Almost every product on there is different! So here’s how to make the best choice.

    What Sort of Ramp Do You Need?

    As you go through our list, you’ll quickly realize that there are a huge amount of options available for dog ramps. Most are designed with one specific idea in mind, so the best way to decide is to look at your particular situation.

    For example, the Scamper Ramp is a ramp that’s designed for smaller breeds. It’s absolutely not suitable for larger dogs. But on the other hand, a toy breed might struggle with the larger gaps between the steps of the Waterdog ladder.

    What Is It Made From?

    Your pool ramp will be holding up a whole lot of wet dogs, and if you’ve got a larger breed, that’s a surprising amount of weight to carry. Make sure that your choice has a higher weight limit than you think you need.

    It’s best to give yourself at least a 25% safety margin over your dog’s actual weight.

    Remember that the ramp will be spending a lot of time in the water, so it needs to be resistant to corrosion and rust. Any metal parts should be stainless steel, and plastic should be treated to be UV and chlorine resistant.

    The Size and Length

    There’s no point buying something that’s going to dominate your pool, or worse, not even fit.

    When buying a ramp for your pool, look at the size requirements carefully, and measure your pool to be sure that it’s a correct fit.

    Ladders and steps are generally a safer option, as they take up less space and extend less into the pool itself.

    If you struggle for space in your pool, it’s also worth looking for a removable option. Many choices on our list can be removed, temporarily or permanently, opening up a lot more pool space.

    The Top Surface and Grip

    Your ramp is going to be wet, and there’s no point buying something to help your pets get out of the pool if their paws and claws just scrabble over the top of it.

    Look for built-in grip aids. Raised surfaces, knurls on flat steps, or texture. Some ramps may use a textured surface on top of the ramp itself, similar to sandpaper.

    We don’t recommend this as it tends to lose its grip when wet.

    How Easy Is It to Store?

    There’s a good chance you’re not going to be using your pool all year round, especially in winter, and having the option to remove your dog ramp and store it can make a big difference in space.

    A lot of ramps anchor themselves to your decking or pool surround, so they’re safe and secure. This generally means that removing them is as simple as unscrewing the supports.

    Other ramps might fold away, or separate from their anchor points. Double-check this before buying if it’s important, although we do mention which ramps are removable in our reviews.


    As you can see, you have a number of different options to choose from for the best dog ramps for pools.

    You’ll want to review my top picks including pros and cons to find the best one for your dog.

    By the way, if you’re looking for the best dog ramps for older dogs, I wrote an article on that as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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