The 7 Best Grooming Kits for Dogs

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best grooming kits for dogsIt’s expensive to take care of our dogs, but they are worth every penny!

However, there’s nothing wrong with being budget-friendly, even when it comes to our pups.

You can lower your monthly costs by grooming your dog at home, but don’t be intimidated!

By learning the best techniques for your dog’s breed and coat type, you can save significantly on grooming costs.

Additionally, your dog will most likely feel more comfortable at home.

Below you will find 7 of the best grooming kits for dogs available.

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The 7 Best Grooming Kits for Dogs

1.  oneisall Canine Hair Clippers

The oneisall Dog Hair Clippers is a highly popular kit on Amazon! One of the best features of this grooming kit is the clippers. Not only do they come with six different guide guards, but they are also extremely quiet.

The clippers reach noise levels of only 50 decibels, which is even quieter than the average volume of your television. That low noise level keeps your dog cool and calm while you work, making it a better experience for both of you!

This kit also includes stainless steel scissors for longer hair, a stainless steel comb for those stubborn knots, and a small oil bottle to fill with your favorite lubricant.

2. Ceenwes Canine Clippers

Another highly-rated grooming kit, the Ceenwes Dog Clipper kit, comes with clippers that are rather quiet as well. These clippers reach noise levels of about 60 decibels.

In addition to amazingly quiet clippers, this grooming kit includes stainless steel scissors and a comb, a cleaning brush for the clippers and attachments, nail clippers, and a file. This kit has your pup covered from head to toe.

The battery for the clippers lasts up to five hours once it’s fully charged, but can also be used while it’s plugged in – just in case your grooming session takes a bit longer than you anticipated.

3. Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Canine Primping Scissors Set

Rejoice, all you long-haired dog lovers! The Gimars Grooming Scissors Kit is here to make your grooming fears a thing of the past.

This kit comes with three different scissors to help reach even the toughest spots on your long-haired pooch.

Choose from 5-inch straight scissors, 6-inch straight scissors, or 7-inch curved scissors to get the perfect shape around their legs, paws, and face!

All of the scissors in this kit have rounded, blunt tips rather than sharp, pointy ones, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally poking or nicking your dog while you work.

In addition to the three scissors, you also receive a pair of thinning shears, a stainless steel comb, a cleaning cloth for your new tools, and a case to keep it all neat and organized.

4. Pet Union Professional Canine Primping Set

Pet Union’s dog grooming kit also made our list as one of the best grooming kits for dogs.

It is essentially a one-stop-shop for essential grooming tools. It has everything you need to get started grooming your dog.

This kit includes cordless clippers, one pair of stainless steel scissors, thinning shears, nail clippers and a file, a stainless steel comb, an oil bottle for clipper lubricant, and a cleaning brush for your tools.

This kit allows you to choose the color of your clippers as well – Gunmetal, Chrome, or Black are your options.

These clippers are quiet enough to keep your dog relaxed and are also low-vibration.

This low-vibration keeps the clippers from pulling too much on your dog’s hair and doesn’t startle them as much as other clippers might.

And with four different sizes of guide guards, you can give your dog the best cut for their unique shape, size, and coat texture.

5. Otstar Professional Canine Primping Set

Otstar brings us another one-and-done grooming kit, but with a little extra flair.

Like many clippers in these kits, the Otstar clippers are low-vibration and very quiet, but they have a secret weapon – three different speeds for different types of hair.

The lowest speed is designed to slice through soft hair gently, the medium speed is ideal for medium hair (naturally), and the highest speed is made to handle thick, coarse hair with ease.

The LED screen really sets Otstar apart from the rest. It will show the speed that your clippers are set to, the battery levels, and even when they need cleaning and lubrication.

This option is perfect for the beginner home groomer, giving you all the guidance and tools you need.

6. Max7Deals Pet Set

This is another great option for the long-haired pup.

This grooming kit has seven pieces made to detangle even the toughest knots and keep them at bay.

The de-matting comb will help you work through any snarls in the topcoat, and the rake comb tackles the undercoat and lifts dead skin cells from the surface of your dog’s skin.

On top of that, this kit comes with a double-sided metal comb and double-sided brush to put the finishing touches on your pup’s coat.

You will also receive nail clippers and a file, as well as stainless steel scissors to trim overgrown hair.

As a bonus, this kit also comes with a flea comb to help solve potential flea problems.

7. Friends Forever Canine Primping Set

Here is one last recommended grooming kit for the medium and long-haired dog owners: the Friends Forever Pet Grooming Kit.

This kit includes a durable de-matting comb to tackle the snarls in your dog’s coat without tugging too hard and causing discomfort, and a pin comb to really pick through the big mats.

The de-shedding tool picks up all the excess hair without causing damage to your dog’s coat, and the nail trimmers keep their paws looking perfect.

The unique feature of this kit is the slicker brush, a tool that will remove the loose hair from your dog’s undercoat without scratching their skin or yanking the healthy hairs out.

Plus, you can keep all of the tools together with the carrying case, which is perfect for storage and travel.

Tips For Grooming Your Pet At Home

dog being groomed at home with dog grooming kitBefore you start shopping for the best grooming kits for dogs, here are some important tips and things to keep in mind:

1. Educate Yourself

Grooming your dog is totally doable, as long as you educate yourself first.

Talk with your dog’s breeder, your veterinarian, or even your current groomer to learn what the best tools, styles, and considerations are for your dog’s coat.

All breeds require different approaches, so learn about your dog’s fur before you even touch a pair of clippers.

2. Stick with the Basics

Grooming your dog at home doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Unless your dog is competing in dog shows, you won’t need a ton of grooming tools.

And you won’t need a full grooming table setup (talk about expensive)!

Don’t overthink the items you need; keep it simple.

3. Brush Up on Brushes

owner brushing dog at homeWhile you should keep your arsenal of brushes simple, you should tailor the choices to your dog’s coat.

A long-haired dog is going to need a different set of brushes than a short-fur, non-shedding breed.

And if your dog has a beautiful, silky coat, remember that their fur can get matted very easily, and you will need a comb that’s up to the job.

4. Be Cool and Calm

If you’re planning on bathing and then blow-drying your dog, don’t just use your human hairdryer!

You run the risk of burning your dog since human hairdryers channel heat much differently than pet hair dryers.

Invest in a good dog hair dryer to keep your pup safe and cool as a cucumber. Here are some links to get you on the right path:

5. Final Tools

Once you’ve figured out the right brushes and grooming techniques for your dog, you then need to find the right nail clippers for your dog.

A Dremel tool is more comfortable and safer to use than manual clippers, and is usually less stressful to your pup.

Pick a safe yet fragrant shampoo and a wide-tooth comb for finishing touches!

After you’ve done your homework and figured out the kinds of tools you’ll need, it may feel overwhelming trying to assemble it all.

Don’t worry! Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can decide which is the best grooming kits for your dog.


If you’re looking to save some money, grooming kits can help reduce your pet care costs in the long run.

With my top choices above for best grooming kits for dogs, you can hopefully find a kit that meets your needs.

Remember to research your specific breed, speak to your vet, and also review my tips above to get started.

Many breeds are different in their grooming needs in addition to other requirements such as how often to wash your dog.

However, with the right grooming kit and proper knowledge, it will be safe, easy, and affordable to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home.

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