Wufers Dog Cookie Box Review

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Wufer Dog Cookie Box Review

Have you heard of Wufers Dog Cookie Boxes?

The average box of dog treats you get at the store might be inexpensive, but they’re also downright boring. More than that, they can contain unhealthy fillers and chemical preservatives.

Maybe you’re looking for something more for your dog? If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate your pooch’s birthday or share a little love with them on Valentine’s day, then you might want to look at Wufers Cookie Boxes.

In this blog post, I give my Wufers Dog Cookie Box review discussing their unique themed boxes. I even ordered a box for my dogs of their Easter Cookie Box to test out.

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Who is Wufers?

Wufers Cookie Box

Wufers Pizza My Heart Cookie Box

Wufers is a family owned and operated company (based out of Canada) who sell popular themed boxes of dog cookies to reward your pet. They have delivered over 100,000 cookie boxes to customers within the U.S.

Each of their boxes is packed with handmade cookies made from quality human-grade ingredients. Their cookies are known for their unique shapes and colorful designs. These boxes are a way to include our dogs in all types of celebrations such as holidays, birthdays, and more.

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Benefits of Buying Wufers Dog Cookie Boxes

Quality Ingredients

Of course, any good pet owner has their dog’s wellbeing in mind. Unlike your local supermarket cookies, Wufers uses premium, human grade ingredients.

That means that there’s nothing in this box of cookies that you couldn’t eat too. Not that anyone expects you to go around sampling dog treats.

The point is that if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them. Click on the ingredients tab on any of their boxes and you’ll find quality ingredients like whole wheat, honey, and peanut butter.

Multiple Options and Designs

Wufers cookies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and decorations. You can get a box of nine large cookies in the shape of pizza slices or a collection of twenty-eight cookies that spell out get well soon.

These cookies looks like they were made in a high-end bakery. To put it simply, these cookies look good enough to eat, and they are.

You can order cookies for Christmas, cookies for Valentine’s Day, etc. There’s even a box to celebrate your role as the best dog dad or mom on the planet. Wufers has a box that lets your dog share in on any of the big moments in your life.

Easy to Chew and Okay for Sensitive Stomachs

If your dog is like my dog, new foods do not usually sit well with them.

On their homepage, Wufers makes a point to say their cookies are picky eater approved.

According to Wufers, the cookies are okay for dogs with sensitive stomachs or smaller dogs because the cookies are easy to digest and break apart. They recommend breaking the cookies into small pieces for smaller dogs.

Additionally, their ingredients are approved to be safe for dogs and are locally sourced.

Long Lasting

It’s nice to know that Wufer’s cookies are meant to stay fresh for up to 15 months.

They’re baked specifically to take away extra moisture to extend their shelf life without requiring extra preservatives (although they use ascorbic acid for their applesauce).

They also wrap each cookie in a recyclable plastic bag to maintain its freshness.

Making Your Pup Happy

Wufers Making Dog Happy

The whole point of Wufers Cookie Boxes is to nurture a deeper bond between you and your pooch. You and your dog get to celebrate a special event together and give them something special that they normally do not receive.

Many customers report that their dogs show lots of excitement when the cookie boxes arrive and make for a nice surprise. Wufers also chooses flavors that are known to be popular with dogs.


  • Variety: Wufers cookie boxes come in a rainbow of colors for just about any occasion you can think of.
  • Handmade and hand-designed cookies by their team of dog lovers.
  • Quality Ingredients: These cookies are made with locally sourced human-grade ingredients to satisfy dogs and owners alike.
  • Dog-Safe Decoration: Each of their cookies is made with dog-safe ingredients and is easy to break apart and digest.
  • Free Standard Shipping in 5-7 days business days
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the cookies, you can return the box within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Themed Boxes: You can get anything from a bunch of cookie pizza slices to holiday-themed boxes.
  • Bundles are offered for additional cost savings.

Coupon: Share your dog’s birthday and get 10% off! (wait for the popup to show on their site after a little while)

Popular Picks

So you’ve decided you’re going to order a box of Wufers cookies for your pup, what now? How do you choose between the various designs that Wufers has to offer?

Since the flavors are limited, it’s mostly about the looks. What message do you want to send? Perhaps you have a friend whose dog is recovering from some illness?

Then the Get Well Soon box is the way to go. Of course, if there’s an upcoming holiday, then the box for that is probably what you’ll be aiming for.

If you’re just looking to celebrate your relationship with your dog, you might choose the Best Dog Dad or Best Dog Mom boxes. Whichever box you choose is your way of sharing that moment with your pooch.

Get Well Soon Package

Wufers Get Well Soon Box

Wufers Get Well Soon Box

Wufers Get Well Soon Box is a popular option for people whose dogs might be feeling under the weather. Let’s face it, our pets occasionally get hurt. Eventually, they’re going to end up at the vet.

Even if it’s not your dog who’s been hurt, you can always send a box to your friend if their dog has had a problem.

Packed with twenty-eight adorable cookies aimed at making your pooch feel better, this box is meant to be the ideal pick-me-up for any dog who’s not feeling so well.

Advent Calendar

Wufers Advent Calendar Box

Wufers Advent Calendar Box

Wufers Advent Calendar box takes the experience of the holiday season and shares that same joy and surprise with your pup.

Each new day of the month has a new tasty treat for your dog. You could even get your kids in on the moment each night, popping open the gold-foiled compartment to give your dog their daily cookie. There’s even a special one for the very last day, the twenty-fourth cookie of twenty-four days.

While this box is meant to celebrate Christmas, you could use it to count down to any upcoming occasion.

Pizza My Love Cookie

Wufers Pizza My Heart Box

Wufers Pizza My Love Box

Have you ever ordered a pizza and wished you could share it with your pooch? Sadly, some of the things we humans have on pizza aren’t that great for our dogs. Garlic and onions are only two of these potentially dangerous ingredients.

Wufers Pizza My Love box gives dog owners a way to share a slice of the pie without risking their dog’s health. You could even give them a cookie every time you have your own pizza.

Fun fact: they also offer a Pizza My Heart box, which looks similar, but has more traditional colors. It is the second image in this blog post.

My Experience

Wufers Easter Cookie BoxWufers delivered boxThese cookies looked too good to not order, so I ordered the Easter Cookie Box back on March 17, 2021, with my own money. I put a photo of the open box on the right.

The normal price was $39 but with the 10% discount, it came to $35.10. My box arrived on March 22 so within 5 days.

As expected, my dogs loved them and ate them up.  I fed them to my dogs as treats over many days. In fact, I tried some myself since they’re made with human ingredients.

I don’t think Wufers markets the boxes to humans, but I have to say some were really good! The treats were also well-decorated with many colors and shapes.

I would definitely recommend these to other dog owners as a special treat for their dogs.

Coupon: Share your dog’s birthday and get 10% off! (wait for the popup to show on their site after a little while)

What Customers are Saying

The Wufers testimonials page is filled with pictures and videos of dogs enjoying the special treats their humans bought them.

Comments range from things like, ‘My dog, Roscoe loved his Pizza My Heart box,’ to ‘These cookies are adorable! We order every season.’ In general, the consensus is that these cookies are great. Dogs love them. Owners love them.


Wufers is a wonderful company, but no place is perfect. There are a couple of downsides to this popular doggy cookie delivery service. The first and most noticeable thing is that these boxes are expensive.

When you compare Wufers to buying a box of dog treats at your local supermarket, there’s definitely a huge price difference. Wufers bases its value on its service and quality, but not everyone can afford that quality.

Additionally, the company doesn’t offer things like coupon stacking or price matching.

If you find a more affordable service, they won’t eat the difference, so to speak. Their customer service is generally good, though some people report difficulties returning a product.

So what does all this mean? The short answer is that Wufers Cookie Boxes are meant for you to share the important moments in life with your dog.

That said, you may find it hard to return cookies once you order and the company offers few discounts.

They can be a bit on the expensive side, but last a long time, and they’re so cute you can almost forget the money.

Order an advent calendar to celebrate a monthly countdown with your pooch, or grab them a special birthday package to celebrate the day they came into your life.


Overall, Wufers receives great reviews from customers and their dogs. Remember you can share your dog’s birthday and get 10% off Wufers today!

These make a great gift for your dog or someone else’s dog. You can surprise your pooch with these quality treats on special occasions and share the moment together. You can also save them for up to 15 months if you want to spread out the fun.

If the price falls within your budget, it’s worth trying, especially with their 100% Happiness Guarantee.

By the way, I also wrote an article on the best dog gift baskets, which include Wufers.

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  1. Lucy Hagopian says:

    I just received two boxes from Wufers. I have no idea who it is from. Can you help me, please. Clever, clever idea!

    I would really appreciate it.

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  2. James Colello says:

    Absolutely terrible administration and customer service. Miss monthly shipments and do not respond to emails. All phone numbers are no longer in service.

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