5 Interesting Facts About PupBox: The Puppy Dog Box

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5 Interesting Facts about PupBox words with PupBox open box and dog with costume

You may have heard of PupBox, the popular subscription box geared toward puppies.

They send you a box filled with toys, treats, and training materials based on the current life stage of your dog.

PupBox has grown tremendously since its start in 2014 by co-founders, Ben and Ariel Zvaifler.

As with many companies, PupBox has its own unique history and product offerings.

Read on to learn these 5 interesting facts about PupBox.

1. PupBox was created to solve a problem faced by its owners.

In September of 2013, Ben and Ariel Zvaifler began raising their new puppy, Maggie.
They would purchase toys and treats that soon became unsuitable due to Maggie’s changing needs.

Further, Ben and Ariel needed more direction on raising Maggie as she demanded more advanced lessons and games.

Ben and Ariel struggled with finding proper advice as Maggie continued to get older.

As a result, they came up with the idea for PupBox to help lead owners through the steps of raising their puppy.

Since that time, PupBox has become a popular and trusted brand.

2. PupBox was made famous on the show “Shark Tank.”

Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank posing for photoPupBox was first featured on Season 8 of the popular tv show “Shark Tank” in November of 2016.

Initially, Ben and Ariel Zvaifler sought $250,000.00 for a 10 percent equity position.

They even brought puppies on the show to give their pitch.

The shark, Robert Herjavec, countered with an offer of $250,000.00 for a 15 percent equity position, which was accepted.

Up until that point, PupBox had done $580,000.00 in sales.

Ultimately, PetCo acquired PupBox.

3. PetCo bought PupBox for an undisclosed amount.

In November of 2017, the pet retailer, PetCo, announced that it purchased PupBox.

However, the amount of the purchase was never disclosed.

The team from PupBox joined PetCo to run the dog subscription box service.

Since that time, PupBox has scaled its subscriber base multiple times.

4. Their training guides are created by famous dog trainer, Andrea Arden.

Andrea Arden holding a dog in armsAndrea Arden is one of the top dog trainers in the U.S. and the creator of PupBox’s training guides.

She has been nominated as the best dog trainer in New York by several magazines.

She is also the pet expert for Animal Planet.

These training guides are provided with your monthly boxes from PupBox.

As your puppy gets older, you will receive training guides with relevant information based on their life stage.

5. PupBox is not just for puppies.

Despite its company name, PupBox also offers adult boxes.

You will receive 4-7 age-neutral products compared to the normal 4-6 products for puppies.

They will still customize other aspects of the box.

PupBox also includes an advanced training trick or helpful tip since you will not receive the puppy training guides.


PupBox has quite the history since its start in 2014.

Through getting a deal on “Shark Tank” and then being acquired by PetCo, their dog subscription box has grown tremendously.

Well, we hope you enjoyed these 5 interesting facts about PupBox.

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