Our Pet Plate Review: Healthy Food for Your Dog

Filed in Dog Health on February 5, 2020

Pet Plate ReviewWelcome to our Pet Plate review- the healthy meal delivery service for dogs.

Most commercial dog food is extremely processed and filled with hidden additives and ingredients.

On the other hand, fresh food is supposed to be more nutritious, easier to digest (not always- see cons), better for skin and provides even more benefits.

While it is more convenient to use commercial dog food, the reality is that fresh food is better for our dog’s health.

The problem is finding the time to prepare the meals and making sure they are nutritionally balanced.

Pet Plate attempts to solve these problems by delivering meals formulated by a veterinary nutritionist that are personalized to your dog’s needs.

We decided to try out Pet Plate for this review.

Just so you know, I may collect a small commission from the links below, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy.

Unopened Pet Plate Box upon deliveryWhat Is Pet Plate?

Pet Plate is a meal delivery service that provides real food cooked fresh for your dog.

They create personalized meals, packed with nutrition, that are delivered to your door.

Key features of Pet Plate include:

  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Developed by a Vet Nutritionist
  • Meals Cooked in a USDA Facility
  • Personalized Food For The Needs of Your Pup
  • Four Different Recipes to Choose
  • Meals in Resealable Containers
  • Flexible Subscription Plans

Founder, Renaldo Webb, who worked as a pet food consultant, developed Pet Plate after he grew to dislike what he saw in commercial dog food.

After seeing the inferior ingredients and processes to mass-market dog food, he began searching for a healthy alternative for his own dog.

As a result, Pet Plate was born.

Sign-up Process

Pet Plate will recommend a meal plan for your dog depending on the information that you provide during sign-up.

By the way, they are offering 30% off your first box through this link: Pet Plate 30% off

Here are the steps to sign-up:

1. Provide details on your dog

You will provide the following:

  • Their name
  • Boy or girl
  • Whether spayed or not
  • Breed
  • Birth date
  • Actual weight
  • Ideal weight
  • How active your dog is
  • Waistline (very thin, underweight, etc.)

2. Choose your meals

Pet Plate lets you choose some or all of the following meals:

  • Bowl of Chompin’ Chicken by Pet PlateBarkin’ Beef: Barkin’ Beef is made mostly of ground beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beef liver, carrots, apples, green peas, pumpkin, and a variety of healthy fats.
  • Lip Lickin’ Lamb: Great for dogs with protein sensitivities, or who have itchy skin or dull coats. The recipe is derived mainly from ground lamb, sweet potatoes, quinoa, lamb liver, apples, broccoli, and salmon oil.
  • Tail Waggin’ Turkey: Suited for dogs who love Thanksgiving food but without the calories. This turkey-based meal is made mainly of ground turkey, brown rice, turkey liver, carrots, apples, pumpkin, and salmon oil.
  • Chompin’ Chicken: Perfect for pups with sensitive tummies or dogs needing to lose weight. Chicken lovers will delight in the main ingredients which include ground chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken liver, broccoli, butternut squash, apples, and healthy fats. 

You can change these selections later on depending on how your dog likes each one.

Meals that you can choose with Pet Plate

I had chosen all 4 meals when signing up to try out with my dogs. They liked all of them.

3. Pick meal plan

On this screen, you select either the Full Meal Plan or Topper Plan.

While the Full Meal Plan is meant to be a full meal replacement, the Topper Plan is meant to be mixed with their current food.

Pet Plate recommends how many calories to feed your dog, along with the estimated cost per day.

Choice between meal plans for Pet Plate for the full meal plan or topper plan

Initially, Pet Plate recommended 320 calories per day under the Full Meal Plan for my toy poodle. This consisted of 21 x 8 oz containers every 3 weeks for $84.48 a box.

However, after speaking with them, they were able to change the plan to a combined plan since I wanted to add my Maltese as well.

As a result, they changed my plan to 640 calories per day with 14 x 16 oz containers every two weeks for $88.65 a box.

Note: there is also an option to “Add more pups” where you can place another individual order and receive a discount on multiple dogs (15%).

However, I was told by customer service that the combined plans are typically more cost-effective long term and they usually help save storage space.

4. Checkout screen

Here you will provide shipping and payment details.

The subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel.

Pet Plate containers stacked on top of each otherFeatures and Ingredients in Meals

The meal plans are specifically developed based on your dog’s sex, age, breed, reproductive ability, ideal weight activity level, and appetite choices. Here is a list of other nice features of their meal plans:

  • Made with human-grade food in a commercial kitchen.
  • Formulated by a veterinary nutritionist for nutritional balance and taste.
  • Meets the nutritional requirements established by the AAFCO for all stages of a dog’s life.
  • Only real USDA meat, no rendered meats or by-products.
  • Always uses USDA approved fruits and vegetables.
  • Free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
  • Cooked and packaged in a USDA facility. 
  • Flash-frozen to lock in and ensure freshness.
  • Proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced meals. 
  • Safety testing occurs throughout the meal process.

Opened box of Pet Plate with meal containers in dry iceDelivery

Frozen Pet Plate meals are delivered to your door in pre-portioned, recyclable, containers containing dry ice.

Meals are always fresh and delivery is free to all 48 contiguous U.S. states.

The food stays fresh for 5 days in the refrigerator and 12 months when stored in the freezer.

The full meal plan is 28 meals and shipped every 2 weeks (2 meals per day).

If you go with the meal topper plan you will receive 28 meals every four weeks.

Consumers can easily skip, pause, and cancel their meal deliveries via the Pet Plate website at any time.

With freshly cooked meals that are customized and delivered to your front door, Pet Plate certainly is convenient.

How Much Does Pet Plate Cost?

The cost of Pet Plate varies depending upon the weight of your dog, age, activity, and more.

Food averages about $4 a day per dog, but it could be a lot higher if you have a bigger dog.

For example, for a 95 pound dog, their plan costs on average $12.85-$13.48 per day.

For a 14 pound, spayed female who receives typical daily exercise, the plan is around $4/day, although it is less with an initial order discount.

If you select the topper-only portion, the rate is approximately $2.50/day.

Pet Plate Coupons/Promos: Get 30% off your first order

As discussed earlier, Pet Plate initially recommended 320 calories per day for my toy poodle under the Full Meal Plan. This consisted of 21 x 8 oz containers every 3 weeks for $84.48 a box.

Based on my calculations, my cost per day for my toy poodle would have been $4.02 ($84.48 divided by 21 containers).

However, after speaking with customer service, they were able to offer a combined plan for both of my dogs.

Under this combined plan, I received 14 x 16 oz containers every two weeks for $88.65 a box.

This should equal $3.16 per day per dog ($88.65 divided by 14 containers divided by 2).

Keep in mind that you will need to contact them for the combined plan option.

Alternatively, you can add on a dog and save 15%, but the combined option is supposedly more cost-effective and takes up less storage space.


They offer a 100% guarantee that your dog will love Pet Plate or you will receive a refund.

This offer is good on your first delivery of meals – which is enough to determine if your dog loves the meals.

Cons – Things To Consider

There are things to consider when deciding to subscribe to Pet Plate. These include:

  1. If your dog requires a specific diet to address a disease like diabetes for example, Pet Plate’s intake process does not take this into account.
  2. Pet Plate does not offer a sample-size of their meals. This is unfortunate as sampling food often gives information about a dog’s willingness to eat specific foods.
  3. For some, the cost of Pet Plate is rather pricey.
  4. The food may not agree with the stomachs of all dogs. Personally, my Maltese had loose stools when eating the food even when easing her into it over a few weeks. I decided to switch to using it as a topper with her regular food. Keep in mind Pet Plate offers a 100% guarantee if there are issues.
  5. The food looks like slop.

Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Manufacturers are beginning to add natural ingredients to their dog food recipes. Some people wonder how fresh dog food became so popular.

In the past, owners were actually discouraged from feeding real food to their dogs. They began to turn to dry dog food – mainly out of convenience and cheap manufacturing costs.

However, this heat-based process destroys a large amount of beneficial nutrients and requires re-fortification of nutrients.

Owners later were made aware of the benefits of fresh, nutritious meals for their dog’s health.


A well-regarded Purdue University study found that by simply adding fresh vegetables to kibble, dogs were healthier and much less likely to develop bladder cancer (source).  

Another study found that fresh dog food had a higher digestibility and also led to lower blood triglyceride levels (source).

We already know that fresh food prevents certain diseases in humans, so I believe it is only a matter of time before more studies reveal these same benefits for dogs.

As far as how much benefit, that is to be determined. 

Healthy Nutrients in Fresh Dog Food

It’s not just vegetables that can improve your dog’s health – there are other quality ingredients with additional benefits. 


Protein is needed to maintain a dog’s healthy muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Quality protein provides enzymes, key hormones, and essential and nonessential amino acids for muscle development and repair. Notably, there are 10 essential amino acids that dog’s must get from protein.


Organs provide a dog with natural vitamins and trace minerals. Take liver for example – it’s a natural source of vitamin A, B vitamins, B12, folic acid, and iron. It’s important to feed dogs well-sourced organs like liver, which is used by animals to filter toxins.


Did you know that dogs require more fat in their diets than humans? It’s true, and it’s important to know that dogs need 4 to 10% fat in their meals – dependent upon their size and energy requirements. This was taken into account when Pet Plate developed their dog food.


Antioxidants are powerful and help to halt free radicals which cause inflammation over time. Free radicals increase in dogs through aging, disease, and when fed poor nutrition. Antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables – and are in the right amounts in Pet Plate meals.

What To Look For In Fresh Dog Food

When you look for dog food, here are some things to keep in mind. Make sure that the meals offer:

  • Ingredients that you can pronounce – chemicals have complicated names.
  • High-quality protein – to ensure excellent meats and essential amino acids.
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables – to combat free radicals.
  • Freshest ingredients possible – for the best taste, smell, and nutrition.
  • Transparency in sourcing – to know where the ingredients are from.
  • Proper mix of protein, carbs, fats, and essential nutrients.
  • Recipes made in concert with a veterinary nutritionist.
  • Reusable or recyclable shipping packages.
  • Quality customer service.

Pet Plate Coupons/Promos: Get 30% off your first order

Our Verdict

The individualized attention that Pet Plate gives to each dog is a welcome change in the dog food industry.

Pet Plate provides you with the right amount of food by understanding your dog’s age, ideal weight and energy levels.

Dog owners now have a convenient option for feeding their dogs with nutritious, balanced, high-quality, and human-grade meals.

If it is within your budget, Pet Plate makes a nice addition toward the well-being and health of your dog.

As I candidly admitted, the food did not sit very well with my Maltese’s stomach as a full meal replacement, so I changed to using as a topper.

I am unsure if this is just unique to my dog or not, but with their 100% guarantee, you could try it out regardless.

We hope you enjoyed our Pet Plate review. Feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns.

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