10 Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Dog

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10 Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Dog

Saying goodbye to your faithful canine companion is one of the hardest things a pet parent must do. And whether it’s unexpected and sudden, or you know it’s coming soon, it’s heartbreaking.

But gone doesn’t mean forgotten, and many people honor their dog’s memory in various ways.

You might choose to memorialize your pup with art, poetry, jewelry, or a keepsake box. Whether featuring your dog’s picture, a paw print, or a lock of fur, many items enable you to cherish these special mementos.

These meaningful treasures help you to always remember your dog. You can also donate to a local shelter or animal rescue in your dog’s name.

If you’ve recently said farewell to your pup or know someone who has, consider these ways to remember your dog.

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How Do You Keep a Dog’s Memory Alive?

When your dog passes, you might hold a burial in your backyard or at a pet cemetery. Many companies provide end-of-life services that include memorial ceremonies or cremation.

However, when you say goodbye, you understandably want a thoughtful way to remember your pet.

If you need some inspiration for the perfect way to memorialize your pet, here are ten amazing ways to remember your dog.

1. Paw Print Kits

paw print

Impressions of your dog’s paw print or a stamp are popular ways to remember your pup.

Places that offer end-of-life services or your veterinarian office will often include a stamp of your dog’s paw when they pass. You might also be able to get a nose print of your pup.

You can also purchase DIY paw print kits to create an impression of your dog’s paw. These kits can help you create a garden stone, ornament, and more.

You can give the kit to the company handling the cremation or burial. Ask someone to take the impression for you.

Or, perhaps do it yourself when your dog is still well, so you know you’ll always have the memento.

2. Personalized Jewelry to Remember Your Pup

Many companies provide engraving services that let you place a special image or message onto necklaces, bracelets, etc. You can supply a photo of your dog that will end up on a charm or pendant.

Add your dog’s name, a memorable phrase, or anything else that means something to you. Then you can remember your pup every time you wear the piece. Another option is to get a locket and place a lock of your pup’s fur inside of it.

3. A Pet Portrait of Your Pup

Commission a local artist to create a portrait of your dog. You might have a talented friend or family member that can do this for you, or you might be an artist.

Or you can do a Google search to find companies that offer the service. You can send them a photo via email, and they can draw an incredible portrait of your dog.

4. A Plant to Honor Your Pup Memory

This precious plant pot allows you to remember your dog while caring for a plant in their honor. It includes a photo holder that can also hold your pet’s ID tag. Or display a personalized plaque with your dog’s name and other meaningful information.

5. Donate to an Animal Shelter

Another touching way to honor your dog’s memory is to donate to a local animal rescue or shelter in their name. You can help other dogs find a forever home or perhaps help sick animals get necessary care.

6. Get a Plush Pet Lookalikedog on a studio

Petsies can take a photo of your pet and use it to create a plush look-a-like, a statue, or other items.

This cuddly remembrance can be a perfect way to help you cope with your dog’s passing. You can snuggle it when you’re missing your pal.

For this particular memento, if you’re considering getting it for someone else, tread lightly.

Not everyone can handle such an authentic representation of their beloved friend after they’re gone. If you think this might be the case, a smaller statue might be a preferable option to a plush, life-like one.

7. Get a Tattoo of Your Pup

Some pet parents choose to honor their pet in ink, getting their pup’s image or name on their skin. If you want a permanent way to remember your pet that goes with you everywhere, get a tattoo.

8. Create a Puppy Keepsake Box or Frame

You’ll find many options for keepsake boxes and frames for pets. They make the perfect place to create an homage to your canine companion. You can include your pet’s picture, ID tag, collar, paw print, and any other special items.

If you’ve opted for cremation, you can choose from various urns and boxes. Many of them include a place to add a picture or special memento. You can also personalize the frames or boxes further with an engraved plaque.

9. Make a Memory Quilt

Check out Etsy or specialty companies that create memory quilts as a comforting way to remember your dog.

The quilts feature images of your dog and other memories amid your favorite colors or patterns. When you’re missing your friend, you can wrap up in the warmth of the quilt.

10. Write a Poem for Your Pup

woman sitting outdoor writing a poem

You may have a way with words and can write a beautiful poem to honor your dog. But if you aren’t a poet, you can hire one to write a poem for you.

People that write memorial poems will typically ask for a photo of your pet, information about their personality, likes, etc.

They will use this information to create a personalized poem you can read anytime you want to remember your dog.


Nobody ever wants to have to say goodbye to their best friend. But it’s an inevitable price you pay for feeling unconditional love, a sweet wet nose waking you up, and an incredible friend that enriches your life.

And those are experiences and memories that stick with you, and you wouldn’t trade them for the world.

But even though you must say goodbye, you never have to forget. And now, with these heartfelt ways to remember your dog, their memory will live forever.

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