8 Best Places To Buy Dog Gift Baskets

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Dog Gift BasketsAre you looking for the best place to buy dog gift baskets online?

Maybe you are looking to send a gift to a friend or acquaintance who owns a dog. Or maybe you want to spoil your own precious pup.

While subscription boxes are hugely popular, a dog gift basket allows less commitment.

I’ve compiled a list of the best places to find dog gift baskets online. And don’t worry, these are one-time purchase gifts – unless, of course, your dog loves it so much you come back for more!

As an affiliate and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

Best Places to Buy Dog Gift Baskets (in order of average price)

1. Chewy Goody Boxes (Budget under $30)

Birthday Chewy Goody Box with toys and treats inside

Goody Box Birthday Toys, Treats & Apparel

If you are looking for treats and goodies without breaking the bank, then Chewy has you covered!

Currently, Chewy offers 5 different dog gift boxes including:

  1. Goody Box Birthday Toys, Treats & Apparel for Small/Medium Dogs
  2. Goody Box Dog Toys, Treats & Apparel for Large Dogs
  3. Goody Box Puppy Toys, Treats & Accessories
  4. Goody Box Dog Toys, Treats & Apparel for Small/Medium Dogs
  5. Goody Box Halloween Toys, Treats & Apparel for Dogs

No matter what kind of dog you have, Chewy has something that you and your pup will love. As shown above, options for Chewy’s Goody Boxes range from gifts for a new puppy to a full-grown, large breed dog.

Each gift box has unique toys tailored to your dog’s size and yummy treats for them to try – five or more items in total! The puppy box even comes with hypoallergenic shampoo and poop bags to give you a head start on raising your new best friend!

Pro tip: Visit Chewy’s website throughout the year; they tend to offer seasonal gift baskets for your pooch as well! And check out my post about Chewy Goody Boxes for an in-depth look at what they have to offer!

2. Amazon

Amazon offers a number of affordable dog gift baskets with many different options. You can buy ones with dog toys, treats, chews, puppy necessities and even dog food.

There is not one section on Amazon dedicated to these gift baskets, so you need to browse around a little bit.

Recommended Seller- Joice Presents

One high-rated seller of dog gift boxes is Joice Gifts.

Joice Gifts offer 9 different dog gift boxes including:

  1. Dog Puppy Gift Box Basket Set Treat Crew Toys Package
  2. Best Dog Puppy Care Gift Basket Package Box Set
  3. Best Dog Gift Basket Treat Crew Toys Package DB01
  4. New Dog Treat Gift Box Basket Crew Toys Package
  5. Dog Gift Basket Puppy Pets Treats Crewing Toy Holiday Set
  6. Joice Dog Gift Basket Treats Crewing Toy Set
  7. Joice Best Dog Care Gift Basket Package Box Set
  8. Joice Best Dog Puppy Gift Treats Pet Toy Box Set
  9. Joice Dog Gift Basket Set Puppy Pets Treats Crew Toys

As an example, the Joice Best Dog Care Gift Basket (#8 above) is Amazon’s Choice for doggie gift baskets. It comes packaged in a cute-yet-functional basket that can double as a small toy container. You receive two tennis balls, perfect for fetching field trips, one chewing toy to keep your pup occupied for hours, and three packages of assorted dog treats.

The seller’s notes do specify that the color of the basket may be different than the red one pictured, but never fear; this gift basket is Prime eligible and has free returns!

3. Wüfers Cookie Boxes (Budget $34)

The way to a dog’s heart is through their stomachs. Wüfers knows this better than anyone else, and it shows in their cookie boxes! Their treats are made with locally-sourced ingredients, like apples, cinnamon, and honey. Plus, an extra scoop of love!

Coupon: Share your dog’s birthday and get 10% off!

They offer a large number of themes fit for any occasion – a Birthday Girl & Boy Cookie Boxes for your dog’s special day, a Get Well Soon Cookie Box to lift the spirits of your fur baby, and a Doggie Donut Cookie Box for those “just because” gifts!

They also offer seasonal cookie treats, like their Endless Summer Cookie Box. In my opinion, the cutest product offered by Wüfers is their Gotcha Day Cookie Box. Our rescued pups don’t always have a clear background, but they deserve a special day too! This cookie box makes sure they have a proper day of celebration, just as every dog out there should.

I personally ordered their Easter Cookie Box and they were awesome (I even tried some myself). Read my detailed review.

4. Etsy (Budget $25-$70)

Etsy has TONS of gift basket options for your dog, although they are spread out through their site.

Recommended Seller- The Paws Place

One of the highest rated sellers is the Paws Place, which sells gifts for dogs, cats, and humans who love them.

They offer the following dog gift baskets:

  1. New Puppy Dog Gift Box
  2. Get Well Soon Dog Gift Basket
  3. Little Monster Dog Gift Basket
  4. Puppy Necessities Dog Gift Basket
  5. New Puppy Essentials Deluxe
  6. Get Well Dog Gift Basket
  7. Snack Pawtack
  8. Dog Toy Set 12pcs w/ FREE gift!
  9. Dog Gift Basket Bowl O’Goodies
  10. Dog Beer Gift Set
  11. Deluxe Gift Set for Beer & Dog Lovers!
  12. Beer & Pet Lovers Gift Set

One of their highest rated baskets with a 5 star rating is the Little Monster Dog Gift Basket.

This gift basket appears to be a good fit for a puppy based on some of the reviews.

It offers ten items for your furry friend to enjoy, with a variety of five different teething toys, squeak toys and rope toys.

The other five pieces are different treats for your dog to try out, and it’s all packaged up inside an adorable water bowl!

Many reviewers say that they sent this basket to a friend or family member’s new puppy with great success!

Bonus: shipping is free in the U.S., which is not as common for Etsy shops.

Not only is this an adorable gift basket option, but it’s also budget-friendly!

5. Design It Yourself Present Hampers (Budget $50-$75)

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets is a highly popular custom gift basket site.

As far as dog gift baskets, they offer a number of different pre-made baskets with optional upgrades.

Currently, I found the following choices on their site:

  1. Pampered Pooch Dog Gift Basket
  2. For the Love of Dogs
  3. Ruff Day Pet Gift Basket
  4. Mans Best Friend Dog Gift Basket
  5. Faithful Friend Dog Gift Basket
  6. It’s a Dogs Life Dog Gift Basket
  7. Deck the Dogs Christmas Gift Basket

Their most expensive one is the Pampered Pooch Dog Gift Basket (#1 above).

This gift basket comes with all the fixin’s. It includes treats, a bone, a plush toy, and a rope toy.

However, it also comes with treats for you too! For the humans, this basket comes with Door County Churro Ground Coffee and a coffee mug!

Design It Yourself also offers an array of add-on choices for your gift basket.

Would two mugs be better than one? Add it to your order, no problem!

Want to include another stuffed animal or photo frame to make the basket extra-special? You can do that too!

The company also gives you the option to select the occasion for your gift basket and reflect it with the perfect gift wrapping.

Each basket also comes with a personalized greeting card, but you can even upgrade to a handcrafted 3-D greeting card if you want to add some pizzazz!

6. Mutts & Mousers (Budget $80)

What’s the fun of spoiling your dog if you can’t spoil yourself a little, too?

Mutts & Mousers offer gift baskets with treats for your dog, as well as some treats for hard-working owners!

Currently, I count 12 dog gift baskets on their site.

Their gift basket selection includes “adult beverage” themes such as Arfsolut Vodka, Bark Daniels Whiskery, or Grrrona Beer – with a real-life version so you can “share” with your pup!

The “I’ve Been Good” Gift Set is the perfect way to celebrate graduation from obedience school or puppy preschool – for both of you! Inside this basket, you’ll find an adorable “I’ve been good” plush toy, dog treats, a cute water bowl, dog treats, and a bottle of sparkling wine to commemorate the occasion.

Mutts & Mousers also offers upgrades and add-ons to customize your basket. You can select additional toys and treats for your dog, swap out the champagne choice, or add another bottle!

The “I’ve Been Good” basket features a Brut sparkling wine from Spain called Freixenet Cava Brut Cordon Negro. Many of the upgrade options are available at no additional cost to you!

7. 1-800-Flowers Pet Present Hampers (Budget $40-$100)

While 1-800-flowers.com may be best known for easy-to-ship bouquets, they also offer convenient pet gift baskets for any occasion. Their well-curated, adorably packaged dog gift baskets are chock-full of goodies for your dog to enjoy, including pet accessories, delicious treats, and a variety of toys.

Currently, I show 5 different dog gift baskets on their site including:

  1. Max & Milo Best in Show Dog Gift Basket
  2. Max & Milo Tail Wagger Gift Basket
  3. Max & Milo Holiday Dog Stocking
  4. Max & Milo Pawsome Holiday Gift Basket
  5. Max & Milo Home for the Howlidays Dog Gift Basket

The gift baskets range in size, but even the smallest one (Max & Milo Holiday Dog Stocking) features a good variety of items, including two different dog treats, a toy, and two different pup accessories.

Many of their gift baskets are also holiday-themed, making them a simple, quick gift for the pups in your life when the holidays roll around.

If you’re looking to really spoil your dog, the Max & Milo Best in Show Dog Gift Basket is the way to go. At $99.99, this gift basket features everything your pup could want, including human-grade treats that are made in the USA, rawhide-free chews, 4 toys, and an adorable bow tie.

1-800-flowers makes it easy to ship your gift basket anywhere in the United States and even has options to add human gifts onto your shipment for no additional shipping costs.

As a bonus, 1-800-flowers also offers gifts for the feline friends in your life, if you’re looking to spoil them as well.

8. Bisket Hampers (Budget $30-$130)

This family owned business is a leading seller of premium gift baskets.

In fact, I count over 30 dog gift baskets for sale, which is the biggest selection I have found in one place with all sorts of options.

While it is the most expensive gift basket on the list, the “Man’s Best Friend” basket is packed with goodies.

It gives you high-quality treats that any best friend will love, from salmon and fire-grilled chicken treats to sweet potato and rabbit treats!

It also includes hand-iced dog biscuits, and a salmon and mango flavored dog bone.

This manly basket is topped off with a “Bark Daniels Whiskery” plush toy for your pup – provided they are of age, of course!

If this is out of your price range, Bisket Baskets has a wide variety of gift baskets, so check out their website for one that fits your needs.


If you are looking for a dog gift box, then these 8 recommendations above should help you find the right box for your pet.

Whether you are looking for a budget box or a premium box, these sites have you covered. By the way, if you’re looking for gift ideas specifically for new puppies, I wrote a blog post on that.

Feel free to comment below.

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