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Opened Bullymake Box sitting outsideAre you interested in learning more about the best dog subscription boxes, but don’t know where to start?

I’ve written a number of articles below summarizing the pros and cons of each box such as: BarkBox, PupJoy, Pooch Perks, Pet Treater, PupBox, Bullymake Box, Super Chewer, BoxDog, VetPet Box, Surprise My Pet, and The Dapper Dog Box.

You can read through all the articles or I’ve classified them into categories:

  1. For complete newbies:
    Start here: The 11 Best Dog Subscription Boxes for 2020 with coupons.
  2. For BarkBox specifically:
    a. My experience with my first BarkBox
    b. The latest BarkBox Coupon Codes
    c. Is BarkBox worth it?
    d. How Can I Save Money On A BarkBox Subscription?
    e. PupBox vs. BarkBox
  3. For dog owners of heavy chewers:
    a. BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake Box
    b. Ultimate Guide to Super Chewer BarkBox

BarkBox Coupon Codes January 2020

Filed in Dog Subscription Box on May 9, 2019
BarkBox Coupon Codes January 2020

BarkBox offers coupon codes on many of its monthly subscription boxes. But, if you Google these deals, you’ll be inundated with spammy type sites. Don’t waste your time. I verify each of the coupons on my site and provide links below to the best deals on BarkBox and their Super Chewer box. Just so you […]

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PupBox vs. BarkBox- Which is Better?

Filed in Dog Subscription Box on January 18, 2019
PupBox vs. BarkBox- Which is Better?

Are you debating whether to sign up for PupBox or BarkBox? Learn some of the key differences between these popular dog subscription box services. Just so you know, I may collect a small commission from the links below, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy. What is PupBox? PupBox is a monthly subscription service […]

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Is BarkBox Worth It? Coupons included

Filed in Dog Subscription Box on December 20, 2018
Is BarkBox Worth It? Coupons included

You may have seen ads for BarkBox, or even watched reviews on YouTube. Perhaps even a friend subscribes, but is BarkBox worth it? Short Answer: It depends on your needs. Let’s go deeper into the details with a number of common questions and answers to help you decide.   By the way, I may collect a […]

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