Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs- Should I Buy?

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Box of Greenies Treats for Dogs sitting on tableNo one likes doggy breath. Greenies Dental Treats help clean your dog’s teeth, freshen breath, and are great for overall dental care.

Sometimes all your pup needs is a regular brushing, but terrible breath can also be a sign that something more serious is going on. It can actually signify gum disease, bacteria buildup, or in certain cases- tooth decay. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss or even organ damage.

In this review, I’ll discuss Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs, which is one of my recommended ways to eliminate dog bad breath.

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Caring for Your Canine’s Oral Health

Plaque is that colorless, sticky film that constantly forms on a dog’s teeth.

Believe it or not, the simple, mechanical act of chewing on something (like a bone) can help break up plaque. If this isn’t cared for, that plaque can harden and become tartar.

Unlike plaque, you can’t remove tartar with a toothbrush or by chewing. If enough builds up, this can lead to more serious issues.

Brushing Your Canine’s Teeth

If you’re big on oral hygiene for your pup, brushing daily (or even 3 times a week) can make a big difference. That being said, it’s important that you purchase pet recommended toothpaste to use with your little one.

Human toothpaste can contain Xylitol, which is very dangerous to dogs (giving toothpaste a ‘sweet’ flavor, safe for humans). Don’t worry; you can find both pet recommended toothpaste and special dog toothbrushes at your local pet store.

What Exactly is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky, colorless, and soft film that builds up on teeth.  It also contains bacteria. When you eat food, this bacteria produces harmful acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. This is a big reason why your teeth yellow with age.

Now that you understand what plaque does, it makes more sense to brush soon after eating rather than wait for hours (same goes for your pet).

What Exactly is Tartar?

If the plaque on teeth isn’t removed in time, it combines with certain minerals in saliva and hardens to become tartar. Tartar is a crusty like deposit that can only be removed by a dentist (in this case, your veterinarian).

Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs

Greenies Treats are an easy solution to improve your dog’s dental health. Essentially it works like a toothbrush that scrubs away tarter and plaque from your dog’s teeth as your dog chews on them. It also helps clean food particles from the gum line.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Helps maintain tooth & gum health.
  • Created with natural ingredients, on top of added vitamins and minerals.
  • Fantastic breath freshening properties.
  • Ingredients are highly soluble and easy to digest.
  • Simple, mechanical act of chewing helps remove tartar and prevent plaque buildup.

Not only are they absolutely delicious to your pup, they are highly nutritious. With ingredients that are highly soluble, these nifty dog treats are easy on digestion too. Go here to buy Greenies Dental Treats at Amazon.

Unlike countless others that simply claim to use all natural ingredients, Greenies Dental Treats meets the strict guidelines established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Why Give Greenies Dental Treats to Your Dog?

In addition to improving dental health, here are some other reasons to give your dog this product:

Positive Reinforcement

Whether it be just a pleasant surprise, or you are trying to offer a reward for some type of training activity, these are very effective. Even the most seasoned, educated and highly paid professional dog trainers in the world use treats as an incentive. Positive reinforcement is a very simple and proven training method.

Greenies treats are available in a variety of flavors, like Pumpkin Spice and Blueberry. There are also special blends such as ones for puppies that are 6 months or older, small breeds, large breeds, and even aging dogs! Older dogs tend to develop dental issues more often, so this is especially important.

Weight Health

For those owners watching their dog’s weight, there is even a grain free recipe. Grain isn’t necessarily bad at all, but they are high in carbohydrates. Excessive carbs in plant-based foods are the number one leading factor to weight gain in pets today.

Unlike humans, who use carbs and sugars for their primary source of energy, dogs simply don’t need them.

They are Healthy

Greenies Dental Treats are one of those few products that were specifically created to benefit a dog’s health. As mentioned earlier, they are made with natural ingredients, and are easy to digest.

You might be surprised to know that those ‘Milk bones’ you’ve seen other dog owners give their dogs are incredibly unhealthy. In fact, even most training rewards, very popular with dog trainers, are high in sodium.

In general, most treats that you buy at the store aren’t going to be healthy, unless specifically designed that way. Greenies Treats are simply great for your dog’s dental care. Without realizing it, they will be working to improve their oral health.

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Overall, Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs is a beneficial product that I recommended buying for your dog. They’re great for your dogs teeth and vet-approved.

With different flavor and formulation, there are Greenies available for all dog sizes and ages. Go here to buy Greenies Dental Treats at Amazon.

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