Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Which Should I Choose?

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Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog

Many pet parents are turning to fresh dog food companies to provide high quality nutrition for their dogs. Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog are two well-known companies in this space.

In this blog post, I’ll compare Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog to help you decide between the two.

I’ll talk about the companies and their offerings. I’ll also take a closer look at their ingredients, how their food is sourced and other company highlights.

At the conclusion of this comparison, you should have a better idea of which company is right for your dog(s).

Quick summary: Both plans are very similar in ingredients and cost. I don’t see any major differences besides the additional products sold by Nom Nom (treats and supplements) and the additional locations where you can buy Nom Nom.

Note: Nom Nom now also offers a flexible feeding plan in addition to preportioned meals.

As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

Companies- Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is a fresh dog food service, founded in 2014 after one of the co-founders discovered the health benefits of feeding fresh food to his dog, Harlee. When he switched to home-cooked meals for Harlee, his chronic health issues improved.

By the way, I subscribe to Nom Nom and have an extensive review of Nom Nom Dog Food in another blog post.

Today, Nom Nom hires veterinary nutritionists and other leading scientists to help them create healthy recipes for pets across the country.

Nom Nom offers fresh dog food meal plans, either shipped to your home or purchased from your local pet store.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog has a similar beginning. When one of its co-founders noticed that his dog, Jada, had digestive issues, he started feeding her food that was prepared at home.

Jada’s digestive issues improved overnight, leading the co-founders to bring their recipes to a wider audience.

Like Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog offers fresh dog food shipped directly to your home. Their meal plans are pre-portioned based on your dog’s age, size, breed, and other needs.

The Farmer’s Dog believes that your dog’s food should be actual food.

Product Offerings

Nom Nom

Nom Nom’s primary product line is their fresh pet meals. They offer four recipes: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Turkey Fare, and Pork Potluck.

In addition to high-quality meals, Nom Nom’s meals use quality ingredients like potatoes, carrots, peas, eggs, brown rice, spinach, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil.

The meals are all formulated for full and complete nutrition.

They also offer a line of treats and a variety of different dietary supplements for dogs. Their treats are great for giving your dog a little something extra.

If your dog has any special digestive needs or issues, Nom Nom’s supplements can help.

Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog has one product line, their fresh pet meals. Their selection is similar to Nom Nom’s and includes recipes with beef, chicken, turkey, or pork.

Since The Farmer’s Dog only sells pre-portioned packages of food through meal plans, and their products aren’t available in stores.

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog allow you to choose which recipes to include when you sign up for their meal delivery services.

If your dog ends up liking one meal over another, you can adjust future shipments to include their favorite only.

Sourcing of Ingredients

Both companies work hard to source their ingredients from reputable sources within the United States.

Nom Nom

One of the core values at Nom Nom is their drive to provide food sourced and cooked within the country.

All of their ingredients are whole and fresh, meaning all their meals are free of fillers and byproducts. Nom Nom only uses the highest quality ingredients to create their meals.

They also oversee every step of production to limit the risks of contamination. The meals are all cooked in Nom Nom’s California and Nashville kitchens.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog uses human-grade ingredients. They believe in securing ingredients from local farms and reputable suppliers. All of their ingredients come from USDA-approved sources.

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog offer recipes that are considered 100% complete and balanced by AAFCO standards.

Overall, the ingredients and the meals from both these companies are strikingly similar.

Type of Ingredients

This comparison article of Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog wouldn’t be complete without discussing their ingredients.

Their ingredients exceed the quality of most mass-produced dog food on the market compared to dry dog kibble.

Both companies don’t use additives or fillers in their food. Nom Nom’s meals are gluten-free and don’t use ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy to add volume to the food.

Instead, the meals are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients. While Nom Nom uses brown rice in some of their recipes, The Farmer’s Dog is grain-free.


Feeding your dog fresh pet food will cost a lot more, especially if you’ve been feeding your dog kibble. However, the prices between these two companies are very similar.

Nom Nom

You have to fill out information about your dog to determine exactly how much a meal plan at Nom Nom will cost.

Their site estimates about $5 to $6.50 per day if you’re feeding a 30 lb. dog. That means you’ll pay about $150 to $195 each month.

Although Nom Nom is available in some pet stores, you’ll get the best deal by signing up on their website.

Nom Nom also offers a discount if you’re feeding multiple dogs, which is an added benefit to help offset the expense.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog also calculates the cost based on your dog’s information. When I plugged in information for a 30 lb. dog with average activity levels and no special dietary needs, The Farmer’s Dog created a two-week meal plan for $74.78.

That makes the daily cost of feeding a 30 lb. dog approximately $5.34, although the exact cost may vary.

That means that the cost of feeding The Farmer’s Dog is very similar to the pricing at Nom Nom. Unfortunately, The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t seem to provide a discount if you’re purchasing food for multiple dogs.

Both companies offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your dog’s food.

The Farmer’s Dog will refund the price of your shipment as long as your promise to give the remaining food to your local shelter instead of discarding it.

Unique Offerings

Nom Nom offers a few things that set it apart from The Farmer’s Dog. First, they offer both treats (such as jerky) and supplements in addition to their fresh pet food.

Second, Nom Nom offers a number of dietary supplements. These supplements can help your dog with different digestive concerns.

They have a regular probiotic for dogs, as well as a specially formulated supplement to help with GI issues.

Third, as mentioned in the section above, Nom Nom offers a discount for multiple dogs. While The Farmer’s Dog might offer this if you contact customer service, it is not something they advertise.

If you’re feeding multiple dogs, you might be able to save money using Nom Nom instead of The Farmer’s Dog.

Fourth, Nom Nom offers a microbiome kit for $90. When you purchase this kit, you send some of your dog’s poop to Nom Nom.

Their experts analyze your dog’s poop and provide you with a full analysis report. Since your dog’s poop says a lot about your dog’s health, it’s a great way to access your dog’s overall well-being.

Nom Nom’s experts use the information from your dog’s microbiome kit to suggest certain meal plans or probiotics.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post on Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog.

They’re similar in many ways. At their core, both are fresh pet food companies that use high quality ingredients.

Both companies offer a limited selection of high-quality meals. In fact, both companies use the same four proteins as the centerpiece of the recipes.

I personally use Nom Nom for my dog. In my full review of Nom Nom, I detail my experience with their subscription service.

With my first shipment, I received transition packs to help me gradually switch my dog’s food to their meal plan. During the first feeding, my dog actually ignored his current food in favor of Nom Nom’s recipe!

After four months of receiving Nom Nom’s meals, I noticed that my dog preferred their chicken recipe better than the others. I was able to change my dog’s subscription to include chicken only.

Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog use similar ingredients and have similar costs.

However, there are some minor differences such as Nom Nom offering treats and supplements as well, plus being able to purchase Nom Nom at certain physical locations.

If you’re feeding more than one dog, Nom Nom’s multiple dog discount is another benefit that puts it ahead of The Farmer’s Dog. This can nudge their pricing just a little bit lower than The Farmer’s Dog.

While The Farmer’s Dog is a great company that offers great food for your dog, it falls just a hair short of Nom Nom when you compare the two brands.

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