Buying A Dog Training Whistle? Read This Guide Beforehand!

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Dog Training WhistlesAre you thinking of buying a dog training whistle? 

Do you want to have control over your dog from a distance?

Whistle training is one of the best methods used to help train your dog.

It can be useful to teach discipline, to teach commands, and to enhance good behavior.

In addition, a good quality whistle can last over a decade, so you want to make sure to choose the right one.

In this blog post, we recommend some of the best dog training whistles, plus discuss some important things to consider before buying one. 

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Best Dog Training Whistle

1. Smarter Paws Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle (Best Overall Silent Whistle)

This high quality silent whistle is one of the best selling on Amazon.

Some of its features and benefits include:

  • Adjustable frequencies to find the best one for your dog
  • Ultrasonic sound so you don’t disturb anyone else in your surroundings
  • Quality metal material with protective lid
  • Lanyard included to carry around on your neck
  • Free training ebook

Note: it only comes with one whistle, so you may want to order a few for backup.

2. Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle (Best Non-Silent Whistle)

acme 210 Orange - Whistle

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as of January 22, 2021 1:52 am

This dog training whistle gives off a single frequency and is recommended to recall a dog (aka to “come”), although you can use multiple blasts for more commands.

Some of its features and benefits are:

  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Offered in 1 pack and 3 pack
  • Recommended by many dog trainers
  • Emits 6200 Hz according to manufacturer (I emailed them)
  • Contains no pea so great for cold weather

Keep in mind it’s not a silent whistle, but it appears to be effective for its purpose such as recalling your dog.

You will also need to buy a lanyard separately.

3. Dog Training Whistle with Clicker Kit (Alternative silent whistle from #1 above with clicker included)

This is another high rated ultrasonic whistle on Amazon, which also comes with a clicker.

Here are some features and benefits:

  • Adjustable pitch to find the best sound for your dog
  • High-quality rust proof material
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lanyard included to carry around on your neck
  • Dust cover

With different pitches, you can teach multiple commands.

Whistle Training 101: Advantages of Using a Dog Training Whistle

Man using dog whistle in fieldDog training whistles are one of the most popular and preferred aids in the dog training industry.

Here are some advantages of using a dog whistle:

Consistent Sound

Dog whistles give off a consistent high-pitched sound, which may or may not be audible to humans depending on the whistle.

With this consistency, your dog gets conditioned to the same sound every time.

On the other hand, your voice can change if you’re tired, feeling sad, have a cold, or even lost your voice. 

As a result, dog whistles makes an effective training tool to teach various commands such as “come” and many others.

Distance of Sound

You can let your dog wander off and explore the world knowing that they can hear the sound from a long distance.

Additionally, the silent whistles won’t disturb other animals besides other dogs.

Even dogs with hearing loss may respond to dog training whistles.

Lastly, you help save your voice from screaming to get their attention.


Trust me, your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate you screaming commands at your pup late at night or early in the morning. 

One advantages of using a dog training whistle, at least a silent one, is the fact that it sounds more like a “hiss” to humans and doesn’t disturb others. 

As a result, you can use it from far distances without disturbing others.

Keep in mind that not all dog whistles are silent, and some owners prefer to hear the sounds emitted. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Training Whistle

woman with dog whistleHaving discussed the benefits of whistle training, the question of choosing the right whistle still remains.

Buying a whistle seems like an easy enough job–you can’t go wrong, can you? 

Actually, you can! 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind since the whistle you choose is going to be a repetitive stimulus for your dog.

So, you’ll need to choose one that doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable and one you can find easily if you need to replace it. 

This section will quickly take you through the few things you need to keep in mind when buying a dog whistle.

1. Type of Dog Whistles

There are 4 main types of dog whistles to choose from:

  • Silent dog whistles are very common and what many people think of with dog whistles. With this type, only dogs can hear the ultrasonic tone, without bothering other people in the area.
  • Pea dog whistles have a small ball inside, which allow you to emit “trill” sounds and different combinations for specific commands. You can get different sounds by varying the blow rate. These are generally easier to blow with less effort. They are not good for extremely cold weather because the pea can freeze inside from the saliva that encounters it.
  • Pealess dog whistles (aka airfast whistles) have no pea inside and are good for quick blasts of sound. They are harder to blow than the ones with peas inside. Their pitch is normally higher, but they don’t offer the wide range of tones, sounds and volumes that you can get with pea dog whistles. Unlike pea dog whistles, these work well in very cold weather.
  • Dual tone dog whistles are like having two whistles in one with one side having a pea, and the other side having no pea. They allow you to make different tones and sounds including a trill sound with the pea and a solid sound without the pea.

2. Frequency/Pitch

Like any musical instrument on the market, a dog training whistle must have the right frequency to work efficiently.

This is especially true because smaller dogs tend to react to higher frequencies than larger dogs.

It is estimated that humans can hear sounds between 64-23,000 Hz in frequency. However, your furry friend can hear sounds between 67-45,000 Hz. 

So, if you choose a whistle that produces a sound above 23,000 Hz, you won’t be able to hear it—and your neighbors won’t either. 

Some whistles allow you to adjust the frequency/pitch to see which sound works best with your dog.

Additionally, long and regular training sessions mean longer exposure to loud sounds to your ears, which might bring discomfort to some.

In that case, you can go for the high-frequency whistles.

Pro tip: Stick to one pitch per command so that your dog can associate it with that command. If you use the same pitch for “sit” and “come”, your dog may get confused as he won’t be able to differentiate between them.

3. Distance

This goes without saying. 

A whistle that covers a longer-range is best, so that your dog can hear it even if he’s far away.

The greater the distance the whistle covers, the better it is for Fido.

Additionally, long-range whistles also make it easier to train your dog in noisy places like parks. 

4. Material

Whether you choose a high-quality whistle made from plastic or metal is totally up to you.

Plastic whistles are easier on the lips in colder weather compared to metal whistles.

However, you should consider if the material and build of the whistle are durable enough to pass the test of time.

This is important because your dog will become used to the specific sound of the whistle and you don’t want to lose any of his or her gains. 

As a result, a high-quality whistle should be able to withstand being dropped on the ground or being stepped on.

6. Replaceability

Losing a whistle can have disastrous consequences.

This is because conditioning takes time and whistle training involves teaching your dog to respond to a certain frequency with a particular response.

That is why you should always select a whistle that is easily replaceable, available, or sold in pairs or bunches.

By having a backup on hand, you will avoid the trial and error of having to find a suitable replacement. 

6. Other Accessories

Depending on the whistle, you may receive other helpful accessories or features such as:

  • a lanyard or strap
  • whistle covers
  • guides
  • a clicker
  • personalized or engraved message

Conclusion on Dog Training Whistles

As discussed, dog whistles can be a dependable option for training and conditioning your dog.

However, keep in mind that every dog is different.

You will want to observe your dog’s reactions and adjust accordingly.

Do you have any suggestions about what works best in whistle training? Share with us in the comments section!

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