9 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services: Gently & Lightly Cooked

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Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Pet owners want what’s best for their furry friends, which is why we’ve seen such an increase in fresh pet food options. Sales of fresh pet food continue to increase in 2021.

If you’re like many pet owners, you’re probably overwhelmed by how many choices are on the market.

Below are 9 of the best fresh dog food delivery services available in the U.S. and Canada. The article below details key features, cost, and benefits of each fresh food service.

Although these companies are all great options, I will help you choose an option that best fits you and your pet.

I may earn a commission if you buy through my links, but I only recommend products that I support and you pay nothing extra.

1. Nom Nom (Best Overall)

Not only do I recommend Nom Nom as my top choice, but I’m also a subscriber, so I am little biased. You can read my full Nom Nom dog food review if interested.

They use whole food ingredients to create fresh meals for your dog. All of their ingredients are sourced from farms in the United States.

Ever since I started feeding my toy poodle their food, he ditched his old food and won’t touch it anymore. Their food is gently cooked using the sous-vide method, which you can thaw in the refrigerator before feeding. He had no stomach issues and appears to really enjoy their food.

They use their state-of-the-art portioning machine that portions your dog’s food down to the exact calorie. This machine ensures that each meal is exactly what your dog needs, based on their age, breed, weight, and health factors.

Key Features:

• Use only human-grade whole foods
• All ingredients sustainably sourced
• Work toward zero waste in their kitchens
• Recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionist
• Gluten-free and grain-free options available


Nom Nom offers four recipes: Beef Mash, Turkey Fare, Chicken Cuisine, and Pork Potluck.


Nom Nom’s meals are pre-portioned based on the nutritional need of your dog. For a medium-sized dog (25 lbs.), Nom Nom estimates an average of $35 to $40 a week for fresh food. For my 14 year old toy poodle weighing 13 lb, the price for 4 weeks of meals is a total of $109.05 consisting of $101.92 price plus $7.13 sales tax. I do get a slight discount since I also promote their product.

Nom Nom Coupons

Get 50% off your order at Nom Nom! (Deal will show on the order screen)


• Ingredients – all ingredients are human-grade and ethically sourced
• Gluten-free – all recipes are gluten-free, with several grain-free options
• Pre-portioned bags – no need to measure portions, just thaw and serve
• Veterinary nutritionist formulated – dog poop carefully studied to see what is and isn’t digested well, feedback incorporated into recipes
• Smaller boxes – My 4 week box is a lot smaller than some other fresh dog food subscriptions I’ve received
• Easy to prepare – Just store in the freezer, and thaw some packets for 24 hours in the fridge to prepare. You can also warm in microwave once thawed.
• Microbiome kit – you can submit your dog’s poop for analysis to determine health and needs
• Improved digestion in pets – fewer digestive issues and healthier poops


• Pricing transparency – in order to get a price estimate, Nom Nom requires your name, email, phone number, and address (while other brands only require an email address at most)

Best for Gluten-free and Grain-free Diets

All Nom Nom’s recipes are gluten-free and they have more grain-free options for dogs on special diets. While other fresh pet food brands may have one grain-free or gluten-free option, Nom Nom’s selection is unmatched.

Go to Nom Nom’s website or read my more detailed Nom Nom dog food review.

2. A Pup Above (Best for High Protein)

One of my top fresh dog food delivery services is A Pup Above. They provide fresh dog food cooked with the sous-vide method in small batches. This cooking method allows food to retain its nutrients. They use clear labeling and premium ingredients to provide a healthy option for your pet.

All the ingredients in A Pup Above’s food are human-grade and locally sourced. Meals are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging, making the food good for your dog and the environment.

Key Features:

• Ingredients are 100% sourced from United States farms
• Recipes use single source protein without antibiotics or growth hormones
• All ingredients are fully traceable so you can know exactly where your pet’s food came from
• Cooked ingredients are formed into patties, making it easy to thaw and serve the recommended portions
• Meals are shipped each month to your doorstep


A Pup Above offers four recipes: Texas Beef Stew, Turkey Pawella, Porky’s Luau, and Chicka Chicka Bow Wow.


The fresh pet food from A Pup Above is frozen into one-pound patties. A 3-pound package sells for $34.99 while a 7-pound package sells for $69.99. You can save 25% off this price by signing up for their subscription service.

A Pup Above Coupons

25% Off your Pup’s 1st Meal Delivery when you Subscribe (Use code HAPPINESS25)

15% off your Pup’s First Samper Pack (Use code SAMPLEHAPPINESS)


• More protein – their food contains on average 72% more protein than competitors
• Quality ingredients – their high-quality ingredients are fully traceable and sourced within the United States
• Sustainability – their fulfillment center uses 100% renewable energy and all packaging is 100% recyclable
• Green initiatives – they donate 1% of their revenue to White Buffalo Land Trust, which provides resources for regenerative farming
• Easy to feed – simply thaw the patties and feed your pet the portion size recommended based on your pet’s weight, age, breed, and health concerns


• Lack of custom recipes – while all four recipes are considered full and complete by AAFCO, there are not custom recipes to target special needs your dog may have

Best for High Protein

With their sous-vide cooking method, they are able to pack in more meat protein. They offer up to 70% more protein compared to some other gently cooked food brand competitors. They provide 11.5 grams of protein per 100 calories.

Go to A Pup Above’s website or read my more detailed review of A Pup Above.

3. Kabo (Best Canadian Fresh Pet Food)

Kabo is a Canadian company that offers freshly cooked wet food for pets. They use fresh ingredients from local Canadian sources to create healthy recipes for your dog. The meals are pre-portioned based on your dog’s weight, breed, age, and needs.

Portioned meals are shipped to your front door. You can store their fresh meals in your freezer for up to six months. Simply thaw, unwrap, and serve to provide your dog with fresh, healthy food.

Key Features:

• All ingredients sourced from local farms in Canada
• No artificial flavors or colors and no by-product meals
• Ingredients and food meet AAFCO standards
• All food is cooked fresh every week
• Food can be frozen up to six months before serving
• Pre-portioned bags mean you won’t have to measure food


Kabo offers four recipes with their fresh dog food delivery service: Savoury Beef Recipe, Luscious Lamb Recipe, Tender Chicken Recipe, and Hearty Turkey Recipe.


Kabo pre-portions food into individual packages based on your dog’s weight, age, breed, and health information.

On average, it costs $19 a week to feed a 5 lb. dog and about $178 a week to feed a 100 lb. dog. The calculator on their website can help you determine exactly how much it will cost to feed your dog.

Kabo Coupons

Get 40% off your first box at Kabo


• Flexible subscription options – you can pause, cancel, or modify your plan at any time
• Custom portions – food comes in custom-portioned packaging so all you need to do is thaw, open, and serve
• 100% recyclable packaging – since food packaging doesn’t have to hurt the environment
• Special diets – their Sovoury Beef is grain-free, Luscious Lamb is good for senior dogs, Tender Chicken is lean for limiting fat intake, and Turkey is highly digestible
• Customer service – helpful customer service representatives can walk you through enrolling and help with any hiccups


• Availability – meal plans are only available for certain parts of Canada (and no U.S. shipping)

Best Canadian Fresh Pet Food

While many of the other brands focus on shipping within the U.S., Kabo offers fresh pet food for Canada residents. Although they don’t cover all of Canada, their meals are available for a significant portion of the country.

Go to Kabo’s website or read my more detailed review of Kabo.

4. Open Farm (Best for Locally Sourced Ingredients)

Another of the best fresh dog food delivery services is Open Farm who offers a variety of fresh pet food options. They use certified humane meats and non-GMO fruits and vegetables in their recipes.

While most of their produce is organic, they focus more on certified humane treatment of animals (instead of guaranteeing that the protein sources were fed only organic feed).

Open Farm believes in using quality ingredients without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Most of their ingredients are sourced from local, family farms and all fish is wild caught, ensuring the sustainability and health of your dog’s protein sources. They clearly label their packaging so you can track the ingredients to the source.

Key Features:

• Protein is certified humane, ensuring ethical treatment of farm animals
• Sustainable fishing practices are used
• 90% of produce is grown in-state or in a bordering state with the manufacturing facilities
• Extensive third-party testing is used to ensure safety
• Clear labeling lets you know exactly where your food came from


Open Farm offers four recipes: Beef, Surf & Turf, Turkey, and Chicken.


Open Farm’s food is sold in 8-pound bags, which cost $79.99.

Open Farm Coupons

Get 15% off your 1st order OR 20% off subscriptions at Open Farm (Use coupon code DOGENDORSED15 for all orders or DOGENDORSED20 for subscriptions)


• Availability – can be purchased in pet food stores or shipped to homes in U.S. and parts of Canada
• Local produce – 90% of produce is grown in-state or in a bordering state to their manufacturing facility and 40% of it is grown in the same town as their facilities
• Ethical and sustainable protein sourcing – protein sourced from certified humane sources and fish is offered as a “fish-of-the-season” to allow open ocean in-season fishing operation
• Low glycemic food – recipes contain no corn, rice, sugar, tapioca, or potato starch
• Green – use recyclable packaging and participate in initiatives for positive environmental change
• Sensitive stomach friendly – recipes good for pets with sensitive digestive systems
• Allergen-friendly


• Availability – not available in Hawaii, Alaska, and large portions of Canada

Best for Locally Sourced Ingredients

Open Farm makes every effort to use locally-sourced ingredients from local and family farms. Local sourcing allows them to cut down on the shipping costs of ingredients and reduce their carbon footprint.

Go to Open Farm’s website or read my more detailed review of Open Farm.

5. The Farmer’s Dog (Best Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials)

The Farmer’s Dog offers high-quality, fresh dog food shipped to your door. The vision behind The Farmer’s Dog comes from the desire to provide dog food that is actually food.

They believe that feeding your dog real food will drastically improve their health and quality of life.

Key Features:

• Only human-grade ingredients used
• All recipes 100% complete and balanced by AAFCO standards
• Made in USDA-approved kitchens
• Pre-portioned based on your dog’s age, size, breed, and health conditions
• Use eco-friendly shipping materials


The Farmer’s Dog offers four recipes: Turkey, Beef, Chicken, and Pork.


The fresh pet food from The Farmer’s Dog is pre-portioned into individual packages based on your dog’s weight, breed, age, and health. It costs about $54 a week to feed their fresh food to a 35 lb. dog.


• Human-grade ingredients – they use real food fit for human consumption instead of feed-grade ingredients
• Easy-to-serve – no cooking required, simply thaw and serve
• Eco-friendly shipping materials – meals are shipped in a recyclable box with biodegradable insulation as well as recyclable food packaging
• Complete and balanced meals – no need for additional food or dietary supplements, unless needed for specific medical conditions (as advised by your dog’s veterinarian)
• Healthier diet – save money on your pet’s vet bills by feeding a healthier diet
• Fewer allergy issues – pet parents notice less skin irritation and fewer allergy symptoms
• Amazing customer service – if you run into problems, their customer service is top notch


• Unclear information – although they use human-grade ingredients, it’s unclear whether they use GMOs and antibiotics

Best Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

The Farmer’s Dog makes every effort to minimize the environmental impact of shipping fresh food to your dog. Their boxes are recyclable and contain biodegradable insulation. The food packaging itself is also recyclable.

Go to The Farmer’s Dog website or read my more detailed review on The Farmer’s Dog.

6. JustFoodForDogs (Best for Custom-Formulated Diets) (Save $10 off orders over $50 with link)

JustFoodForDogs provides a wide variety of fresh pet food recipes. In addition to providing great food for your dog, they advocate for pet health and make science-based decisions concerning your dog’s diet.

Their advocacy also includes driving change in pet food and helping with pet rescue efforts.

In addition to their great pre-formulated recipes, JustFoodForDogs offers a custom diet option. This option allows you to submit your dog’s most recent bloodwork to get a custom-formulated diet plan to address his or her specific dietary needs.

Key Features:

• Use only fresh, whole-food ingredients that are 100% human-grade
• No antibiotics or preservatives
• Meat sourced from same source as restaurants
• Use locally sourced produce when possible
• Test all recipes over the course of a year, providing regular blood tests and health screenings for dogs participating in studies
• Create diets based on ongoing nutrition research
• Custom diet plans available, formulated based on your dog’s medical records


JustFoodForDogs offers six pre-formulated recipes with their fresh dog food delivery service: Chicken & White Rice, Beef & Russet Potato, Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Fish & Sweet Potato, Lamb & Brown Rice, and Venison & Squash.

They also offer custom-formulated recipes for an additional cost.


Their Fresh Frozen food is sold in 31.5 lb. boxes, which cost approximately $200 (with minor differences in cost between recipes). That makes their food about $6.35 a pound.

Custom diets cost a one-time formulation fee of $250 plus between $280 and $700 a month for custom-prepared meals.

Justfoodfordogs Coupons

Get $10 off orders over $50


• Availability – pickup available at Petco and Pet Food Express
• Custom diets – can pay to get food custom-formulated based on your dog’s medical records
• Quality ingredients – use human-grade whole foods
• Improved health – fewer digestive issues, more energy, and better test results at the vet


• Full box shipping – they only send full box amounts to cut shipping costs, which means each delivery only contains one recipe

Best for Custom-Formulated Diets

JustFoodForDogs offers a custom-formulated diet plan. A one-time, non-refundable formulation fee of $250 is required to get started. However, this is a great option if your dog has special dietary needs that aren’t met by other fresh food options.

7. Ollie (Best Ethical Treatment of Protein Sources)

Ollie makes my list for best fresh dog food delivery and offers highly nutritious food with no filler ingredients. They use hormone-free meat from free-range farms in the United States and Australia. The human-grade ingredients are collected and cooked before delivery to your front step.

Key Features:

• Use only human-grade ingredients
• Use micronutrient-packed ingredients like fresh produce
• Ship on a regular schedule so your dog doesn’t run out of food
• Only use hormone-free meat from free-range farms


Ollie offers four recipes: Hearty Beef Eats, Tasty Lamb Fare, Healthy Turkey Feast, and Chicken Goodness.


Ollie’s meal plans cost, on average, about $8 a day. The exact cost of their meal plans depends on your dog’s size, breed, age, and health information.

Ollie Coupons

50% discount on your first order


• Flexible subscriptions – you can pause, skip, or cancel shipments at any time
• Recyclable materials – everything in the shipment except the ice bags can be recycled
• Veterinary nutritionist formulated – all meals designed to be full and complete
• Ingredient sourcing – all produce sourced from U.S. farms
• No bad stuff – no artificial flavors, preservatives, by-products, or fillers
• Ethical treatment of protein sources – chickens are hormone-free and vegetable-fed, beef is treated humanely and corn-fed, and lamb is cage-free


• Availability – Ollie currently only ships to the 48 contiguous United States.

Best Ethical Treatment of Protein Sources

Ollie makes sure that the animals used in their recipes are treated ethically. Their chickens are hormone-free and vegetable-fed. The cattle is treated humanely and corn-fed and the lamb is cage-free.

Go to Ollie’s website or read my more detailed review of Ollie.

8. Spot and Tango (Best Value)

Another great option for fresh dog food delivery is Spot and Tango who offers dog food made from whole ingredients. Their simple recipes each include only twelve ingredients, all packed with nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

Meals are cooked in small batches and portioned according to your dog’s dietary needs.

They offer convenient shipping and a risk-free trial. If you’re not satisfied with your dog’s food, they’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Key Features:

• Use whole food, human-grade ingredients
• No preservatives used
• Clearly list ingredients so you know exactly what’s in your dog’s food
• Use healthy meats, vegetables, starches and proteins
• Cooked in small batches and custom-portioned for your dog


Spot and Tango offers three recipes: Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, and Lamb & Brown Rice.


Fresh dog food from Spot and Tango starts at $15 a week. Larger dogs will require more food, making the cost significantly more. The exact cost to feed your dog Spot and Tango’s food will depend on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and health.

Spot and Tango Coupons

Get 20% off your first meal plan


• Ingredients – use only human-grade ingredients without preservatives
• Convenience – meals are shipped to your door and can be stored in the freezer until ready to thaw and serve
• Improved health – dogs show improved health when fed fresh food


• Availability – they currently only ship to the 48 contiguous United States.

Best Value

Spot and Tango is the most affordable option for feeding your dog fresh food. Although they only have three recipes, their recipes are made with quality ingredients and provided at a reasonable price.

Go to Spot and Tango’s website or read my more detailed review of Spot and Tango.

9. Pet Plate (Best Multiple Pet Discounts)

Pet Plate believes in delivering real fresh cooked food for your pets. The company was born out of a desire to provide a healthier alternative to dry pet food.

Their fresh and healthy recipes are developed by a veterinary nutritionist to ensure your dog’s nutritional needs are met.

Key Features:

• Use all-natural ingredients
• Developed by a veterinary nutritionist
• Cooked in a USDA-approved facility
• Custom portion sizes based on your dog’s needs
• Re-sealable containers for food
• Satisfaction guarantee


Pet Plate offers four recipes: Barkin’ Beef, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, Tail Waggin’ Turkey, and Chompin’ Chicken.


Pet Plate’s fresh food costs about $4 a day for a 14 lb. dog. If you’re feeding more than one dog, they offer combined meal plans to save money.

On their plan, two small dogs can eat for about $6.32 a day total. The price of your dog’s meal plan will depend on their age, weight, breed, and health information.

Pet Plate Coupons

Get 60% off your first box of PetPlate meals


• All-natural ingredients – no additives or fillers used in Pet Plate’s recipes
• Variety – you can purchase full meals or meal toppers
• Pre-portioned and recyclable containers – no need to measure your dog’s food before serving
• Healthier pets – pets fed with fresh food show improved health and energy with fewer digestive issues
• Freshness – stays fresh for 5 days in fridge and 12 months in freezer


• No samples available – while money-back guarantee makes it risk-free, Pet Plate does not offer free samples for your pet to try
• May not be suitable for sensitive stomachs – my Maltese had sensitivity and loose stools, although my poodle was fine

Best Multiple Pet Discounts

Pet Plate offers discounts for pet parents feeding multiple pets. Contact their customer service to get a special price when feeding more than one dog.

Go to Pet Plate’s website or read my more detailed review of Pet Plate.

Conclusion on Fresh Dog Food Delivery

If you want to feed your dog with fresh pet food, there are plenty of fresh dog food delivery companies available. Instead of finding the time and resources to cook it yourself, these companies will deliver food safely to your front door.

Although fresh pet food is more expensive than store-bought kibble, it may offer health benefits for your dog.

Many pet parents report fewer digestive problems, cleared allergies and skin problems, and healthier coats. By the way, I had a vet compare fresh dog food with kibble in another article.

I hope the information in this article helps you make the right choice for you and your dog.

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